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No. 324 + 1 holds key to UP politics now


I thank the readers of Rajneeti and  for their overwhelming response to the analysis which had projected Modi brigade’s victory in Uttar Pradesh at a time when all the so-called big newspaper analysts saw either Mayawati or Akhilesh-Rahul duo as a winning combination for obvious reasons. But what is magical about the victory is that the Bharatiya Janata Party won 325 out of 403  seats in Uttar Pradesh and 57 out of 70 in Uttarakhand, cornering the Duryodhans for at least 18 years, as long as the Mahabharata predictions go.

Pandits say the number reflects a deep Mahabharata principle. They read the number as “Modi’s ashwamedha yagya won 324 + 1 kingdoms unopposed.  The number 324 has a lot of significance. But, one MLA might be a little trouble and would be handled easily, the pandits say.  I had discussed it in one of the blogs under the takeaway section that the multiple of 9 is the basis of the universal creation. They agree to it and say this is the reason why the Gita has 18 chapters, 18 akshauni armies fought the battle of the Mahabharata and the battle went on for 18 days. In fact, 324 is the 18th multiple of 18! This shows that the rule of the Modi brigade in Uttar Pradesh is going to be as significant as the Mahabharata battle was—-it will help Uttar Pradesh establish the rule of the law and trigger multiple growth factors all around. Even in Punjab, the Akali-BJP combine has 18 seats, that too signifies a major role for the two, especially the Modi brigade in bringing about growth and prosperity—directly or indirectly. Both Uttar Pradesh and Punjab will see  a major growth patterns and the credit will directly and indirectly go to Modi, as Punjab will prosper only through better cohesion between Modi and the right-minded politicians on the Congress side there. In Goa, Congress has the number  17, which pandits read as 18-1. It will show a reverse trend for the Congress as the universal time multiple is with the Modi brigade this time. The number 18 - 1 can favour only those on the right side of the battle and not those who represent the Duryodhan’s side. Minus 1 reflects one point which might drag the issue of forming a government against the BJP. However, it will all be in favour of the Modi team again. In the battle of the Mahabharata too, the Kauravas had lost as victory is where Krishna is, the pandits reason. In Uttarakhand too the same will happen. But, three MLAs might bring disrepute to the Modi mission sooner or later. They might face party action and after that Uttarakhand will rush ahead in the growth march, they say. I know many people will not digest it till they watch it happen. But, the Mahabharata math predicts so. However, pandits reiterate:”the Punjab government will  have to participate in Modi’s growth mission, or they will face a major crisis because despite   losing Punjab the BJP (minus Akali) will play a major role in the revival of the state.” In Manipur too the multiple of 18 can play its role.
A word for journalists
They have a word for  the journalists too. They say that true journalism will revive within three months. It is bad spell for corporate journalists, especially in Uttar Pradesh, and add, the journalists will have to let go the Duryodhan in them if they want to survive in the profession, which will imperceptibly undergo a change for the better. The goal of a journalist should, therefore, be fair and unflavoured communication of events. Now people want a lot of positive journalism. In three months from now, those who believe in corporate journalism will lose relevance. Some will have a strong-headed view of the impending development and pursue the same old tactics to survive. But, strangely they will find that their claimed affinity with top ruling party leaders has boomeranged. The best way forward is to accept that the game is over. Every body has a time. Body finally undergoes a change and eventually dies. This is the most basic natural law, which is going to have its impact on all kinds of lobbyism and groupism. All  selfish, self-centred and hot-headed bodies are set to see a demolition drive now on, especially in Uttar Pradesh. This is what the number 324 predicts, as per the pandits.
Chief minister, who?
There are many names as far as political analysts are  concerned. However, pandits say that the Mahabharata math suggests that Uttar Pradesh will have a surprise person as the chief minister. He/she may be a surprise, but that person will prove to be a boon for the state in terms of becoming a driving force for growth and a better law and order. There are  strong indications for a woman chief minister in the first or second go. However, who she will be is a question. The indications are that the person who holds the UP reigns  will be an ardent follower of Modi. The ratio of male and female  chief minister is 2:3 or 3:4. Probability favours a female chief minister. But, if other dynamics (time and space factors while the decision change) come into play, then a male chief minister too can come for some time, which may later be replaced by a female one. Let’s see, how far the Mahabharata wisdom proves right.  
Vivek Sharma

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