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Kill Dusshasan and Duryodhana will be killed himself!

Dusshasan is the loyal brother of Duryodhan. He  plays a major role in humiliating Draupadi in the Kaurava court after Yudhishthir loses her in the gamble stagemanaged by Shakuni. He is the one who tries to strip Draupadi despite younger brother Vikarna’s objection. He shamelessly continues to snatch Draupadi’s saree. However, watching nobody coming to her rescue, she fervently calls on Lord Krishna, who lends infinity to her saree. Dusshasan keeps pulling it in order to strip  her naked in front of all, but through Krishna’s grace the saree doesn’t end. Dusshasan tires out and gives up, looking at the pile of the unending saree. Later, Draupadi pledges to wash her hair with Dusshasan’s blood and Bheem to kill him and drink up his blood after tearing his chest. On the 17th day of the battle, Bheem kills Dusshasan, tears his chest and drinks his blood. Draupadi too washes her hair with the blood. 

The Real Import
But, this is all history. Dusshasan in Sanskrit means Dushkaram shasanam yasya, which/who is almost impossible to be disciplined. Why? Because Kamasya hridayam yo asti, it is the heart of lust. If you dissociate it from lust, lust will be disciplined and sublimed. Therefore, Dusshasan is shown as very loyal to Duryodhan (lust-anger) and always shown supporting him. Then what is it? Yo sada bhoge punarunmattam karoti , that emotion which always forces you to re-engage in indulgence with an intent to consume the object to its naked reality. But, Krishna’s maya saves the object and the curious hunger to have more remains unsatiated. How?  Dusshasan keeps pulling Draupadi’s saree to see her naked. But, he cannot get it done because of the grace of Krishna—supreme principle.
Therefore, Dusshasan represents lobh (greed). Remove greed from lust and lust will be dead—it will be sublimed into will. The force that makes lust lust is greed—-the hunger to consume/acquire till it is over! 
But, how to handle it?
Sorry! It cannot be handled, disciplined or commanded as it returns with a vengeance being the spirit of lust. You can discipline anger and lust in some cases, but greed is just out of bounds! The entire Kaurava army, especially Duryodhan, was depressed and weakened after Dusshasan’s death. That means when the greed energy leaves you, your Duryodhan is weakened and crippled to death. This is the reason why Dusshasan is killed by Bheem (will power) a day earlier he traps and kills Duryodhan. The killing of Dusshasan is the key to kill greed. Bheem defeats and tears Duryodhan’s chest and drinks blood from it. Drinking blood here symbolises how your will power alone can strike open greed’s heart and assimilate its ruling energy into itself. But, Bheem offers as a reward to Draupadi (your power), who washes  her hair with Dusshasan’s blood as pledged.
The entire process reveals a profound pycho-spiritual process  of how greed energy is sucked up by the fiery will power and how the will offers it to the main power source (Draupadi—the kundalini shakti). The refined greed power goes back to main power. She washes her hair with the blood. This means the energy thus purified is circulated through the network of energy channels  in the body. The entire process reveals digestion, assimilation and circulation of the purified energy. This means when you perform spiritual exercises using your will power (consciously with an aim to succeed),  you withdraw your energy from the negative emotions and use it for the right purpose.
Takeaway: Let you Bheem suck Dusshasan’s blood and Draupadi wash her hair with it. The beginning of this is the end of Duryodhan and your battle. When you kill Dusshasan, know for sure that your victory is just a day away! 
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