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The Govardhan principle is necessary for life
By Vivek Sharma

We are so stupid. We are so wise. These qualities only relate to human beings that we are. The wise are proved stupid and the stupid wise. In each case the transformation sparks the quest to know what we don’t and that quest is a thrust for human evolution, to Krishna-hood.
Had we known everything, we would have gone off the earth surface within no time. Because, then the purpose of living would have been ‘what else to know—staying here on earth is waste of time!’
But, there are a few who know everything, but choose to know that they know it at the right time. Till then they remain as if they don’t know a bit. Life happens because of such people—those who know and know not! It is like the honeybee comb. The honey is not on the surface though the honeycomb has it all inside. Only an outside knock in time, makes it ooze honey inside out from the knock hole, which the system partners (bees) wax up in time and there is no honey out again till the next knock. This is the beautiful way the Buddhas live on the earth—they know everything, yet wait for the knock to reveal what they know! 
So let’s know what Govardhan really means.
Govardhan: Great Science
Whatever the stories people have been telling you for ages about the Govardhan episode, Krishna lifting the Parvat on His pinky finger and saving the people from the wrath of the Indra.
We go through the story over and over again but fail to get into the science behind it. No problems. Let’s understand the episode today and become wise from stupid (no offence intended!).
Pinky finger represents the water element. Parvat, literally means the mass of land or time which has many divisions of measure. It simply means a piece of land which is fertile, full of trees, green pasture and a favourite place of cows, where they engage in reproductive process during their season—that means choose a land where all such factors are combined. 
Go means cows and their males and that is how Govardhan, a Sanskrit term, becomes important. Cow has been the centre of economic activities in Bharat. Every aspect of a cow contributes to economic wellbeing. Cows give milk, the milk produces ghritam—Ghri means energy of the sun. So ghritam of the cow is the source of solar energy too. Both milk and ghritam are good for health and economy. If you have ghritam, you don’t require anything else—it is so full of nutritions and so is the milk fit for human consumption and is like a mother’s milk. In the times of crises, you can survive on cow milk alone. Now comes the cow dung. It is used for making homes and produce fire. The fire is required to cook food and get warmth. You need it . Without food and shelter you cannot survive. Gaumritam (gau mootra) is a strong disinfectant. It is like a phenil you use nowadays, in fact much more powerful than it. You know how important it is to keep your home and colony clean and free from bacteria and viruses. You can also use male cows to plough the field, carry luggage and run oil mills….the core of being atmanirbhar. These are small activities which are the centre of human existence. 
So when there is a calamity, like ativrishti (excessive rain) or anavrishti (no rain, no grain), you can very well depend on the cows and sustain your economy and preserve life. Krishna’s Govardhan fete is a great revealer. He is keeping aloft a piece of land (loved by cowherd and villagers) on His pinky finger and saving the people from excessive rain and its dangerous fallout—-death, disease and destruction, both economic and personal. But, how? Krishna is telling the humanity that you can use the water force by channelising it the right way. How? water always flows from a higher level to the lower level.  The message is clear—keep your living and activity areas above the normal level of the ground. How? Parva-vat, as the mountains run from peaks to valleys but they remain in continuity with each other. Therefore, the science to keep the valleys connected with the peaks.  This is the natural way to channelise rain water. It will course down from the higher level to the lower level in the form of a stream.  The stream course should end in a huge collection area. You can store water and use it for irrigation and drinking. If you visit Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and even down south, you will find this being followed to some extent by villagers.  Every human settlement had huge rainwater collection centres with different channels—they either fed the existing rivers or irrigating canals. In all these arrangements, we are naturally using the water element to lift up our economies.
Two factors are important for the Govardhan principle to work perfectly and save life during natural calamities, even during a nuclear holocaust.
  1. Respect cows, make them the centre of human activity and build development around it. Because, cow is the centre of harmonic economic activity and a healthy lifestyle. Cow milk is like mother’s milk. Cow dung has qualities to ban bacteria and nuclear radiations, modern science has proved it all. Cow urine is a great purifier outside and inside.
  2. Use rain water by understanding its force dynamics fully. Water is the basic element required for life. And hence Krishna is shown lifting up Govardhan (a healthy centre of economy and lifestyle) on His pinky finger. The pinky finger represents the water element.
Why these diseases?
Now, I draw your attention to some basic health issues faced by the people today. Kidney problem, blood impurities, hormonal disbalance, drying up of eye, brain and ear fluids, loss of interest in life (can call it clinical depression)….All these happen due to suppression of the water element in and outside human settlements. Through water element alone can you revive yourself. Drinking more water is no option. Respecting water systems, water bodies and wisely using rain water for overall benefit can help us. Whatever is happening outside on the planet is happening within us. We are suffering from diseases caused by water impurities and deficiencies. Hormonal problems, kidney, stones, urination problems, all finally relate to the water flow in our bodies, which only represents what is happening outside. Therefore, the message of Govardhan is how you can lift your economy and life by intensifying activities in cow culture development and water channelisation on the planet. 
Don’t you still get it? Excessive rain is no curse. It is an opportunity to channelise excessive water for over all development. Nature is not stupid. But, we are. Admit it and try to know how to convert an excess or shortage in Nature by following Her simple life-giving principles. 

