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Oh God-you still believe that!

Shake off this negativity messing you up inside out!
By Vivek Sharma

I don’t believe in God! Does He exist? He doesn’t I am sure. Had He existed the world would have been a better place to live in….This world is led by the crazy and you have no option but to be crazier to survive in the dog-eat-dog world!
These are the common views which a majority of today’s generation has adopted as dharma—the right idea. I don’t blame them alone. I blame the generation which, no matter how very wise they were, divided the time into four zones—satyug, treta, dwapar, kaliyug. Maybe, this division was done to make people understand and get prepared to survive in that particular time zone through a counter measure. To that extent this time zone observation was okay. But, now look what it has led to? It has made people believe that they are in the kaliyug time frame and they have no option but to accept all the evil prevalent around. This acceptance of the evil is where I get very angry. Corruption has become part of our life, not because Kali is prevalent, it is because, we are weak and have given negative forces an acceptance beyond a natural balance. In fact, we must believe in God more now and resist the corrupt, the evil and the negative mentally, emotionally and physically, whichever way suits you. The idea is that you don’t allow the negative to enter your zone and mess you up inside out. See, this is what is happening all around. A is holding the topmost position in a company, but he is no good at dealing with the negative. He is negative, because he has fully accepted the negative  and now playing it out full blast. Does he have the right to complain against the greater negative being played out then by his boss?
Point To Remember 
Just keep in your mind that the time only exists in terms of memory. Something which gets into the memory is the past. The present is the projection of that past and the future is another projection of the past only in the given present situation. It is all in the mind. Just throw it out. In fact, Krishna asked Arjuna to throw it out by telling him that He alone is Time, so that Arjuna accepted the Reality That He is instead of the figment of his memory! I know many scientists and spiritualists shall crack at this idea of mine. But, let me ask them—what happens when you are not there? The time stops for you. But, you are a memory of your associations and hence you exist as the past tense in their memories. You shall be projected through them in the present and through present in the future. In fact, that projection wouldn’t be real as it would their understanding about you and not the real you.   Just see that there is nothing real but your own memory, which is playing around with you. If you can go beyond it, you have reached your own dimension which is timeless as time dies when you cross over the memory or your memory dissolves into Universal Consciousness. When you have entered the Universal Consciousnesss, your individuality, that is your memory and ego, matter nothing. They practically exist not as you become all and beyond the concept of all then. Now this All-ship or All-hood is what we intuitively call God, the Almighty. So if God doesn’t exist, you don’t exist too. But, you are there, so God is there too! You have no power to reject this basic principle of universality.  Therefore guys, just know that God is your evolutionary reality. But, since you have accepted the opposite, the negative, the evil, the kaliyug and allowed this falsity to make a home in your system, you live falsely and die falsely, getting scared all the time by the negatives of your own creation!
Propagation Of Falsehood
+From generations and generations the falsehood and negativity is being introduced into the next generation. Had your parents told you like the mother of Nachiketa that “You are God Yourself,” you would have been a different breed all together. But, now even the best of the believers and seekers of truth, can’t reject the falsehood on their own and hence the conflict of the right and the wrong creates in them the doubt. This doubt is a deadly disease. It promotes anti-knowledge and robs you of the love and respect for truth—that you are God in the making. You have created this battle of the right and the wrong within yourself by accepting the wrong as powerful and dominating under the influence of your memory or may be acquired from others’. Hack it off firmly with the sword of right knowledge and stand tall in the sun of reality—that you yourself are God!
Don’t give me the credit for this. Krishna Himself has revealed all these facts in His discourse to Arjuna. It is sad that we believe in the conclusions drawn by a few western minds against the real wisdom of our ancestors. It is sad that we don’t apply our minds to understand and check the veracity of such conclusions, even when a majority of these western minds are fast accepting and absorbing the wisdom of the ancient Bharat as the way of life! We have many forms of God and we still believe that He is beyond all forms too. But, each form is nothing but a unique quality of God. But, a few fools saw it as polytheism and began lecturing us against it. Our God is universal all—He is with forms and without a form too. But, the poisonous seed of disbelief sown in our minds by the snobbish few has now become a tree of doubt and disbelief. We are to blame for it too as we allowed such silly ideas to influence us. There is no option now but to uproot it,  burn it away and say, “I do believe in God! He exists in all and everywhere, I am sure. The world is still going on just because He exists. Now it is our responsibility to make the world a better place to live in by uprooting and killing the negativity growing all over in violation of the universal balance of co-existence. 
Krishna says it all through two shlokas.
अज्ञश्चाश्रद्धानश्च संशयात्मा विनश्यति।
नायं लोकोस्ति न परो न सुखं संशयात्मनः।।
People with negative bent of mind and without respect and love for the real fact, always remain doubtful and get destroyed. This doubt of theirs robs them of worldly happiness and spiritual joys both. 
तस्मादज्ञानसम्भूतं हृत्स्थं ज्ञानासिनात्मनः।
छत्त्वैनं संशयं योगमातिष्ठोत्तिष्ठ भारत।।
That is why I say O Bharat, get up and unite with the Reality by cutting off  this negativity born doubt in your heart with the sword of right knowledge. (Needless to say, right knowledge only comes after an honest research  into and experience of the reality of existence.), Krishna says it all.

