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Youth taking to adulteration, drug abuse in the name of Shiva?

Question by: Bhavini Dubey, Student, Lucknow

This is not just a mistaken concept among today’s youth. It has been here even among sadhus and foreigners from the time immemorial . Their entire premise is based on a legend that Shiva took bhaang and dhatura and established tantras (systems of sadhanas, some of them involving sexual union with women) to attain certain powers!
Well, none of them can really describe why Shiva took bhaang and dhatura—do drugs really give you a spiritual high? Ha ha ha and all this on a legend! This is unbelievable. They imitate Shiva, without even having 0.00000000000000000000000001/10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 % of His spiritual dimension. Result: They end up in mental asylums or rehab centres or hospitals for treatment of various diseases. 
So my request to such dynamic youths will be not to spread drug abuse and promiscuity in the name of Shiva. That is bad. Youcan’t even handle the consequences of your actions. Stop reading books which suggest spiritual highs through drugs. Don’t associate with the people who claim to have gained powers through certain tantra sadhanas. They even don’t know what the science of tantra is. Spirituality is not about powers, it is about love for God and feeling the presence of God. I can only suggest such youths that they rather imitate Shiva’s purity, simplicity and infinite brilliance and try to seek His grace to realise Shivahood instead of foolishly imitating Him. I assure you with my little capacity that if Shiva touches you ever, you will be dissolved into Him. So don’t promote nonsense in His name. All that talk of attaining samadhi through drugs is crap. You can’t even reach sa of Maa’s dhi (Mother’s intelligence).  Take it as my warning and a friendly suggestion. Shiva is watching you, my friend! Never tread the path, you know nothing about. Read the Gita and discipline your life first. Look at yourself! How egoistic you have become. Your body has developed many ailments. You pose yourself as strong. But, you are mighty weak. Money can’t buy Shiva.  Be warned! Krishna says in the Gita chapter 10, Rudranaam Shankaraschaasmi, I am the discipliner among the rudras—the principles of disciplines! He disciplines as a Shankara, not promotes drug abuse! So thank yourself that you have not faced a Shankar yet!--VS


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Very true

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