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Without Panchkumaras, you can’t succeed?

They are also called Panchakumaras and Upapandavas. We have already read in the earlier blog how they rescue Yuyudhan from Dron attacks. They are also called Upapandavas as they are born from Draupadi and the five Pandavas respectively. They greatly help the Pandava army win the battle. Their role doesn’t seem pronounced, but they are involved like a team and hence don’t come to the public notice. Their names are Prativindhya, Sutsoma, Shatanik, Shrutsena and Shrutkarma.

The Real Import
But, this is history. The five kumaras represent practical principles to battle your way to victory. Ved Vyas is amazingly profound and expressively simple in his approach. All we need to do is to apply our minds to the old shastras, puranas and upanishads to reach the highest practical principles. Practical is only that which is understood and practised and not that which is understood, wowed and forgotten. Therefore, being practical is not being smart and shrewd but being powerful and assertive of principles. So the five kumaras are the five mental and executive modes of responses to inner and outer situations.
He is the eldest son of the Pandavas and is born of Yudhisthir and Draupadi. Pratividhya has two Sanskrit words, prati and vidhya. They together mean the power to “counter a hawkish attack with a corresponding higher principle.” How is it developed? When your coiled up power (Draupadi) creatively engages with the principles, this power is born. Therefore, Prativindhya represents an executive principle which should be practised by all at the mental and physical levels. However, the ground of this dynamic response should be when the universal principles are challenged. The principles like, life is precious, truth prevails, Guru is great, God exists, Save a life, defeat the enemy, defeat negative ideas, etc. If an evil-minded person criticises your love for God, then you should counter  that person by assertively carrying on your love for God in words, action and intent. If  somebody robs you, then you should counter him fearlessly to assert your right to your thing instead of succumbing to fear. You will gain energy even if you lose that thing.  Therefore, Prativindhya is your neurological response to convey a principle and not a personal reaction. Think! Your memory may trap your yuyudhan (will to act). Prativindhya and his brothers can help its rescue.
Sutsoma is the son of Bheem and Draupadi. When your will power (Bheem) has a creative engagement with your coiled up power, Sutsoma is born. Sutsoma means the son of energy or the energy which carries out the will. What is that? It is buddhi —cannot be translated in English as it means intellect + perception+ knowledge  complex. Not just intellect, as they say in English. Therefore, the three faculties of yours should be the instrument of will rather than being the slave of memory (Dron). The outer attack weakens your intellect, perception and knowledge. Only by practising Sutsoma can you negate the memory trap within and without. Keep your three faculties aligned with will and you will never be defeated. He nearly killed Shakuni—the hawkish revenger. This power can counter the power of enemy revenge. Think!
He is the son of Nakul (water energy) and Draupadi (coiled up power). When the two combine, Shataanik is born. Shataanik means the one with 100 army men to defend.  It means when your power is creatively engaged with rasa tatva (harmones, degestive juices and whatever runs on water), your sensory energy is increased 100 times. This means your eyes will see 100 times more, your ears will hear 100 times more and so on and so forth. With this heightened energy levels, you can counteract any attack from within and without. You know the power of hormonal rush—it is simply indomitable. Therefore, a healthy body is required to execute your will. Think!
He is the son of Sahdeva (earth) and Draupadi (coiled up power). When the two meet, Shrutsena is born. Shrut means causal vibration and Sen, led by or carrier of that vibration. When your power creatively engages with your body complex, including everything, from the generative organ to the brain, the vibratory energy flows to every part and your body and its organs of actions are tuned to the executive mode. Without this flow of energy, you cannot combat the enemy within and without. Therefore, the power to keep the body fighting fit is Shrutsean.  An enemy punches you and your body digests the blow energy by its Shrutsena—live vribratory channels—and gets stronger than the enemy. From this principles have been born all the martial arts . Think!
He is the son of Arjuna (chitta) and Draupadi (coiled up power). He is the final execution of whatever happens in the brain, mind (senses) and the body. This is the power to deliver the overall response. This response is born when chitta is creatively engaged with the power. The power to execute principles (Prativindhya), the power to execute  will through perception, intellect and knowledge (Sutsoma), the power to execute sensory power (Shataanik), the power to execute bodily power (Shrutsena), all are executed by Shrutkarma. Shrut means the vibratory response and karma, the delivery of the stored up energies of the mind, the body and principles into action.
Takeaway: You will be successful only when you have developed the execution of the power of principles,  perception complex, sensory complex,  body complex through the power of 100% execution through action. Without Panchkumaras, you are just a failure!
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