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Barbs of Wisdom

Writer and Critic

Dr Rita Gaur


अमलतास का पत्र मानव के नाम

 स्मृति वन

   जयपुर।(14 अगस्त 2020)

 हे मानव,

           सस्नेह वंदन।
                         मैं जानता हूँ कि ये पाती पाकर चौंक उठोगे तुम। तुम्हें आदत नहीं है न पत्र पढ़ने की, तुम्हारे संदेश तो अब मेल,ट्विटर,व्हाट्सएप और मैसेंजर पर आया-जाया करते हैं। यह जानते हुए भी मैं तुम्हें पत्र लिख रहा हूँ ताकि  तुम्हें जीवन और परिवेश के प्रति आत्मीयता के मायने समझा सकूँ, तुम्हारी संवेदनाओं को दिशा दे सकूँ और तुम तक पहुँचा सकूँ जंगल का दर्द, तुम्हें दिखा सकूँ तुम्हारी क्रूरता से क्षत- विक्षत, आहत मेरे वन-उपवन,मेरे पुष्प, मेरी लतिकाएँ।
अरे! इतनी अपरिचित दृष्टि से न देखो इस पत्र को। अजनबीपन का ये भाव हटादो अपनी आँखों से। मैं वही अमलतास हूँ, सड़क के किनारे स्मृति-वन के सामने उगा झूमर से झूलते पीले फूलों वाला अमलतास। अब भी नहीं पहचाना? कैसे पहचानोगे? तुम रोज़ अपनी कार का काला धुआँ छोड़कर जाते हो मुझपर लेकिन एक बार भी इन गुज़रे सालों में तुमने मुझपर आत्मीय दृष्टि नहीं डाली। जानते हो? जब गाड़ियों का रेला गुज़रता है न सड़क से, दम घुटता है मेरी पत्तियों का,मूर्छा- सी छाने लगती है उनपर।आखिर कितना अवशोषित करेंगी वे तुम्हारा ज़हर,जो दिनोंदिन बढ़ता ही जाता है। पत्तियों की मूर्च्छा का अर्थ जानते हो? इसका अर्थ है वृक्ष का धीरे-धीरे मृत्यु के निकट जाना। वृक्ष की मृत्यु का अर्थ तो समझते हो न तुम?
 नहीं, नहीं समझते  वर्ना हालात  इतने बदतर न होते। देखो, हम वृक्ष, हमारा समुदाय आधार हैं इस पारिस्थितिक(ecology) तंत्र के। हम में से हर एक पेड़ 24 घंटे में 55 -60 लीटर ऑक्सीजन उत्सर्जित करता है और हर एक मनुष्य को 24 घंटे में साँस लेने के लिए लगभग 550 लीटर ऑक्सीजन चाहिए यानी लगभग 10 पेड़,फिर भी तुम हमें खत्म करने पर तुले हो। हमारी पत्तियाँ कार्बनडाई ऑक्साइड और अन्य जहरीली गैसें सोखकर वातावरण में जीवनदायिनी ऑक्सीजन घोलती हैं, हम तुम्हारी प्रदूषण, मिट्टी के कटाव,बाढ़ और सूखा जैसी सभी समस्याओं के समाधान हैं।
हम तुम्हें शुद्ध हवा देते हैं साँस लेने के लिए ; पौष्टिक भोजन औरऔषधियाँ देते हैं स्वस्थ रहने के लिए ; अगर,चंदन,पुष्प,समिधा सब हमीं देते हैं पूजा के लिए। और तो और प्रेम के प्रतीक गुलाब जिन्हें तुम  बड़े प्यार से अपनी प्रेमिका को देते हो;बड़े फ़क्र से रोज़ डे और वेलेंटाइन डे मनाते हो,सब हमारे ही बलबूते पर न । सूखकर गिरी हमारी पत्तियाँ, हमारी टहनियाँ उस जमीन  को पोषित करती हैं,जिस पर तुम्हारी फ़सलें लहराती हैं और  जिन्हें देखकर तुम फूले नहीं समाते ।
सोचो, हमारी इस निःस्वार्थ सेवा के बदले, हमारी इस नेह की सौगात के बदले तुम हमें क्या देते हो? काला धुआँ? अवैध कटाई? न जाने कितने पशु-पक्षियों , जीव-जन्तुओं को बेआसरा करते हो। और हाँ, अभी तुमने पानीपत-हरिद्वार रोड पर गेहूँ के अवशेष जलाकर तो एक नई समस्या खड़ी करदी-हमारे लिए और खुद अपने लिए भी। जानते हो? ज़मीन में 1/2 फ़ीट तक उसे उर्वर बनाने वाले सूक्ष्म जीवाणु ही ख़त्म हो गए। आवासीय ज़रूरतों,उद्योगों,खनिज-दोहन के नाम पर तुम वर्षों से हमारी बलि चढ़ाते आ रहे हो।
