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Mantram:Vibration of Energy!

Mantram works, but not for those who suppress truth!

By Vivek Sharma 

Can recitation of a mantram change things? This has been a recurrent query of many people. Today I think they need to know that what really is a mantram and what it is intended to do.
First, we must clear the basics. Whatever we face is our own karma making a  neuro-cinematic projection as a situation. What is a mantram? It is an idea with a vibration of energy—together they are called the principle.  If you are facing something nasty, it will not change that but it will change you first. If you change then gradually you may find the idea working for you. But, when you are not receptive to change such ideas will not work. I repeat will not work at all. In fact, if you are too arrogant and your mind is full of negative ideas then any such mantram shall first cleanse you. If you are a hardcore negativist and arrogant then the mantram shall work against you—meaning thereby that the energy of the idea shall first kill the negativity within you. But, if you are too much attached to negative ideas then you may find demolition of your mindset first, which may be very painful too, as it will be like a tsunami in your life which you can barely survive with the boat of your negative mind. 
Mantram:Vibration of Energy 
There are certain declared ideas called mantras which are popularly used by individuals for self-growth and counter/escape from a situation. They are the Gayatri mantram and the mahamrityunjay mantram.  Let us understand the scientific basis of such ideas. All such mantras are just ideas which are based on a certain eternal principle. That principle carries its corresponding energy. It is the same way as your local laws have the power to detain, punish or save you. These ideas were conceived and realised by certain evolved minds, called the rishis. therefore, every mantram that you find in the Vedas has a rishi, the perceiver. Now this is where the principle and the personality come into play. The principle is purely a dynamic energy enforcing a certain situation. The person is the manifestor of this energy and hence the intended situation. However, every principle has certain conditions to be fulfilled. It is like you cannot enter the ICU without proper sanitisation. You may enter the ICU as a sick person, but then you shall be cured first in there and then your situation may change. But, if the level of toxins in your body is high, the cure and the care within the ICU may not work for you. You may have to leave the body in the wake instead as the final cure. In fact, relieving you of your body is the only cure in this condition. Almost the same way, you shall have to fulfil certain conditions to use these principles and change your situation. The basic and common conditions are honesty, sincerity and realisation of your negativities. If you rectify such conditions, you may benefit from the rishi’s idea. Otherwise, it will first forcefully make you honest, sincere and atone for your wrongs. You may not be able to digest the changes within you. Or you may if you decide to change accordingly.
The condition, according to Brahmarishi Vishwamitra, wherein none of the rishis’ idea shall work for you if you have ever suppressed the truth or the truthful in your life. The Brahmarishi says that this one act is enough to disqualify you from using the rishi’s idea. That is called shap of the rishi, says Brahmarishi Vishwamitra. It is like Parashuram cursing Karna, who stole knowledge from the former, as he would forget it when he needed it the most. Look at the condition of Karna thereafter—how he faced humiliation, how his arrogance didn’t die down, how he rebelled against Krishna.… The result was that he had to be killed by a person Arjuna, who was less skilled and powerful than Karna. 
Never use such ideas or mantras even if a pandit suggests you to do it. Because, the principle shall not change—it will enforce on you first and then change your situation if you digest the changes within you, you may find some changes though. But if you have suppressed the truth and the truthful, you shall have to pay heavily along with the pandit or a person who suggested it. All such ideas are spiritual principles and hence they first work you towards your spiritual growth. Your show-off spirituality is not going to change things either. Hypocrisy is a big risk. 
I give you the basic principle behind mahamrityunjay mantram. The prayer says ‘Relieve me from death as gently and naturally as a fruit is separated from its vine when it ripens.’  The principle says ripen and separate from your body. The body dies, not the energy. When you move from the body to your energy, you get stronger and stronger and energised ( pushti vardhanam), but this should not weaken the bond between the body and me (sugandhim vardhanam). So, body and spirit need to have a good energy bond, as good as the bond between the vine and its fruit. The fruit ripens and is naturally separated. The same way may I separate from the body naturally. This means the body has to go when it has matured. You can’t hold it longer. Basically, it will ease the process of leaving the body. It is not going to save you from death. But, if you fulfil the conditions, you shall not have a weak body ever and shall leave it when it matures. The idea reveals the hidden process of energisation of the body-mind system, but with a condition. If you have suppressed the truth, it will not work even if a Brahma recommends it for you! Therefore, I always say remain honest, sincere and truthful. If you have grown up this way, such ideas shall work wonders for you. Generally, the negative ideas or thoughts you hold within work on yourself and your associations. Your negative emotions are affecting you and your associations this way like a mantram.  When your inner core is really changed, the idea of the rishi shall work for you and your associations. So think whether you fulfil the basic conditions? The mantram is a vibrating, live and dynamic cosmic principle. It is not a positive idea against a negative idea. It is energy beyond all polarisations which works when all conditions are fulfilled. 


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