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He is universal metabolic principle 


Maharishi Kashyap is perhaps the most popular of the Saptarishis as varying derivatives of his name are found across the globe. 

Right from Perisian’s kasaf to Kashaf Rud in Turkmenistan and Polish kacap to Kashmir, every variation more or…

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He is the principle of real martial arts!

Jamadagni is the father of famous Rishi warrior Parashuram—his youngest and obedient son, who never said no to his father’s command even if it meant killing his own mother. Exactly, this is what Parashuram did when commanded by his father while ot…

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Rise in energy = rise in intelligence

He is the youngest of the Saptarishis. He is like the fire which dispels darkness,  ignites intelligence and saves one from Intelligent Energy’s three umblical knots—knowledge (Sat), passion (Raj) and inertia (Tam).
How is knowle…

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You are a spiritual dynamo, manifest the electricity within


It is said if you don’t know Brahmarishi Vasistha, one of the seven sages, you cannot understand the science of spirituality. Vasistha practised what he preached and became the guru of Vishwamitra and Lord Ram. 

His contr…

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One who emerges stronger after each failure is Vishwamitra

He is the king by birth of the Kushik dynasty who later forces the Creator to grant him Brahmarishi-hood through his austerities. This is Vishwamitra in a nutshell. He is one of the saptarishis (the seven sages), who carry special pow…

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Shakuntala, the voice of modern men and women

Shakuntala is the first sane voice to awake women to womanhood and gives out a lioness’ roar right in the court of King Dushyant. 
An ideal woman is the one who carries out various roles with dignity and an ideal man is the one who accepts …

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Shakuntala, first woman to fight for justice and win

Shakuntala and Dushyant episode has been detailed as a romantic event by many great writers with a sensuous beginning, a tragic middle and a happy end. I salute their literary contribution. 
However, in the Mahabharata, Rishi Vaishampay…

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Heart is your inbuilt temple, knock the doors!

He is not a Mahabharata character but a horse with seven heads and white colour. He feeds on nectar. He comes out of the famous sea churning episode, along with 14 ratnas. Indra uses him as his vehicle. He finds recurrent mention in subplot…

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He is your creative wave of energy. Mind it!

He is the king of Gandharva, who taught Arjuna music and dance during the Agyatvas. He resides in the palace of the Indra and soon he becomes a good friend of Arjuna. During a pre-Mahabharata battle, he   defeats Duryodhan and keeps him captive. La…

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He and Yudhamanyu are your guardian angels

He is the brother of Yudhamanyu. He guards the right wheel of Arjuna’s chariot and Yudhamanyu guards the left one. Both work in coordination and challenge Dronacharya, Kripacharya and give Duryodhan a tough fight. Uttamaujas kills Duryodhan’s chari…

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Kill Vikarna and give your intelligence a break!
Vikarna is one of the 100 Kaurava brothers. But, he is known and revered throughout as a voice of justice in the reign of Duryodhan. He is trained by Bheem, besides Dronacharya and Kripacharya. He is the only Kaurava who opposes humilia…

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Let Dhrishtketu take over from your Shishupal!

He is the son of king Shishupal. Shishupal  is killed by Krishna. Despite this, Dhrishtketu fights for the Pandavas and gets killed by Dron. He is made king of Chedi dynasty by Yudhisthir after his father’s murder. Shishupal     had been provoked…

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Kill Dusshasan and Duryodhana will be killed himself!

Dusshasan is the loyal brother of Duryodhan. He  plays a major role in humiliating Draupadi in the Kaurava court after Yudhishthir loses her in the gamble stagemanaged by Shakuni. He is the one who tries to strip Draupadi despite young…

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Without Panchkumaras, you can’t succeed?

They are also called Panchakumaras and Upapandavas. We have already read in the earlier blog how they rescue Yuyudhan from Dron attacks. They are also called Upapandavas as they are born from Draupadi and the five Pandavas respectively. They greatly…

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Remember! Only Yuyudhan can save you from ‘Dron’ attacks

He is also called Satyaki, son of a powerful Yadav king Satyak and grandson of Shini of the Vrishni clan. He is greatly devoted to Krishna and learns weaponry from his guru Arjuna.  Satyaki saves Yudhisthir and rescues Dhristadyumna…

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Beware! Your ego is under Kashiraj’s third eye
Kashiraj is the designation of the king of Kashi, now called Varanasi. However, here Kashiraj is referred to king Senabindu. Senabindu is also called Dharmaambara, husband of Hotravahan’s daughter Swargandhini. Hotravahan is the king o…

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File your case in Virat’s court, if you want justice done!

Virat Raj is the king of a place in India, now called Biratnagar.  This is where the Pandavas stay for a year during their exile. Virat Raj has three sons Uttar, Shankha and Shweta and one daughter Uttara. She is married to Ab…

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You all need him like your breath and lungs!

Everybody knows this special son of Bheem and Hidimbi—the sister of demon Hidimba, who was killed by Bheem during their exile. Ghatotkach is a loyal son of Bheem. He joins the battle of Mahabharata at the call of his father. He is a great magical…

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Barbarik tells you who the Real Killer is!
The Mahabharata is full of interesting characters. Barbarik is one of them. He is the son of Ghatotkach and Ahilawati. Ghatotkatch is the son of Bheem and Hidimbi. Barbarik was a great warrior as he was taught martial arts by none other than …

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Beware! Jayadrath may kidnap your Draupadi

He is the king of Sindh and is called Saindhav. Saindhav is a very close friend of Duryodhan. Duryodhan had married his only sister Dushalaa to him.  Jayadrath is very uncivil. He follows no codes of conduct. He kidnaps Draupadi, while the Pandavas a…

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