इन दिनों कोरोना-काल में बिना कामकाज के घर पर बैठकर जैसी घुटन और निराशा अनुभव कर रहे हो न तुम, वैसी ही, ठीक वैसी ही घुटन होती है हमें, जब तुम  हमें साँस लेने के लिए काला धुँआ देते हो।और हाँ, सुनो, वो चौराहे के पार जो 5-6 पेड़ काटे न तुमने सड़क चौड़ी करने के नाम पर, उनपर आशियाँ था कितने ही पंछियों का। तुमने तो मुड़कर भी नहीं देखा लेकिन मैं देख रहा था- वृक्षों की खुदी जड़ों में अपने शिशु तलाश करती चिड़ियाँ, उनकी कटी शाखों से अपने ध्वस्त घोंसलों के तिनके बटोरती चिड़ियाँ।
अब बस भी करो।जागो। संवेदनशील बनो पर्यावरण के प्रति वर्ना सृष्टि का अंत निकट जानो। याद रखो-
हम तुम्हारी श्वास हैं,
हम तुम्हारा खाद्य हैं,
हम उन्मुक्त सौंदर्य हैं,
हम तुम्हारा जीवन-उल्लास हैं।
हम हैं तो तुम हो,
फिर तुम हो तो हम क्यों नहीं?
बोलो हम क्यों नहीं?
आशा है ये पत्र तुम्हारी सोई  आत्मा में हलचल मचा देगा, तुम्हें पर्यावरण के प्रति सजग कर देगा
 इति शुभम्।
तुम्हारा अपना ही,

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Dragon nailed! Just wait for its fall on Indian peaks
By Vivek Sharma

How to defeat China in its vicious war against economic giants and its over ambitious mission to monopolise the globe and all its resources? 
This is the question on every diplomat, patriot and thinking person’s mind. Isn’t it? 
This ‘how’ seems very difficult when we roll it over a frozen mindset. But, the moment we decide to think out of the box, the answer is simple and do-able.
What is that? Block China’s interest. How? Focus on the Pok. Implement the strategy to re-occupy PoK, while talking border issues out with China as we are doing right now. China will have no option but to recede from  its false positioning. Now, give it an economic blow, which India has already begun doing, without really declaring it. Exploit the post-covid-19 US-Japan-UK -Bharat front against China to isolate it globally, partially by strengthening the pro-democratic forces within its land—specially Taiwan, Hong Kong and the adjoining areas.
The Communists-led Chinese government cannot afford economic crisis, triggered by PoK—now China would have to talk to India for its trade road through it. Pakistan will be hit politically and economically further too, with Sindhis and Baloochis forcing their way on the Punjabi Pakistan, that is what shall be left of it by then. China will have no option but to find Pakistan too hot to handle. It will let it go. 
A few workable steps.

