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Bhagya Chakram is a secret science to guide you through your daily life by predicting your situation and helping you out with Gita based guidance . This is the guidance which Krishna gave to Arjuna through the Gita shlokas. They are shlokas, but they carry coded vibrations which predict your situation and give you a solution.  It is said that the battle of Mahabharat went on for 18 days and Krishna hinted what was going to happen each day through the secret vibrational codes. Arjuna carried himself out through that situation by practising a particular state of mind.

The same system has been applied to help people of various rashis (zodiac signs) by decoding their situation for them during the week and how they should handle it. The Krrisha team introduces the new feature weekly to help you prepare for the week. Later, this could be reintroduced as a daily feature. The main intention of introducing the secret system  is to help you imbibe, practise and execute the right attitude of mind and not to promote any superstition.

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Keep your mind undisturbed though there could be many provocations. Remain away from family biases. Too much attachment to something may affect your future life. Keep your anger controlled. Things shall resolve faster if you use your intelligence instead of ego. Chapter 2 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.








It is important to utilise your social, emotional and intellectual privileges and distinct strengths.  Because, what you have naturally is sought after by many. Use your memory constructively. You may find time being wasted. But, it is creative gestation period. After this very many favourable things will happen. Take care of schedules.Chapter 4 of the Gita is advised for you.








  Engage yourself in noble deeds. This will remove negativity around and inside you. Doubts are natural. But, when a negative thought raises doubts in you, you should resolve it with right reasoning and determination. You have to be  decisive now. Don’t let a doubt remain for long. Start working with determination. You may have to take a pledge to give up a bad habit. Do it now. Chakram advises you to recite Chapter 7 of the Gita.







You have to remove mental illness or bodily ailment from your system. You can if you will and work towards it. Actually, you yourself are upsetting your system by momentarily lowering your discipline guard. You can get rid of it all by resolving and praying to God for help. This is the right time to get rid of unwanted things in your life and body. Recitation of Chapter 7 of the Gita is advised for you. 





Without focus of mind and discipline of emotions things won’t be easy. But, the moment you get that focus, your language, speech and actions become streamlined and perfect.You may have to give up certain things which distract you time and again. Keep your desires on a leash. Assert yourself when you are right. Don’t remain silent. By remaining silent you only weaken yourself. Be bold and truthful, leave the rest on God.  Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 6 of the Gita.





 Avoid likes and dislikes, hating somebody or loving somebody. Just remain focused on your project and joyous. Spiritual life needs more of it. See the morning sun daily and wake up before sunrise. Conflicts within and with family members are natural. But everything depends upon how much you are committed to your work, project or goal. Chakram advises you recitation of Chapter  7  of the Gita.








 Every moment is good to begin good work. Just don’t bother about astrological calculations. Take God’s name and begin your work, project or networking. Don’t waste time. You can do the planning working now. This is the right time to focus. Through this way alone you can hop out of a situation you have been thinking of getting rid of.  Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 4 the Gita.








This is the time for tremendous changes. You shall find things working according to you and people at your workplace or home acknowledging your contribution. You shall face separation from your dear ones for some time. But, you are liking it. You shall have to respect a person who has been instrumental in shaping your life. He may be a close associate, family friend or guru. Sleep and food discipline are required. Do pranayam. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 11  of the Gita.








Remain calm. Use your time creatively to reach your goal. Remain with God or Guru as the company around you shall not inspire you. You shall find distanced from them and focused within. But, the balance of mind is what is required at the moment. You shall, however, remain happy. Excellence matters —you know it the best, so don’t compare yourself with those who have many qualities. People however may push you into that direction. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 6 of the Gita for you.







 Correct your seating posture or you may have to face a stiff neck or back or shoulder pain. Practise meditation daily. Don’t miss it. Avoid distractions, do smart work and focus on your goal too. Pranayam is highly recommended for you. Focus of the mind can help you excel in day-to-day situations. Just make a small correction—God is always right, not an individual. Recitation of Chapter 6 of the Gita is advised for you.





You may be surprised by seeing multiple qualities in somebody. You are supposed to focus on your family relations and you know how to deal with them. There is no need to be harsh or too soft. What is required from you is to uphold the truth. Conspiracy against you shall be fully exposed as your parents shall support you more than anybody else. Of course, the jealous shall be silent out of awe. They shall find some strange force favouring and protecting you. Recitation of Chapter 11 of the Gita is advised for you.







Time of change and transformation. But, things shall begin to normalise. But, it is time to focus on your project also. You are delaying them for immediate works in your hands. Now find time to get back to your routine or you shall find lack of energy after some time. Good time ahead. You shall largely remain upbeat throughout the week. You shall have to learn how to be mild and gentle with others. Remember! A good listener alone can become a good speaker. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 11 of the Gita






  “I know God knows every mind and feels every heart more clear than they do.”


Vivek Sharma

























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