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Lime chilli at doors, coconut on roads... Are totakas science Or superstition?

Question by:Umesh Gaur, DEE (C), Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 

 It is a very important question. There is a very thin line between science and superstition. It is as is the difference between the absolute and the relative, the whole and the part….

 As the words (science and superstition) themselves suggest anything which has a scientific basis has to have a principle behind it. It is the principle that works, not how you manifest it. Everything is science when you know the operative principle behind it. You can’t just disimiss everything as bullshit if you don’t know the science behind something which appears awkward and yet forces you to think why. Of course, we have to understand that the science is vigyan, that is special knowledge which manifests as an idea first and and then as an action. This is something wherein you know the hows and whys fully as you know the cause and effect. The fire burns. If you put your hand in it, you get burnt. This is experience. But, in certain conditions, your hand cannot burn, if you know the science that what really burns in the fire and take care of it, you will put your hand into it and the fire won’t burn you. You may call it magic, because it is not there in your experience which holds onto the belief that a certain cause has a certain effect! 
Nothing is happening in the universe without a subtle scientific process. Please don’t confuse the word science with the modern expression of it. According to Indian Rishis,it is all about knowing the principle behind a phenomenon and applying it. Therefore, it all depends upto what level you know the principle behind it. What you know about something is the science behind it, but it is not the absolute science. From grosser (relative) principles to finer principles and yet finer, you finally reach the absolute principle and then you really know the science. It all depends upon to what extent you know the science behind it. 
Remember the principle!
What you know you believe in is the principle. What you believe in, you manifest in the direction of the intent of your belief. There cannot be a belief without an intent. Your belief is nothing but manifestation of your energy in the direction of the intent. Your energy is directionally proportional to your intent behind the belief. Your belief is directly proportional to your experiential knowledge. This is the basic science behind all the acts you do. This is the unviersal science or the principle behind all acts. Now if somebody puts lime and chilli at the door, it is just a medium to manifest his energy in the direction of the intent. Suppose it is meant to hurt you and if your belief is in the higher principle “I offer a tulsi to My Mother. She protects me all the time.” Now your simple basal leaf energy channel will counteract the lime and chilli energy channel only if your intent manifests higher energy than that of the chilli-baaz. If you closely watch between the two acts—putting the chilli at the door and offering a basal leaf to God—they seem to be the same.  The only final thing is whether Intelligent Energy is manifesting through it. If A’s intent is to hurt B with the act. And B’s intent is to please Intelligent Energy, then the directional dynamics will make two different arrows. In A’s case it is like throwing or shooting an arrow at B (expression of energy in the finite realm, it exchausts after some time) and in B’s case, it is like manifesting  infinite Intelligent Energy by offering the basal leaf to Him/Her. A’s intent is to hurt B. B’s intent is to remain connected with Infinte Energy through the basal leaf. What will happen? B will be like the black hole sucking up all the galaxies and planets into itself. That means the small jealous intent energy of A will be consumed, digested and converted into Intelligent Energy, who B seeks with the science of love. 
It is the intent that matters. Higher the intent, higher the energy manifestation. Absolute intent, Absolute energy. That is why Krishna says in His ninth discourse-
पत्रं पुष्पं फलं तोयं यो मे भक्त्या प्रयच्छति। 
तदहं भक्त्युपहृतमश्नामिप्रयतात्मन:।। 
The two words uphrit and ashnami are very important here. They represent the highest universal principle of energy. Uphirt means gathered and offered and ashnami means ‘I consume, eat up devour that’. But there is a condition of intent set by Krishna. This gathering and offering of a leaf or a fruit should be with an intent of love for Me. If you do it, I eat up through your offering whatever you have gathered as an offering. Simply put if you are connected to Intelligent Energy with the channel of love, She/He consumes whatever is gathered and offered through the medium of leaf. Therefore, if lime and chilli work for some, some time relatively, the basal leaf offering works absolutely! Think!--VS