1.Dominate China diplomatically on Laddakh issue relentlessly.

2.Re-consolidate military presence there with ground and air forces ready-to-strike.

3.Make covid-hit nations put pressure against China. Japan will be a force to reckon with here.

4.Formally mobilise PoK plan, through diplomatic and UN channels. 

China is gone.
China’s Plan
Covid-19 has been China’s shrewd plan to carry further its interests. And it has succeeded to some extent in its game plan by bringing economic powers on the ground. But, it has failed to bring them down on their knees and that has what has left China desperate with most of its target nations training their guns on it. China had been in a rush to implement its Plan B—sell balm to the painful, sell treatment to the ailing it created. But, with majority of nations choosing to stand against it, China is left with no option but to fire off its Plan C—that is unleash “insurgent forces” cultivated by it in various countries to destabilise target nations and create a situation where the nation in question is forced to  engage with its own people, triggering a crisis of sorts, which will benefit China, so to say. Well, it has tried it against India by playing anti-Modi forces in and around Bharat during the covid-19 spread. Jamatees, silly Congress attacks and desperate Left’s nitpicking cannot be denied as China’s destablising bid to stop India in its tracks to becoming an economic giant. 
Muscle Flexing
The show of strength at Laddakh borders and Pakistan’s bid to make airbase and dig up tunnels in Pak-Occupied-Kashmir (PoK) can’t be seen in isolation. Popular Front of India, which is a destabliser, pampered by pro-Chinese forces, including radical Islamists, is nothing but a pawn in the game plan of China. It did its job during the Shaheen Bagh protests. But, smart handling by the Central govt and prompt arrests of the brains involved in it  neutralised the poison China and Pakistan had planned to destablise the Modi government with the covert help of the Congress. Even post-lockdown relief, the left-led forces are trying to re-start the protests. However, the police sniffed the plot out and foiled this attempt. 
Present Scenario
Now China is going to face stronger and stronger opposition through out the world. Unlike what people think, China is facing a lot of protest on its own land with pro-democratic forces gaining ground there. There , which is already facing the divide created by the growing pro-democratic forces on its homeland. But, I believe the counter has begun, which marks the end of China, which is also handling pro-democratic forces in its homeland. A weak economy means the defeat of the Maoists. 
Let’s wake up to the fact that its left arm  is nasty and full of evil designs. It has created a network of left forces which has three purposes as mission: (1) Enter the political process of democracies (2) Buy off bureaucrats (3) Enter industries, copy out technologies (4) Keep insurgents ready to disrupt peace by exploiting the local contentions. 
You don’t have to travel far to sift examples of it. You just have to see what Left forces, naxals and maoists are doing in India and who actually helped spread violence in the USA after a stubborn police officer kneed a civilian to death. This was a crazy incident, no doubt, and the perpetrators deserved severest punishment. They still do. But, who did white versus black and unleashed anti-social forces through out America?
It was Anti-Fascist Political Activist
movement that comprises autonomous activist groups that aim to achieve their political objectives through the use of direct action rather than through policy reform.
Individuals involved in the movement tend to hold anti-capitalist and anti-government views, and subscribe to a range of Left-wing ideologies. A majority of adherents are socialists, anarchists and communists, who describe themselves as revolutionaries. It is useless to think China out of it all. China has been part and parcel in antifa’s activities by pumping in money and sliding in violent plans.  President Trump’s statement that China stole America’s intellectual property should not be seen in isolation either. It directly links to the copycat industry of China which hit American and other developed nations by cheap-selling copies. This means China has been planning for long to damage the developed nations to make a place for itself and realise its mission to monopolise global resources.
The Dragon is as good as nailed by the Indian peaks. It is just scratching the stony mountains out of frustration.

