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Bhagya Chakram is a secret science to guide you through your daily life by predicting your situation and helping you out with Gita based guidance . This is the guidance which Krishna gave to Arjuna through the Gita shlokas. They are shlokas, but they carry coded vibrations which predict your situation and give you a solution.  It is said that the battle of Mahabharat went on for 18 days and Krishna hinted what was going to happen each day through the secret vibrational codes. Arjuna carried himself out through that situation by practising a particular state of mind.

The same system has been applied to help people of various rashis (zodiac signs) by decoding their situation for them during the week and how they should handle it. The Krrisha team introduces the new feature weekly to help you prepare for the week. Later, this could be reintroduced as a daily feature. The main intention of introducing the secret system  is to help you imbibe, practise and execute the right attitude of mind and not to promote any superstition.

Krrisha Team





Avoid being egoistic and complacent. You are supposed to work towards your goal with an objective mind. “I have already  prepared enough to get there, or I have adequate means and I will easily reach my goal.” All this may put you in a self-created problem situation.  Don’t be provoked by those who want to see you provoked. Avoid arguments. Engage yourself in noble, welfare and God-oriented activities. Chapter 1 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.









Vrishabh/Taurus .

Superhuman activities are good. But, never ever think that you are all powerful. That Super is only one—God who sustains everything right from an amoeba to a Buddha. Avoid being egoistic and keep doing the good work. Nature is supporting you. Those who oppose you will be left breathless by your perseverance and commitment to work. Likewise, never ever think that you are special since Nature has chosen you for a good cause or you have been given a higher social responsibility to perform. You will definitely reach your goal. The best work done when you believe God knows and does everything. Chapter 15 of the Gita is advised for you.







God alone is your friend and enemy. If you really love God then you will also recognise the importance of your adversaries and build yourself stronger than them. Instead of criticising people. Focus on your work and learn to deal with them. Give up your selfish nature. Think beyond your bloodline and family associates. You may plan a visit to a holy place.Chakram advises you to recite Chapter 10 of the Gita.








Learn to bear vibrations in the body which trigger anger and lust. Those who handle them without getting distracted by them, reach the highest level of human excellenceYour domination of the body is the reason why people feel overpowered in your presence. This is natural power. It rests with the honest spiritual seekers. Respect your situation and plan to get out of it like a hero. Power is important to lead personal and social life effectively.  Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 5 of the Gita.







Perform agyaari, havan and yagya if possible or just do jap-yagya. It is God alone who is powerful. Your nearness to Him will decide the level of confidence you require to deal with your adversaries. Avoid being slavishly depending upon others. You can do it and you must do it. Keep working towards your goal even if people demoralise you. But, only a self-determined reach where they want to. Realise your potential. Recitation of Chapter  9 of the Gita is advised for you. 











Experience is the only teacher. Learn from your partner, associate or friend how to get rid of bad habits and build up afresh. Experience and excellence are interlinked. You can do anything if you prepare your mind and will to learn new things. Make efforts to succeed instead of waiting for results to come. Only sincere efforts can bring well-wishers to your side. Burn agyaari at home and work place to protect your jurisdiction. Remain united with the like-minded. Chakram advises you recitation of Chapter 13 of the Gita.






 Choose what to do to achieve excellence in life. Whatever you do actually adds to your excellence in accordance with the nature of your work. Negativity is nothing but another form of God, trying to tell you that God alone is mighty and not your little ego. Learn fast and this lesson from God will be over for you. Never ever utter false words for a person who is chosen by God or is engaged in noble activities. Exercise and get your body massaged weekly if not daily. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 13 of the Gita.






Work with patience. Shortcuts don’t pay. Give some time to spiritual readings and exercises. This will give your thoughts and minds a new energy. Dissociate yourself from those who are dragging you away from your goal. Believe in the seed theory. The only thing you need is determination and right resolve and purpose to do it. Burn agyaari to purify panchbhutas (five elements)Chakram advises recitation of Chapter 8 of the Gita for you.










You can be like Prahlad among your family members. Keep remembering God even if they badger you to give it up or the good works you are engaged in. Don’t be shocked by their behaviour. Instead choose and do what you must with whole-hearted devotion. Don’t cherish hate and anger towards your adversaries. Minimise your interactions with them but continue to respect God in them. State truth, but use love to express that.  Learn to deal with people with mighty egos. Engage in noble works. Financial gains are indicated. Don’t allow anybody to cross your privacy. God has shown you the reality. Now act wisely. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 10 of the Gita for you.










Avoid over sleep, lethargy and slackness in work. Do you want to waste away your time in needless things or want to utilise time wisely? It all depends upon how you want to see yourself in six months. You can be the best and the worst at the same time. Good actions will take you to good situations. Good in the real sense of the term and not according to your perception. You can’t afford to lose now. People only respect those who succeed and not those who wished to succeed and didn’t. Recitation of Chapter 18 of the Gita is advised for you.









Take changes in your stride. If you are climbing a mountain then don’t lose patience. If you are in a journey, just keep your mind calm. Those who can keep the mind calm amid changes can develop a special faculty to manage and dominate things. All you need now is the commitment to succeed. Remember! Only those who plan and work systematically succeed. Recitation of Chapter 5 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.











 Systematic and focused approach alone can help you achieve what you aim to. Don’t give up. Continue your spiritual exercises. Always remember that success brings along with it social recognition and reputation! When one acts like Shankar and removes all obstacles—personal and social, one is bound to reach the top of the social ladder and his presence becomes as purifying as that of the fire. He has all the means to get things done. But,  that is only possible when you enforce the Shankar formula in your life. Recitation of Chapter 10 of the Gita is advised for you.








  “I know God knows every mind and feels every heart more clear than they do.”


Vivek Sharma

























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