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Bhagya Chakram is a secret science to guide you through your daily life by predicting your situation and helping you out with Gita based guidance . This is the guidance which Krishna gave to Arjuna through the Gita shlokas. They are shlokas, but they carry coded vibrations which predict your situation and give you a solution.  It is said that the battle of Mahabharat went on for 18 days and Krishna hinted what was going to happen each day through the secret vibrational codes. Arjuna carried himself out through that situation by practising a particular state of mind.

The same system has been applied to help people of various rashis (zodiac signs) by decoding their situation for them during the week and how they should handle it. The Krrisha team introduces the new feature weekly to help you prepare for the week. Later, this could be reintroduced as a daily feature. The main intention of introducing the secret system  is to help you imbibe, practise and execute the right attitude of mind and not to promote any superstition.

Krrisha Team





Try to remain beyond fear and anger. These two may dissipate your energy. If you want to have energy then you will have to mentally resolve the issues which trigger fear and anger and then you will receive more energy and peace. Fear and anger are negativised energy. Always remember this. Anger can be a positive energy if used against a person, a group which is hell bent upon disrupting things for the common person. Chapter 4 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.









Vrishabh/Taurus .

Let not people acknowledge your greatness and positive traits. Just keep doing your job/work diligently They will come around and acknowledge the same with an honest heart. Remain calm and keep your schedule busy with creative ideas. Handle friends and adversaries with soft and gentle touch. It is the right time to work for life’s purpose full throttle. Jurisdictional issues will resolve fast. Chapter 10 of the Gita is advised for you.








You are too passionate to understand the reality staring at you. You still have to learn the difference between ego and confidence. What you think is your confidence in fact is your ego. Desiring things is no good. Better to will and work for it like saadhak. Blaming others is no good for your plight. Work way out with patience and courage. Burn agyaari at home daily . Chakram advises you to recite Chapter 18 of the Gita.







It is important to work with wisdom. Overwork and passions de-energise you in the end. What you need to know is the way to strike the right balance between passion and mission. Passion is good when directed towards a higher goal and is worked for honestly. Things are resolving fast now. Your will shall prevail in the end. You have a way ahead. Just walk it with a calm and dynamic mind. Nothing is impossible for you at the moment. You can do anything you like. Keep your head up and eyes focused on the goal of life. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 2 of the Bhagwad Gita.







Keep your ego out of things. Do whatever you want to but don’t lose the discipline you have been observing. Avoid making big statements. Be gentle but strong among your relations. Learn how to state the truth to the person you are interacting with. Shouldn’t hurt him or her, but make your point clear to him. Don’t ignore your daily routines. Avoid overwork. There are strong indications of financial gains. You will shine in your area of work too. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 18 of the Gita.






Body and mental ailment may grip you for some time. But, it will leave you soon. Keep following food discipline. Don’t upset your routines for others or to meet some tasks. Be moderate and yet firm in your approach. Follow due procedures of the tasks required. Intention is what matters. You can become socially powerful only when you have a purpose to serve others. Seeking things for yourself and your family is too small an aim. Shraddha is required from you. You will be affected by the unseen. May experience anxieties regarding jurisdictional issues. Chakram advises you recitation of Chapter 13 of the Gita.







 Live in the present. Dreams are good but make them your goal and achieve them one by one. Don’t act like a housefly. Be a honeybee who only sucks honey from flowers and doesn’t waste her time sitting on multiple places. Avoid mixing up with people too much. They have their agenda and will use you to their benefit only. They know your weaknesses. So be watchful. A sweet talking person may make you upset your relationship with your well-wisher. Be regular in your spiritual exercises. Chakram advises you to recite Chapter 6 of the Bhagwad Gita.








Cherish no expectations from persons who are showing interest in you and promising you a genuine help. Wait till that help comes and then make an opinion. The same way avoid needless thinking over trivial matters. You are wasting your energies over them. Take care of your body. Take a lot of liquid. Burn agyaari daily. Chakram suggests chapter 9 of the Bhagwad Gita this week.











Knowing is believing. First know and then believe. Don’t just first believe in what others say without trying to know their intent. Deception is in the air. But, your faith in God will neutralise it and you will come to know the real face of a person you always doubted for low-coning. You can become socially important and relevant only when you stop frittering away your energies on petty things and issues. Chapter 4 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.







Try to win your adversaries though gentle firmness. You can have a heated argument with a person who has already made an opinion about you. Just neutralise his ways to trap you into one argument and prove you wrong in front of others. Be continuous in your efforts. Don’t hate anything or anybody. Take care of your mood swings. Chakram advises recitation of  Chapter 15 of the Gita is advised for you.






You are in search of happiness. The real happiness is in making others happy. You will realise it and try to follow somebody’s example. Keep up good practices in life about food, sleep and work. Try to strike a happy balance among the three. You can do it. Social life may give you lucrative offers, but they don’t matter until they really mean good profit to you. So decide carefully. Plan and do. A solid planning with a disciplined effort cannot be countered.  Chapte18 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.





Everything is an experience for you now. Even misery is good teacher for you. Come out of your mental choke-up on something and assert your truth and manifest it.  You may experience a bout of body ailment, but will soon recover from it. Remember! Nothing succeeds like success. Keep doing yogic exercises and pranayam to overcome challenges you face in your daily life.  Recitation of  Chapter 11 of the Gita is advised for you.







  “I know God knows every mind and feels every heart more clear than they do.”


Vivek Sharma

























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