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Don’t despise Bharatiya science as a cult of superstitions
By Vivek Sharma

The mindset which has so far watched higher science of Bharat through western goggles and rejected it all as a ‘cult steeped in superstition’ must go and perceptive minds should come.
Nature is planning everything like this, if you closely observe the subtle changes all around the earth, societies and systems natural and manmade.
The highest scientific principle that has been brought amongst us by the Indian rishis has been of yagya. But, unfortunately we only see the physical action—pouring of ghee into fire—as yagya. 
However, yagya is a deeper science of transformation of energy from one form into another.   You can understand the basics by simple examples. Do you eat wheat, rice, grains, vegetables, chicken, goat, fish etc? Now analyse what you are eating in principle is the earth in various forms. The food you eat converts into your muscles, bones and intellect. Basically,  you are converting the earth into your physical bodies. What a sophisticated processing unit you have as your body system! Now all animals and trees and non-living things use this system of conversion called —yagya. This is going on in the sun, by the sun, in the moon, by the moon, in the universe, by the universe, everywhere it is happening. 
Intelligent humans, apes, crocodiles, fish, snakes, elephants, dogs….all are using this system to convert the earth into themselves. 
So, how very smart you are. You are converting the dust into your body and then your body converts back into the dust. The circuit completes. That is the science of yagya.
A Yogi’s Way
yogi is a bit different human being as he has learnt the science thoroughly and is expert at using it at will. I am talking about real yogis and not just those who perform postures and prepare themselves for higher yagya. To understand the higher yagya, we will have to understand and resolve the five elements into their basic format. The earth means water, fire, air and space. Can you see water without an earth (understand earth as a planet, as a cosmic body)?No. Even the sun has earth, water, fire, air and space, all. We get light because the water is fragmented into its nuclear elements, which radiate all over as the sunlight. Just to understand that the most basic and gross element is the earth. Without the earth, any form of  water, fire, air and space are not possible. We can say, from one angle, that the earth converts into water. The water converts into fire. The fire converts into the air. The air converts into the space.The space is all over—the earth is hanging in it and it is passing through every state of the earth too. You will have to understand all this to understand how Yogis are practising scientists and not experimental ones. We have already learnt that we convert the earth into the body through food. We use water, fire and air too and convert them into our bodies. But, that is not that pronounced.
A yogi knows the science of yagya and converts any form of the earth into energy. He can convert the air, the fire, the water or even the space into energy. He can use them as his medium of expression, communication and transportation too. Don’t disbelieve it! We already are using the earth, the water, the fire, the air and the space to some extent as the medium of communication and transportation. But, that is at a very gross level. We have made use of the yagya —converting a form of energy into another — for these purposes. It is as if the baby is coming to know his potential through toys. Yogis use the science of yagya to a subtler and higher extent. So when Hanumanji jumps across the ocean and gobbles up the sun, don’t call it superstition. Just because you don’t know the science, you think it doesn’t exist, it is not possible. So when Mahavatar Baba converts himself into energy, disappears at one place and appears at different, don’t be amazed. Don’t call it superstition! So when Swami Vivekananda lifts up five feet in the air while meditating in a park abroad, don’t think they are supernatural powers. Just know that a yogi is an expert at the science of yagya
Bhasmasura Vs Yagya
So when Vishnu turns Himself into a beautiful lady to charm Bhasmasura, who is after his boon-giver Shiva to kill him, don’t call it a story and ask how can Shiva run away from a demon? He is Mahadeva. Again you got it all wrong. Shiva represents the principle of dissolution, reordering, resetting the universal order. Bhasmasura means an earth-bound life principle, who seeks boons from Shiva and then seeks to upset the world order. Shiva is not running anywhere. Shiva as the principle is right there. The principle ( or person)  of dissolution converts itself into the principle (person) of maintenance and charms Bhasmasura to kill himself. That is what is happening all around. Man (Bhasmasura) is out to devour everything, the water, the air, the living beings and seeks to upset the order of Shiva. The principle converts into the charming principle of Vishnu (maintenance) and removes the Bhasmasura by his own action in his own mad dance of upsetting the world. 
All the principles used there are called the yagya .Like a Bhasmasura, man is converting energy into an upsetting principle and the upsetting principle is devouring man in turn. COVID-19 is the latest example.

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