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Bhagya Chakram is a secret science to guide you through your daily life by predicting your situation and helping you out with Gita based guidance . This is the guidance which Krishna gave to Arjuna through the Gita shlokas. They are shlokas, but they carry coded vibrations which predict your situation and give you a solution.  It is said that the battle of Mahabharat went on for 18 days and Krishna hinted what was going to happen each day through the secret vibrational codes. Arjuna carried himself out through that situation by practising a particular state of mind.

The same system has been applied to help people of various rashis (zodiac signs) by decoding their situation for them during the week and how they should handle it. The Krrisha team introduces the new feature weekly to help you prepare for the week. Later, this could be reintroduced as a daily feature. The main intention of introducing the secret system  is to help you imbibe, practise and execute the right attitude of mind and not to promote any superstition.

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Keep making efforts for good things. Such efforts purify one and make one shine in all aspects of life one day. But, keep patience. Believe in the words of your guru or guide. Attend meditation and prayer sessions daily in his company. You shouldn’t  waste this opportunity by needless reasoning. A guru is a rarity now a days. Engage yourself in welfare activities and spiritual life. Chapter 6 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you. 







Vrishabh/Taurus .

You will feel full of energy. Your Guru will help you attain what you wish to. Your work shall be recognised by one and all now. The social dividends have already begun in this respect. Don’t even think about negative influences. They exist not for you for now as the Divine is with you, helping you achieve your goals. Hopes of marriage or life partner will increase. Financial gains will be there. God only knows how He does miracles in your case. Like a bull, you shall be a problem for those who hate or envy you. They will have no option but to move away from your way. Keep remembering God all the time. Chapter 8 of the Gita is advised for you.



Pray to God or devata for success. God alone is watching all your actions. But, don’t seek results by approaching astrologers or tantrics. Adversaries can’t be silenced by such acts. You should learn to handle them. If possible perform havan, agyaari at your office and home to get rid of negativities around. Take care of your nerves and feet muscles. Chakram advises you to recite Chapter 4 of the Gita.








Pray to God for success in your goals. Work and prayers both are required for success. Don’t depend on others but on your God and yourself. Be diplomatic in your approach. Learn to handle your adversaries and supporters without hurting them. As soon as you are above hate and attachment, you will gain infinite determination to reach your goal. Attachment weakens even the greatest of souls. Don’t let go of your dreams. Be persistent and they will be realised. God is guiding you every moment. Keep in touch with your Guru, elderly well-wishers and friends.  Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 11 of the Gita.






Don’t sign contract or papers or will at this time. Wait till you complete your commitment to the divine first. You promised to do something for the divine if you succeeded in your work. Now you shouldn’t forget it. It is your first priority or things will reverse. Use your logic and reason to understand a situation. Perform agyaari, havan and yagya if possible or just do jap-yagya. It is God alone who is powerful. Avoid being slavishly depending upon others. Recitation of Chapter  7 of the Gita is advised for you. 










Love and hate emotions shouldn’t affect you. Maintain your belief system. Love and hate, if given too much control, have a negative impact. Beware of this. So, don’t hate those who you think you should. Yes, be straight and gentle with them. Learn to say no to those you love. Don’t let your loving relations weigh heavy on you.  You can do anything if you prepare your mind and will to learn new things. Have shraddha in what you do and have been doing. Chakram advises you recitation of Chapter 3 of the Gita.






Come out of your doubts and belief in yourself. For a change you shall be determined and decisive. Respect your guru or advisor from whom you are receiving the energy to succeed in your goals. The secret of nullifying negative impact is remembering God all the time. Peace of mind is what you want now. Choose right things in life then. If your purpose is to get famous then you won’t have a peace of mind. But, if you can be famous and yet calm, then you will be respected everywhere in your field of activities. Patience and belief should go hand in hand. Get your body massaged daily. Don’t exhaust the emotional support you are getting from your guru. Financial gains indicated. Held-up money will be released. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 12 of the Gita.






You will be at the centre of activities. A work that will define your future. Those who are engaged in noble works will feel the same. But, their realisation will be to see how a good idea works itself out when followed sincerely. People will recognise your efforts and contribution towards a better life. Those in spiritual life will attain guruship and have a large following now on. People will draw to them from all corners to seek guidance. You will feel powerful, satisfied and lovedChakram advises recitation of Chapter 10 of the Gita for you.











You will be made to do things which are natural to your character. This will please you. But, don’t be over-possessive about one of your immediate relations. Don’t let his/her advice affect your way of life or a healthy routine. Many adversaries will be exposed in their game plans by Nature. Remain calm and keep moving towards goal. Take care of you hip and thigh region. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 18 of the Gita for you.







It is time to redefine your jurisdiction—personal, social and professional. Don’t succumb to sexual impulse. Beware of who you are with. If you are able to overcome this impulse, you will realise that a new creative process has begun in your life. You will see interesting aspects in even boring or routine things. This will give you new energy to work towards your goal. Focus more on execution than dreaming. Avoid lethargy and slackness in work. Recitation of Chapter 13 of the Gita is advised for you.







Time has come when you should give up what is not required and accept what is. Don’t carry an excess baggage of memories with you. They are not going to help you at all. Sudden changes will be observed in your life and you will make it meaningful by getting rid of the unwanted and accepting the way towards light and wisdom. Engage in physical exercises. Avoid friends who  want to put you off your belief system. Recitation of Chapter 11  of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.












Be determined to reach your goal. Take up one thing at a time. But, that doesn’t mean you give up what you  must do simultaneously. Memorise facts like you have memorised many things in life. Be systematic and focused in approach. Don’t  forget things in day-to-day life. Memory is important as long as we need it in the relative world. It is important as a tool and as a burden. Continue your spiritual exercises. You should exercise your intuition power to understand the situation and unlock it with your intelligence. Set your eyes on the goal. Waste not a second. The time is crucial. You will remain happy all the time. This will give you energy to work towards your goal. Recitation of Chapter 10 of the Gita is advised for you.







  “I know God knows every mind and feels every heart more clear than they do.”


Vivek Sharma

























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