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God Talks with Arjuna: The Bhagavad Gita (Set of 2 Volumes) is a beautiful in- depth commentary on the Bhagwad Gita by Sri Paramhamsa Yogananda. If you are a yogi or a Sadhak, then the book is a good guide for you.All your curiosities regarding chakras, five elements and how the brain and nervous systems work are fully answered here.Paramhamsa Yogananda has been well-known realised yogi of India, who made Kriya yoga systematic and brought it within the reach of the common people. He shot to fame by his legendary work Autobiography of A Yogi, wherein he honestly discusses his spiritual experiences and his journey for yogic quest and that how since childhood he had been destined to be what he became.
It is said that he communicated with Maharishi Ved Vyas before penning down his work. The only idea in his mind was to bring out a purely yogic commentary on the Gita, which he successfully did and became a legendary first to carry out such a lofty work.
He writes in the commentary of chapter 1," In preparing the interpretation of the holy Bhagwad Gita, my intent and prayer is to awaken new hearts and minds to the  physical, mental and spiritual blessings available through right knowledge and application of the yoga science, and to encourage and hasten the progress of those devotees who are steadfast...."
Sri Paramhamsa's admittance is enough to tell the world that his mission is purely spiritual in the right sense of the term, which does include scientific, psychological and physical aspects of life. The  missionary zeal with which he has written the commentary is simply amazing.
He has quoted Biblical references now and then to highlight the universal appeal of the message of the Gita.
One quote of his is enough to prove his universal and secular approach to the subject. He writes, " The yogi, peering with closed eyes into the dark invisibility within, finally finds these six subtle astral booths--the coccygeal, sacral, lumber, dorsal, cervical and the combined medullary and Christ centres, situated in the spinal column, and at the base of the brain and the point between the eyebrows."
Suffice to write that his commentary is a great help for advanced spiritual seekers and beginners both. The latter, at least, can form an idea about what the science of spirituality is all about. A must-read for sincere spiritual seekers and curious searchers of yogic science.

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