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Bhagya Chakram is a secret science to guide you through your daily life by predicting your situation and helping you out with Gita based guidance . This is the guidance which Krishna gave to Arjuna through the Gita shlokas. They are shlokas, but they carry coded vibrations which predict your situation and give you a solution.  It is said that the battle of Mahabharat went on for 18 days and Krishna hinted what was going to happen each day through the secret vibrational codes. Arjuna carried himself out through that situation by practising a particular state of mind.

The same system has been applied to help people of various rashis (zodiac signs) by decoding their situation for them during the week and how they should handle it. The Krrisha team introduces the new feature weekly to help you prepare for the week. Later, this could be reintroduced as a daily feature. The main intention of introducing the secret system  is to help you imbibe, practise and execute the right attitude of mind and not to promote any superstition.

Krrisha Team





Yours is the same as the last week’s. Purity of mind is what matters. You have to give up all kinds of fears and anxieties if you believe in God and depend on Him. If you want to succeed in an endeavour, then you will have to keep it  in mind all the time and try to excel in it by constant efforts, remaining absorbed in it and  improving yourself daily without anxiety.  If you depend upon what you believe in then things will get easier. Forgive people, take care of them but avoid engaging with them. Chapter 4 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.








Success comes from pure dedication. Don’t allow yourself to be swayed or distracted by others. Keep focus on your work and you will see things happens the way you want. It is natural to get negative vibes sometimes. But, assert your true nature—your purity of heart—and things will resolve faster than you believe. Remember! There is always a pause before a new start.Chapter 8 of the Gita is advised for you.





Handle and please your immediate bosses for quick success. Be a little smart and act smart. What you need to understand is that you need a balance in life and good inter-human relations. If you are good, show all that you are good to them also. Assert truth without arrogance. Success depends upon efforts aligned with good intentions. You should join a noble cause to give expression to the suppressed part of your personality. Chakram advises you to recite Chapter 4 of the Gita.



Time to re-energise yourself with creative engagements. Financial gains are on the way. Eat rich and energising food. Discipline the inside and the outside will be disciplined too. Always have faith that your God is in you and outside you. He is helping you achieve your goals. There is too much on your mind. Unload it a bit and take things easy. Your area of jurisdiction is increasing. Every expansion needs some adjustments. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 13 of the Bhagwad Gita.




Time to emerge victorious. No room for failure and depression. Get up and do your work, your God has already eased things out, removed obstacles. Believe in Him and move ahead. Just be His instrument and work for Him instead of yourself or society. Avoid depression and depressive ideas. They are natural. But to overcome them and use the energy released by them to get more determined is noble. Remain gentle and communicative. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 11 of the Gita.





You can’t grow alone. There will be others with you too. Thank God for success and appreciate others’ success too. You should avoid being inimical to others. Open your eyes and follow the procedure, advice from the wise. Work harder for success and money. You have all that is required to make somebody a successful business person or trader. But, lethargy and delaying things are your greatest enemies. God alone is doing everything. So don’t worry. Just play your part honestly. Chakram suggests recitation of Chapter 10  of the Gita.







Unless you feel others too are important in life, you cannot really get ahead on the way to evolution. Chakram believes whatever good or bad happens is just to open your eyes and choose your way wisely. Instead of feeling low, you should focus your energies in noble work and serve people, animals and plants. Joys of life are everywhere. Dare none, compare with none, and spare not a moment without a good thought. Chakram advises you recitation of Chapter  10 of the Gita.





Avoid greed, selfish nature and comparison with others.Focus on spiritual discipline and work for your goal without the thought of proving a point. Never oppose somebody’s progress in thought or deed. You will realise your weaknesses and try to remove them immediately. Respect and honour what you have and have achieved. Chakram suggests chapter 14 of the Bhagwad Gita this week.







Work for your goals will give you satisfaction and sadness both. You don’t want to be lax now. Because, you know you have already wasted a lot of time. Now is the time to use time rightly for success. Regulated, systematic  actions and objective thinking will make you more determined. What matters most is what you think about yourself and what others do. Their opinion may be erroneous but you cannot close your eyes to your weaknesses. Work is meant for excellence Chapter 4 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.





Influence of a person will work positively on you and you will work faster towards the goal. Listen to what an elderly fellow tells you, follow it and you will resolve your problems. Engage yourself in works which inspire you. But, don’t get distracted. You have to deal with an escapist in you. A close associate may give you a good advise or inspiration. But, avoid those who just want to be closer to you for unknown reasons. Shopping will be top on your list.  Take care of your moods. Chakram advises recitation of  Chapter 15 of the Gita is advised for you.






Have faith. Faith means believe in what you are doing and what you aim at. Be sincere in your approach. Don’t allow psychological fears to take the better of you. You are a person who can’t be defeated easily by negatives. Calm and quiet approach is deeper in effect. Work for your goals in life.  New openings may get you more financial gains.Chapter 4 of the Bhagwad Gita is advised for you.







You may feel the presence of the divine around you. This is noble. God is present as subtly as is the space. This will inspire you to work more towards your goal. You will be careful in your approach while dealing with friends and associates. Your superiors would like your work and appreciate you for your in-depth research or understanding of the subject. They will all like to help you and admit it openly. Eat less, but eat rich. You will be comfortably in control of your jurisdiction. Recitation of  Chapter 13 of the Gita is advised for you.



  “I know God knows every mind and feels every heart more clear than they do.”


Vivek Sharma

























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