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leave all forms of extremism

Khilafat gangs: A fit case for mental reformatories
By Vivek Sharma

Some Khilafat gang maulanas say that Corona virus has been sent by Allah as a soldier to protect Muslims and punish America and other non-Muslim nations. And then they pray ‘O Allah! Keep the Corona virus away from us. Keep us safe and keep infecting our enemies!” 
This refers to a March 28 sermon by Muslim Imam Jamil al-Mutawa, at the White Mosque in Gaza. He celebrated Corona virus as the soldier of Allah against non-Muslims.
What level of sadism these so-called Islamists have reached! I only pity their mental state. It is no Islam but lunat-ism as what we are witnessing all around in India and abroad is nothing but small-mindedness and pettiness sprouting from a section of  Madarasa educated Muslims who are a fit case for mental reformatories. They may talk about Constitution of India on loud speakers, hold the Tricolour in hands, but all these are just devices to keep the right-minded people confused and the Goddess of Law blindfolded.
This community has some learned people too. But, when they don’t react to such statements the way they react to those made by non-Muslims, they only prove that they too come from the same ilk. 
Dangerous trend
This is dangerous. The Muslim community is inviting isolation worldwide. Numbers don’t matter when it comes to justice. Stubbornness has only one quality. That is non-acceptance to all pieces of sane advice. With such closed mindset, a major section of this community has already shut its mind to the truth and reality right in front. Now it will soon reflect on the physical plane too. In fact, it has begun manifesting in some cases.  I don’t wish ill for any community. But, of course, it is time to expose them to what their actions are really proving them to be. They are making them anti-goodness forces, asuras, as they say in Sanskrit. Those who violate the natural harmony and foolishly become the target of Nature in the wake. Accept it or not, actions return multiplied to the doer and there is no way one can, or any prayer can reverse this. Buddha too had warned the humanity of this natural law. If you associated with the evil, you become the evil and face the consequences due to the evil.
Code of co-existence
It is time all the people of the world, of all communities and creeds, understood it and learned to behave the right way. 
The code of co-existence has been set by Nature. Corona like epidemics only convey Nature’s message to all — learn to behave before it is too late. There is no democratic tolerance in Her. She makes you suffer if you make any children of Her suffer—may it be an ant, a bird or a cow or a goat. She has given everybody the right to live. None has the right to take others’ life. 
It is time to leave all forms of extremism—mental, physical, ideological or religious. The need of the hour is to get Her message straight and clear and mend our ways. That is how Krishna had pleaded to the Kauravas to be judicious and give the Pandavas their due and avoid the Mahabharat. But, when the Mahabharat began, He was the most ruthless among all. He neither allowed Arjuna to spare Bheeshma nor Drona nor Kripacharya nor Duryodhan and Shakuni. He called Himself death personified. I can only share this with good last attempt to rekindle the fire of sanity in us. Let’s follow the code of co-existence as willed by Nature.



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Are you a young inquisitive mind? The mind which wants to gain from the old Indian wisdom, but can’t as the Sanskrit terminology and skewed old interpretations make it real difficult for the modern mind to get their contemporary relevance. Be happy! You are at the right site

What is Krishna tarangam?

What is Krishna tarangam

The Gita is a vibration (tarangam) of the Creator (Krishna). Why have I named the Creator Krishna? Because, Krishna is not a person but a principle.





This site is excellent for youths, specially those who want to know the reality behind Indian thought.
It is a treat for students like me who want to know the reason behind the written words.
I tried to order the book through the payment method but it didn't work out. Kindly tell me which way can I get it. It is showing unavailable on Amazon. Thanks

Great site. This is true Hinduism. All science, no myths, all science. Congratulate KRishna Tarangam team for undertaking the noble cause.
Sumitra Maheshwari

भाग्य चक्रम् बहुत ही सटीक है। कैसे होता है इतना accurate. हर बार मन की परिस्मथिती व बाहर की परिस्थिति सही निकलती है। आपका उपाय बहुत उपयोगी है।
रतन लाल अग्रवाल

Unbelievable site. God bless the owners. It I not an ordinary work.
Swami Vimuktananda

It is really a matter of great praise that this site is so seriously carrying forward a thought revolution.
I never miss it. I feel empowered
Anil Chaturvedi

You are doing. Great work .

I really pity those who don’t follow the site . It is as it’s name suggests —-Tarangam.
Ramanuj Shastri

Rakesh Ji, we appreciate your suggestion and that you are our precious reader . We assure you that the features will resume shortly .
Vivek Sharma
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