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He and Yudhamanyu are your guardian angels

He is the brother of Yudhamanyu. He guards the right wheel of Arjuna’s chariot and Yudhamanyu guards the left one. Both work in coordination and challenge Dronacharya, Kripacharya and give Duryodhan a tough fight. Uttamaujas kills Duryodhan’s charioteer. But, in the counterattack, Duryodhana slays the charioteers and horses of Uttamaujas. He gets on to the chariot of his brother Yudhamanyu. Both escape towards Arjuna when they are chased by Duryodhan. At the beginning of the war, Bheeshma tells Duryodhan that both will enter the Kaurava army like fire and air and battle against them in great coordination
Both are slaughtered by Ashwatthama while they are asleep in the Pandava camp on the eighteenth night.
The Real Import
Uttamaujas and Yudhamanyu in Sanskrit mean rising nourishing moon energy and fiery energy  respectively. The former nourishes and protects through energisation and the latter through burning down. Uttamaujas protects the right wheel and Yudhmanyu the left wheel of Arjuna. It means they represent two energy wheels of the body (rath means body) by function and 
 positioning. They represent left and right energy channels called Ida and Pingala. However, which energy wheel do they represent? This is a complex process which has to be understood through a little scientific elaboration.
Energy wheels
Just imagine a vehicle with two wheels. One situated on each side.  Now remove the right wheel and see what happens. The vehicle makes the broken wheel axis as the pivot and circles around it from left to right—that is clockwise. Now remove the left wheel and see what happens. Yes, the vehicle moves around the left axis pivot from right to left—that is anti-clockwise. If both the wheels are on , the movement is forward or backward, whichever direction you push it into. That means the right wheel is the centre of the clockwise movement of the left wheel. Therefore, the right wheel is constantly making a clockwise energy wheel around itself —or making the left side move around it. The reverse is true for the left wheel to. That means the right wheel is the centre of the left wheel and left wheel is the centre of the right. Both of them have a reverse area of command.  Uttamaujas is the right wheel pivot and controls the left side and Yudhamanyu , the other way. Uttamaujas is, in fact the clockwise energy wheel and represents the right hemisphere and controls the left side. The same applies to Yudhamanyu. Uttamaujas, therefore, is the nourishing energy wheel and Yudhamanyu, the fiery, burning down energy wheel, according to the yogashastra.
Ida vaame cha vigyeya pingala dakshiney smrita I
Idanadee sthita vaame tato vyasta cha pingala II
It means Ida stays in the left side of the body and Pingala in the right. But, both make an opposing energy circles (vyasta)—anti-clockwise and clockwise respectively.
Bheeshma says both will battle against the Kauravas like the fire and the air powers. Fire is tejah. Air has ojas. Now you can make out which is which energy circle.
Duryodhan’s fight back
Uttamauajas, the nourishing energy wheel, kills the charioteer of Mr Lust-anger. That means it takes away the driving forces of lust. But, there is a counterattack, Mr Lust-anger strikes back and kills the driving force of the nourishing energy. Now the Uttamaujas climbs on Yudhamnyu rath and both escape seeing lust chase them. This represents a spiritual event. Lust’s attack makes both energies first become one and then escape to will power (Arjuna) by Sushmna rath—- This is the third energy channel, which is entered when both the energies are fully balanced ( being on the same chariot, have the same direction—upward). In Shiva Samhita, there is a detailed description of the three energy routes. Both the energies work in great coordination. This refers to the pranayam (the breath discipline), which finally removes the characteristic differential between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and make them a seat of the Universal Energy.
Ashwatthama, the killer
Ashwatthama, the energy system, kills the two at the end of the battle while they were sleeping with other Pandavas in the camp. After that, Ashwatthama becomes an immortal. Now these are two important bio-spiritual events happening simultaneously. When the brain (the two hemispheres) loses their physical relevance. The energy springs forth as the rising radiance in its place.  That is the significance of the killing of the two. Now the physical remains of the two ( physical brain) is cremated with the dead Pandavas and the Kaurvas. This cremation signifies only one thing—that the relevance of the physicality (the senses of perception and the senses of actions) are dead in the great spiritual battle and what remains then is a pure infinite energy!
Takeaway : We all have two protectors—Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas. They are as close to us as is hour life’s breath. So why fear? They will stay till you evolve into the Existent  Reality—the Universal Energy—God, Bhagwan or Parama
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