Why is there so much of disparity?
Question by: Sakshi Agarwal, Teacher

Sakshi, in one line it is due to the difference in our experiences. Potentially, we all are from the same source. But, all this differs due to the difference in our experiential assets.
Experiential stuff is our building material—we build our brain, nerves, senses and bodies with this material. This is the reason why even brothers and sisters of the same parents differ so much in perception. 
 You can better understand it through the analogy of the solar system. All the planets have come from the sun. But, they all have different experiential stuff which gives them different orbits of movement and properties. 
However, we have to learn one thing from them. They, like humans, don’t try to breach into others’ orbits. The moment they do it, we will all be destroyed. However, we, humans, are always trying to make others like us. This is not equality. This is a selfish attempt to have only one kind of people on the earth. If I turn my wife like myself, I will be my own wife then. I will lose her. 
Accept disparity as the plan of nature and respect it. Know your orbits of personal interactions. Maintain your self-respect and allow others to do so also. Now the only thing left in inter-human relations is doubt. 
If somebody doubts you, he or she is expecting you to be like him or her. Clarify your stand once and then move away to a safe distance. Because, doubt is not your problem. Just wait and don’t engage with that person on the point of doubt for some time. And whenever it arises, just convey your point. 
In fact, doubt is a sign of weakness. Nothing else it is. Weak people need strength and not instructions. In Discourse Ten of the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna says that all the emotions emanate from Him alone in different ways. This simply means that if somebody is acting inimically, it is just because of the different expression of that emotion. Why the difference? The expression of emotions is directly related to you experiential knowledge. A snake will hiss to express it, a yogi will say Om to express it, a solider will fire bullets to express it, an angry man will express it through anger….But, this nowhere means that you don’t express yourself. You have the right to express yourself too. But, you have no right to make others follow you! Be conscious of your orbit all the time.--VS



Do expectations play a role in building up a relationship?


Question by: Sarvagya Asthana,Student,Lucknow

No. Expectations mar a relationship. There is only one thing which builds up a healthy relationship. That is acceptance, as ripple less as a salt doll dissolving into water! Acceptance is the seed of love. It 

matures into love when it has concretised in you as a fact. 

But, if you closely watch inter-human relations, you will find that there is always a conditional acceptance of a person—as long as he/she serves any of your purposes, acceptance stays. But

the moment, it doesn’t, acceptance turns into expectation. Expectation degenerates into disrespect. Disrespect degenerates

into hate and hate turns friend into a foe.I don’t thing expectations play any role in building a relationship. 

I used to give a coin to a beggar. Later, he began expecting from me and then his words of blessings turned into curse when I began not to share coin ! Expectation is a double-edged sword. It hurts both—who is expected from and the one who expects.If you want a good relationship then don’t expect and don’t be a cause for expectation for others. Base your relations on acceptance instead. How to do it? Just keep enforcing the basics — don’t expect from me as I don’t from you. Let us base our relationship on this.Gradually love will sprout and you will feel energised . But if you expect, you will be demoralised ! That is why Krishna says in His 12th discourse 

shlokas 16, 17 अनपेक्ष:… यो …न द्वेष्टि न शोचति न कांक्षति …स मे प्रिय:।।

“The one who expects not, hates not, worries not, desires not is dear to Me. What does it mean? It means when you expect not, you won't have the feeling of hate and then you won't worry.

Such a person is dear to God, means he is dear to all. God is in all. God is all. He will have healthy  inter-human relations. --VS




Menstruating females not allowed worships, is it right?

Question by: Bhavini Dubey,Student,Lucknow

This kind of ponga-panditism is going on for ages in India and adjoining areas. I can only laugh, as this is the most productive period of a woman’s life and is best suited for worshipping God instead. But, some conservative males propagated this nonsense and females very ardently carried it forward with the associated thought that they are impure during this time.
I am amazed to find that none of the women have ever thought about it carefully. Had they done it before, they would have rejected the idea of impurity forced upon them by some. It has sunk so deep in their psyche now that they associate their cyclical duty with impurity or being impure! Absurd.
 Two points are enough to demolish the idea. (1) Who has given the cyclical ovulation duty to women—God or women herself or those men who find it impure? (2)  If ovulation is impurity then all men are impure as they have come out of these eggs only. If men and women are born impure then both shouldn’t ever worship God, going by the ponga-panditism.  We all are impure. We consume impure food, we keep impure ideas and thoughts in mind, we breathe in impurity and share it! 
Throw out all such ideas. Krishna has demolished this mindset way back. It is our bad luck that none has gathered the facts yet. In His 9th discourse He clarifies that ‘whoever, even loaded with situational impurity, worships Me with the mental surrender to Me, like women and those engaged in cleansing works and the business-minded, gain right speed and direction on the evolutionary path. Consider even the worst of evil-doers as good ones when they worship Me with whole heart.”
That means even if you are in a dirty or impure situation, you can worship Me and get ahead. Doesn’t it demolish the anti-mensural mindset?
In fact, women are best tuned to meditation and worship during this time as they are biologically, psychologically and bodily harmonised to worship God—everything gets relaxed during this time. They have mood swings because they are not allowed to worship God. During this period, they quickly connect to God—the creative principle.
Now the most basic fact—God has directly created this for women as her dharma. During this time, she is in her purest moods and her words become the words of God. One of the reasons that she was advised rest and isolation during this time was this that if she got angry people would be thrown into worst situations as her words would come true. But, never was she disallowed worship of God. All the information that you will  quote against it is man made, not God said! Draupadi was rajaswala when she was humiliated—her words of anger finished even the mightiest like Bheeshma, Drona etc as they sided with the wrong. She instead during that time was protected by Krishna Himself. He gave her a saree. She felt his protective touch —-Krishna never got impure and angry with this. Ha ha ha hah .
What Krishna says about it?
He says it clearly in His discourse 10, shloka 8 that all cyclical processes, right from the cosmic ones to those in the human bodies, are set in motion by Him. The one who knows this fact, worships Me with bhaav. So, how can menstrural cycle make a woman impure? Instead He says know this fact and worship Me because I set the cycle in motion. 
Doubting Thomases will keep doubting. Let them. Women should know this and resolve the right way. You are most powerfully connected to God during these days. Respect your menstrual dharma and respect yourself.  --VS



