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A good read is always loved by readers across the globe and Beejankuri: The Seed of Bhagwad Gita is not only an enriching read but also an all-inclusive experience. One can't simply ask for more than what this  book has to offer.  You can't put it down once you begin to read it. This text has a way of its own. It gets easily absorbed into the body- mind system of the reader and he/she begins to manifest it to some degrees. One feels strong and resolved as one finds many  queries answered to with simplicity and exactitude. The text can be called a prescription for the present generation. It breaks age-old frames and myths and makes you realise your real self,  the real you. Beejankuri is a guide to life for all. She is thunderous.She is wonderful. She is like an arrow hitting the target.

Bhavini Dubey








At KrishnaTarangam, we  learnt about the very basis of existence and felt the rise of our real self. The book written by Vivek Sharma Sir, Beejankuri: The Seed of Bhagwad Gita, reveals the science behind the shlokas spoken by Lord Krishna. Beejankuri has helped us  know and gain real insight into life in many ways. A session at Krishna Tarangam  was a life transforming experience. I positively felt the shift in myself after that. Gita as such is a vast infinite ocean of knowledge but this book has made it easier to grasp. The explanation of each of the seeds is so crisp and yet it leaves you to think and thus makes you understand what was wrong in one's thinking and thus improves you as a person and makes you feel full of positive energy and thus improves you as whole. Although it is very difficult to pick up a favourite chapter as the chapters are so beautifully interwoven with each other that it is not possible to separate one chapter from another but still if I need to choose I would choose chapter 5 and chapter 6. I being a neurosurgeon feel more  connected to the anatomy of the subject and the relationship the book talks about between the heart and the brain and the concept of heart having a brain is so fascinating and so eloquently explained and then merged with  Gita is just amazing..










Beejankuri: The Seed of Bhagwad Gita is written by Vivek Sharma . In it are given 18 seed shlokas which gives the essence of the whole chapter. The principles revealed in the book are scientific and applicable in our daily lives thus making our lives easier to live.

This book has tremendously changed my life since I started reading and following its principles. I feel closer to my inner self and resolved outside. It gives us the natural hierarchy of our body-mind system. The violation of this hierarchy brings about indiscipline, inactivity, failures, depression, stress etc.We are taught in our Gita sessions the ways to bring back this hierarchy to its original line of order thus overcoming many obstacles.  It helps one deal with various mental problems like depression, anxiety, ego, anger etc. which are a common factor in this fast growing world.

I wish that all people following any religion should start leaving their ego behind and enjoy true essence of Beejankuri.

Fiza Ibrahim.






The book is an excellent read not only because it gives a different perspective about Gita but also because it gives you a new perspective never ventured before. I call it the-- positive way. The beauty of the book is in the fact that it explains spirituality scientifically  thus it would be more appealing to the younger generation. The book moves from one chapter to another or from one point to another in a very smooth way without losing its continuity for even once that is why I believe it is a good read. The concept of Krishna as Intelligent Energy was refreshing one and made understanding the principles in the book more enjoyable.

Dr. Anant Mehrotra 










Bhagwad Gita contains an important message for us which is that--the inside and outside are the same. Beejankuri: The Seed of Bhagwad Gita has brought out the seeds, upon understanding which Gita would become easier to understand and its true scientific nature will come in front of the world . The book has proven to be useful to me because I have got a better insight into overcoming the obstacles that I face daily. Nowadays, youngsters need a scientific explanation for everything, even for God realisation. I recommend this book to every youngster, so that they can understand spirituality as the highest kind of science. ‘Spirituality does not take you away from the material world since the principles in both are the same’—this is another lesson worth understanding from the book. This book does not create any conflict regarding materialism and spirituality rather it bridges the gap between the two. The chapter 12 of the book Beejankuri is my favorite along with the principle of “saha may priya”.

Sanjay Joshi







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