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CAA khilafat exposes khalifas

Govt to put Jinnah back into the bottle!
By Vivek Sharma

 Hatred in the heart, tiranga in one hand, brick bats in the another, Jinnah wali Azadi on tongue and the Devil in the mind. This is how the Congress, urban naxals and  Khilafat Jamaat are responding to the Citizenship Amendment Act.
Parliament is nothing but representation of citizens, according to the constitution. Any bill passed with two-third majority in both the houses , therefore, represents the will of the people and should be respected as a constitutional verdict by the people. You can't oppose it with brickbats, setting public property on fire, jamming roads to public inconvenience, derailing education schedules in universities, peddling lies and refusing to listen to sane voices. If you have something against to say, say it with facts, but don't mislead masses by planting baseless fears in their minds. Definitely, your opposition to the Bill was defeated on the floor of the house. Ideally, you can move the Supreme Court if you find the Act unconstitutional now. But, again, the Supreme Court will only evaluate it on one scale—whether it is against the spirit of the constitution. The hate gang knows it full well that even the Supreme Court would not annul this act. In fact, the Supreme Court had asked Parliament in its earlier order that National Register of Citizens should also be implemented throughout the country. 
Now going against the Act on the streets is unconstitutional. Isn’t it? In fact, the gang’s 
 acts of violence and fomenting trouble on a few campuses is only testimony to the fact that it is not able to digest its defeat on the floor of the house and in the hustings, despite unconditional support from the Arundhatis and Aiyyars.
Show of support
Everyday, this Khilafat brigade is exposing itself. It is playing for our enemy countries. Owaisi’s million rally is nothing but a show of support, which is nothing but an effort to tell his political bete noir Narendra Modi that he too has got a support. This is not only kiddish, but also a proof of identity crisis this brigade is suffering post defeat on the floor and the Supreme Court order in favour of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Instead of resorting to positive politics, this brigade is just frustrated, knows not what to do next and has really lost it all. By violence, now flying tricolour  and carrying placards of Gandhi and Bheem cannot hide your purely egoistic-khilafat mindset. In fact, the Modi government, like a pied piper, called all the hiding fat mouses out in a row. Now they are out in the public view. Everybody is recognising them.
What next ?
The  Khilafat brigade’s secret agenda to have Islamic rule on Bharat is out in the open too. The Maulanas who used to talk of amity, harmony and peace are now angrily venting their venom in public, threatening that they are much more than 35 crore and are enough to handle the Hindus. This attitude sets the pace for the next six months or so. If they do something, they are bound to face its repercussions. If they raise such issues, don’t expect the law enforcing agencies to act friendly then. Because, their hidden agenda is out in the public. Now will start more troubles for this Khilafat brigade. They will either hide away or run away from the country. Because, they cannot call their religious bluff again to make nasty plans up your sleeves a reality. The good thing is that this is all out now. 
The government will act tough and legally wisely against the brigade. The  cobra’s hood is in the government’s hand. It cannot wriggle out of it now. 
Campuses will witness ruthless law-enforcement this week. This government has zero tolerance for anti-national activities. Good thing is that they now clearly know who all are behind disturbances within the country. Right from the Bollywood to politics to students through out the country, the government of the day knows the brains and is all set to nail them one by one.  In this regard, agitations and violence have been a blessing in disguise for the right-minded citizens.
 NRC and NPR
They both will happen. First, all the state governments will have no option but to enforce the CAA. They are constitutionally bound to do so. Again NRC will only map out the non-citizens and take legal action against them. The citizens of India, whatever their religion be, will not have any troubles regarding this. It is time to side with the right and distance from the wrong. No amount of raking up the muck against the government will work now. The government is all set to put the Jinnah back into the bottle and lose it too!

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