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Graha and Upgraha

Planets that affect you are within you, not outside!

By Vivek Sharma
Shivangi Sharma asked me to answer a ticklish question which she says is topmost on every youngster’s mind. That is -what are grahas, the planets that affect you and make you dance to their tune? 
 I thought I would keep it a secret till a genuine query arises. Because, the truth may upset many businesses and trades being run in the name of astrology and drag everybody down on the ground of karma, where you have to work it out the Gita way, no shortcuts, no temporary reliefs.
Let me make it clear that whatever I reveal here only establishes astrology as an inner science of spiritual release  and it has nothing to do with astronomical bodies like planets etc. 
The planets are a disciplined lot. They keep orbiting around their centre of sustenance or source of energy as duty and have no time to interfere with your life. 
Be very sure about it.
What is it then?
Grahas, according to Sanskrit language, are nothing but trapped energy within your system. They trap your energy in various emotional bodies which drive your body mind system through ego-memory channel. What is happening inside you is that these trapped energy bodies are running you here and there. But, all of them are finally linked with the centre of Intelligent Energy. Krishna says this Intelligent Energy makes use of these grahas, and make you project your situations outside. They directly impact your memory and ego. So, the situations that you face outside are nothing but projections or outer play of these grahas deep seated in your ego-memory set up. 
What happens?
When you face a negative situation, you should know that the negative energy trapped (graha or a certain emotional circuit) is projecting itself out. If you know the technique, to release that trapped energy and assimilate it with yours then you are out of the impact of a graha, the cause of your situation outside.
Grahas and planets
Even the cosmic bodies or planets are formed under the same principle. They are nothing but trapped energy circles moving around their centres and their own axes in an effort to release the low frequencied movement of Intelligent Energy. Therefore, the grahas inside affect you and not the ones shown outside. The only way out is to know how you can unleash energy trapped in a certain emotional body (graha) within you and make use of it for your and others’ benefit. This can only be possible if you practise spiritual sciences as scientifically detailed in the Bhagwad Gita. You may find me biased. But, let it be like that. If you have some other method to do it, please go ahead.
What really helps?
When an astrologer suggests a remedy according to his cerebration, he only gives you a tool to unleash the graha energy. Now, how many of them really know the science is a matter of serious concern. Rishis of the yore knew it fully and had devised simple tools to unleash the graha energy. But, now what astrologers do is only an imitation of what the rishis did without getting deeper into the science of it all.
So, my suggestion is that if you have practised a real science of spirituality, these grahas inside you will just open up and let  your energy off for good. 
  Stop worrying about planetary impact. Just identify the grahas, upagrahas and navagrahas within and work them out.

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