How to remain unaffected by happiness and depression while achieving our goal?

Question by:Mansi Vaish, Research scholar, Lucknow

Always keep your eyes on the goal and go for it. You have asked a very important question, which wants us to understand the difference between a result and a goal. People always mistake the one for the other. They are two different things.
A result is what you have described as happiness and sorrow. They indicate the state of the mind in consequence of the continuity of your efforts. But, the goal is the destination you have to reach. Just keep an analogy in your mind—a road to Hazratganj is action, various experiences that you have on the road are the result and the destination Hazratganj is the goal. Whatever you face on the way—may it be traffic, diversion, turns, stopovers, restaurants or a terrible brawl are all results. They all are diversionary. If you focus on the them or engage in them or indulge in them, you will delay your way to the destination. Isn’t it? Therefore, in order to reach the destination, you have to keep moving experiencing them. The goal has to be reached and should be reached like a passenger on a bus. He watches and experiences all the thuds and thunders on the road, but he keeps praying to God to help him reach his home. What he is doing actually is focusing on the goal not on the result! Krishna’s shloka karmanyevadhikarastey …has been wrongly interpreted even by the giants only on one count—-they mistook the goal for the result—phal! The same way happiness and sorrow on the way are just experiences—that is what Krishna loudly clarifies in discourse 2. Keep moving towards your goal and reject the results! Look at a mango tree! Mangoes hang from the branches, but they are not at the root or at the peak —the direction of the tree’s growth. The mangoes are fruits, you will taste them as you climb up or climb down the tree. But, going up or down is the object, the goal and not the fruit.  Action has a direction towards the goal and not the fruit! Got it? Yes. If your goal is to pluck the ripe mango then whatever falls on the way is the result and has to be avoided to reach the goal (the ripe mango). Because, your action links to the goal and not to the diversions on the road. Isn’t it? --VS 


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An honest person is challenged by corrupt at workplace?

Question by: Gunjan Patel, Manager,Surat, Gujarat

So what? The Pandavas were challenged by the corrupt Kauravas! The situation is the same—the difference may be in degrees. Duryodhan didn’t allow the Pandavas to do anything to reclaim their kingdom or display their merit. He had even antagonised Bheeshma, Drona and Kripacharya against the Pandavas. They were the ones the parentless Pandavas looked up to for help and moral support. But, they too directly supported Duryodhan under their selfish pretexts. 
Likewise, the bosses in the office, even those who like you and appreciate you, will not mean any harm to you, but will not help you either when you are surrounded by the corrupt! Because, supporting you (only one) will pit them against the many and their position will be in danger. See, when not even the Bheeshma could think beyond protecting the throne of the Kauravas and openly pledged to fight against his own dear Pandavas, then what to expect from the bosses!
First, accept the situation as a reality and stop expecting anything from those you may think will act like a judge or help you out and say “You are right.” Second, as you have learnt during the introduction session of the Gita, a situation is just a projection..., just believe in it and dissociate with the corrupt in the memory and associate with Krishna, or yourself or any form of God you believe in. 
Do it daily till you feel the hold of the corrupt associates has weakened within. You will find that they will lose hold on you outside also. But, don’t be a fool to change them. Change yourself as a powerful person is the message of the situation, not to change them. Once you are really powerful, you will find people may follow you. But, your goal is to empower yourself  against the corrupt and the evil and not to change them. Remember one principle—when you resolve within you evolve ( become intelligent and power) without. Krishna asked Arjuna to continue action, continue the fight without any fever of passion. Because, the fever of passion only indicates your reaction against the people you are pitted against and also that you haven’t yet resolved within. But, when you don’t show passions, you don’t react and you develop a strong response, which will manifest one day with its full power. Depend on the one who is in every heart! Krishna says —sarva dharmaan parityajya… throw out all the ideas and impressions you have gathered as true so far. Maamaekam sharanam vraj, make Me your centre of being. What will He do? Ahama twa sarva papebhyo makshayishyami maa sucha —I will relieve you of all the evil and negative impacts of those adoptions. Just don’t worry!
When such an open promise has been made by Krishna, I don’t think you should worry about the petty Kauravas. They are just to help you evolve. Make the best of it.--VS


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How to deal with people who use foul language?

