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Why is there so much conflict between Islam and Hinduism?

Sabir Ali, Hyderabad, IT manager.
Sabir, first, know that there is no religion like Hinduism. Second, there is no dispute in Islam and the Sanatan dharm. Yes, there is difference in perception of their followers. 
Because, in majority of cases, it has been found that when the followers of any religious system don’t apply their minds to the written word or don’t make enough efforts to understand them, they merely become the carriers of others’ distorted perception. This distorted perception is the seed of all conflicts which you see outside. Therefore, every religious order will have to resolve the dispute within their bodies first and make all-out efforts to live the word rather than carrying it like a package of load. Why can’t people reason that when God, Allah and Christ has a unity vision than why should their followers have divisive vision? That means the problem is with the followers and not their religion. As far as Islam vs Sanatan Dharm is concerned, we will have to understand that karmic law works its way out. If you suppress somebody today, you will be suppressed tomorrow. Your first reaction during the suppressive fallout will be aggressive—you will try to rebel and re-impose yourself, as is the case with the extreme Islamic groups. This is what we can see all around. But, what after that? Natural laws will begin to work against the suppresser. There will be many who will see this natural reaction as the handiwork of a group or a community. But, it is not so. Always have the right perception and believe in the karmic law. It is universal. Because, when God is one, you have to reason this way. What Allah says in the Quran, Krishna says in the Gita. There is no difference between Krishna and Allah. Therefore, accept the fact that Allah is speaking in the Gita and Krishna in the Quran. The moment you have this vision, you will be emphasising the unity of God and be on the right path.
Krishna says in the Gita, Chapter 3, Shlok 23, “People follow My path by all means everywhere.” That means all religions are everyway His paths—so don’t say mine is better and yours is not. Accept that the word has come from the One source and respect it. But, if don’t then you are disrespecting Him alone. 
Likewise, in Quran, Sura Ankaboot, Ayat 46, Allah says, “Don’t dispute…just say we believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you. And our God and your God is one; and we are Muslims [in submission] to Him.” Allah is clearly saying that God is one and every word in all the books of religions is right. So, respect all.
But, the seed of perceptional fallacy is distorted interpretation. Distortion leads to wrong perceptions and wrong perceptions reflect as conflicts within and then conflicts without.
Therefore, it is the duty of all the people of different religions to resolve the conflicts within and align all interpretations along the line of Unity thought—because God is One. He cannot say opposing things to different people. If He does then He is not God— He is something else. This firm discrimination has to be practised by all and you will breathe in the fresh air of Unity.--VS





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