Question by: Shreya Rai, Student,(Bcom 2nd yr), Lucknow

Shreya, it is a good question! As long as you keep feeling agitated by such people, you won’t be able to deal with them. This is for sure. The world is full of good and bad people—the people who vibe well with us and the ones who don’t. But, it is a fact that the latter form a greater challenge than the former.

I wish you had learnt the special technique taught at the krrisha centre to face such challenges. It is called Situational Meditation. It would then have become much easier for you to deal with such people. 
Nevertheless, I give you the dynamics of what really happens. When somebody uses foul language (the language that you don’t like), they are actually exerting pressure on you to adopt their language and become like them! This is the simple principle working out here. Know this, if you tell them not to use this language, they will rebelliously use it even more. But, you are missing the real side of the equation. That is your good behaviour, good language and personality have influenced them. They find you as an unreachable ideal. Believe it or not, you represent their ideal that they have failed to achieve. So, first calm your mind down. Don’t cherish any ill-will against them. Just exert goodness as much as you can. Because, the challenge is revealing a hidden situation—you are their ideal, which is inaccessible for them. I hope you must be pursuing some spiritual practises. Please continue them and remember Krishna’s method to handle such a situation, which He discusses in chapter 15, shloka 5. The opening Sanskrit phrase gives you the tool—Nirmaan moha jitsangdosha….It means through keeping your sense of importance, pride, ego, out of picture can you really gain victory over the ill-effects of an association. This can be achieved through adhyatmanitya—regularly practising the spiritual objective of keeping your ego out of it. What will happen then? Vinivrrittkama—you will snap the bond of energy that you have developed with them and which is affecting you. The moment that bond is gone, you will be out of the conflict—dwandairvimukta. What will happen then? Gacchanti amoodha padamavyayam tat. You will reach the state of undisturbed peace. Now what? The negative energy that was flowing from those abusers to you will be cut off. You being in the state of undisturbed peace will become the source of positive energy flow from you to them. This will keep happening. This positive flow of your energy will now bring about changes among them. But, these changes will take place gradually depending upon the person to person. The first sign will be that they will begin to respect you in one way or the other. There might still be someone who will stick to the negative stand. Don’t bother about that person. Now is the time to minimise association with them. Your absence will help them change faster! 
It is all doable. But, first you have to learn to keep your ego and memory out of it. 
I wish you had joined the situational meditation. It would have worked magically.
Good luck! --VS

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How justified is the practice of energy healing or chi-kung?

Question by: Bhavini Dubey, Student(MA in philosophy), Lucknow

As we have already discussed through various blogs that the entire creation is just a vibration of Intelligent Energy, the concept of the healer and the healed is just a poor imitation of the cosmic principle. The principle is that the energy travels from the source to the receiver. The Intelligent Energy is the source and we all are the receivers. The sun is the secondary receiver and the intermediary source but it cannot be called the Source.  Because it is just the conductor of the energy which is without retention or with a very little retention.Whatever it is retaining is burning it up. In the  course of time, the Sun will totally burn out. But why does it burn? It is because it has got some retentive ego, which is being healed by IE and we see a blazing wonder. That is the reason why only some rays of the sun are beneficial and some harmful. The same way if A claims to be a healer then A is retaining some energy which will first heal it. That  is the reason why 100% healers feel the heat in the backbone, hands, heads and other parts of their body. The problem is not with the Intelligent Energy. It is with the receivers.Their reception is very low. There is only one healer and the rest are poor receivers! This makes the idea of many healers and many  healed redundant. So if the healer (the poor receiver)  wants to heal another poor receiver then there is going to be a problem. As long as the healer knows that he is healing, the healing cannot happen. The reason is your awareness that you are healing this in fact is an obstruction of the energy so when the healer is healing through whichever technique he should first heal himself—meaning unless the ego limitation is gone, the energy flow will burn the ego down first. That is the reason why so many so-called healers complain of heat in their body, brain, stomach, backbone in this process they use up their material energy wealth instead of becoming the conductor of the intelligent energy. In a nutshell, if we think of a person like Krishna as a healer then Krishna just steps aside and lets the reciepient receive the direct energy. The Intelligent Energy needs no instrumentality. One needs to step aside. Unless you step aside, the reception does not take place. There is only One Healer (IE). The rest are receivers. Let’s understand it--VS

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Youth taking to adulteration, drug abuse in the name of Shiva?

Question by: Bhavini Dubey, Student, Lucknow

This is not just a mistaken concept among today’s youth. It has been here even among sadhus and foreigners from the time immemorial . Their entire premise is based on a legend that Shiva took bhaang and dhatura and established tantras (systems of sadhanas, some of them involving sexual union with women) to attain certain powers!
Well, none of them can really describe why Shiva took bhaang and dhatura—do drugs really give you a spiritual high? Ha ha ha and all this on a legend! This is unbelievable. They imitate Shiva, without even having 0.00000000000000000000000001/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % of His spiritual dimension. Result: They end up in mental asylums or rehab centres or hospitals for treatment of various diseases. 
So my request to such dynamic youths will be not to spread drug abuse and promiscuity in the name of Shiva. That is bad. Youcan’t even handle the consequences of your actions. Stop reading books which suggest spiritual highs through drugs. Don’t associate with the people who claim to have gained powers through certain tantra sadhanas. They even don’t know what the science of tantra is. Spirituality is not about powers, it is about love for God and feeling the presence of God. I can only suggest such youths that they rather imitate Shiva’s purity, simplicity and infinite brilliance and try to seek His grace to realise Shivahood instead of foolishly imitating Him. I assure you with my little capacity that if Shiva touches you ever, you will be dissolved into Him. So don’t promote nonsense in His name. All that talk of attaining samadhi through drugs is crap. You can’t even reach sa of Maa’s dhi (Mother’s intelligence).  Take it as my warning and a friendly suggestion. Shiva is watching you, my friend! Never tread the path, you know nothing about. Read the Gita and discipline your life first. Look at yourself! How egoistic you have become. Your body has developed many ailments. You pose yourself as strong. But, you are mighty weak. Money can’t buy Shiva.  Be warned! Krishna says in the Gita chapter 10, Rudranaam Shankaraschaasmi, I am the discipliner among the rudras—the principles of disciplines! He disciplines as a Shankara, not promotes drug abuse! So thank yourself that you have not faced a Shankar yet!--VS


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What is yagya and tapa for householders?


I must say these terms have been used in a particular context so much so that they have lost their real meaning. The moment you think of a yagya, a picture of some people pouring  ghee and offerings into fire, reciting some mantras, pops up in your mind. Likewise,  tapah only calls up an image of hath-yoga austerity or fasting. 

Let me be very clear here that these are one of the many ways of yagya and tapah. Yagya comes from the Sanskrit root yuj, which means to join a large welfare project. Tapah comes from the Sanskrit root tapas, which means to make an ardent effort to achieve something. The only difference between the two is that yagya is a social event (participated by many for many). Whereas tapas is an individual effort to achieve something. Even a yagya can’t be performed without tapas! Yagya is social effort for common good and tapas is personal effort for one’s own and the others’ good subsequently. The householder  is a social constituent and hence he has to be engaged in social welfare efforts. He is an individual also. Therefore, he is required to make self-effort to achieve something. In the old texts, we come to know of a story where the sun performed tapasya and became fire. But, it didn’t gain the brilliance until it shared its tapas with the moon  and the earth and other planets. It is where the sun began to perform yagya that gave him the shine of a star. The solar energy is the basis of everything. But, you need to have an earth to receive and digest that energy and a moon to convert it into a nourishing energy. Therefore, what we eat in the form of vegetables is nothing but partaking in the sun’s yagya with the moon and the earth. Now all individuals use that energy for personal welfare —that is called tapas. That tapas then becomes a yagya when participated by many! Therefore, self-effort and social effort both are required for a householder. Tapas may turn you selfish and egoistic if you don’t share its fruits with others. The moment you begin to share it, the tapas becomes yagya! Dheerubhai Ambani made a self-effort (tapas), later he began to share his gain with the masses in one form or the other. This became his yagya, which Mukesh Ambani is carrying forward. But, there are many corporate houses which are selfishly using up their tapas for themselves. They are gradually losing their shine and getting burned down to a coal for developing a hard-shell approach towards masses. The same applies to the household. If you earn and share it with many, you as good as perform a yagya and continue to gain brilliance. Otherwise, you break down and get consumed in your own tapas! Egoists always get consumed in their tapas!--VS

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