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Beejankuri, A book for youngsters




A good read is always loved by readers across the globe and Beejankuri: The Seed of Bhagwad Gita is not only an enriching read but also an all-inclusive experience. One can't simply ask for more than what this  book has to offer.  You can't put it down once you begin to rea…

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Know why Ravan couldn’t touch Sita, the ideal of womanhood


What should women do to demolish the mindset that she is a physical opportunity for men? This is a relevant question which Bhavini Dubey  interviewed youngsters on for this week’s Youthexpress. Almost all the youngsters tried to resolve the issue their way. But, we need to understand the b…

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In Conversation With Vivek Sharma


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Happy Women's Week

Let's Celebrate Womanhood

Did you get Krishna’s message to womanhood?
Vivek Sharma

What is Krishna’s secret message to women? It is clear and open. But, ancient scholars couldn't see and publicise it and the commoners forced themselves to see cheap raas in Maharaas—which has been explained by many er…

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By Advaita

 Cat Me-owing and Maa coming

Meow! Meow! The sound was unmistakable. But, where was it coming from? I was clueless. There was no cat nearby. At least, I couldn’t see one.

Yet, the meowing continued. Clearly, it was a distress call. I craned my neck from my comfortable seat below a sac…

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By Advaita

An act of kindness

It was my daughter’s birthday. The summer was at its peak. One did not dare venture outdoors during the day, for love or for money. The evening was much more bearable, good enough to permit low-key celebrations. And there was the customary visit to a temple to mark the occasion…

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Lime chilli at doors, coconut on roads... Are totakas science Or superstition?

Question by:Umesh Gaur, DEE (C), Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 

 It is a very important question. There is a very thin line between science and superstition. It is as is the difference between the absolute and t…

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Why is there so much of disparity?
Question by: Sakshi Agarwal, Teacher

Sakshi, in one line it is due to the difference in our experiences. Potentially, we all are from the same source. But, all this differs due to the difference in our experiential assets.

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He is universal metabolic principle 


Maharishi Kashyap is perhaps the most popular of the Saptarishis as varying derivatives of his name are found across the globe. 

Right from Perisian’s kasaf to Kashaf Rud in Turkmenistan and Polish kacap to Kashmir, every variation more or…

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He is the principle of real martial arts!

Jamadagni is the father of famous Rishi warrior Parashuram—his youngest and obedient son, who never said no to his father’s command even if it meant killing his own mother. Exactly, this is what Parashuram did when commanded by his father while ot…

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Rise in energy = rise in intelligence

He is the youngest of the Saptarishis. He is like the fire which dispels darkness,  ignites intelligence and saves one from Intelligent Energy’s three umblical knots—knowledge (Sat), passion (Raj) and inertia (Tam).
How is knowle…

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Neutralise enemies within to keep the idea of India alive! 

The book is a real guide for the youngsters who want to have an unbiased idea about major challengers to the country within and their cross-border links to Pakistan and China.
Scary Portents: India Under Siege is available on Amazon…

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Must read

Take spiritual flight to Venus and Mars

Hercólubus or Red Planet, the book written by VM Rabolu and published by Alcione Association, is a treat for spiritual wonder seekers.  Good thing is you can get it for free by emailing to
Rabolu has written the book lying on a be…

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SANSKAR Read: Just keep yourself tuned to the old Indian thought by reading these books.



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Welcome to!

By Vivek Sharma

Are you a young inquisitive mind? The mind which wants to gain from the old Indian wisdom, but can’t as the Sanskrit terminology and skewed old interpretations make it real difficult for the modern mind to get their contemporary relevance. Be happy! You are at the right site

What is Krishna tarangam?

What is Krishna tarangam

The Gita is a vibration (tarangam) of the Creator (Krishna). Why have I named the Creator Krishna? Because, Krishna is not a person but a principle.





This site is excellent for youths, specially those who want to know the reality behind Indian thought.
It is a treat for students like me who want to know the reason behind the written words.
I tried to order the book through the payment method but it didn't work out. Kindly tell me which way can I get it. It is showing unavailable on Amazon. Thanks

Great site. This is true Hinduism. All science, no myths, all science. Congratulate KRishna Tarangam team for undertaking the noble cause.
Sumitra Maheshwari

भाग्य चक्रम् बहुत ही सटीक है। कैसे होता है इतना accurate. हर बार मन की परिस्मथिती व बाहर की परिस्थिति सही निकलती है। आपका उपाय बहुत उपयोगी है।
रतन लाल अग्रवाल

Unbelievable site. God bless the owners. It I not an ordinary work.
Swami Vimuktananda

It is really a matter of great praise that this site is so seriously carrying forward a thought revolution.
I never miss it. I feel empowered
Anil Chaturvedi

You are doing. Great work .

I really pity those who don’t follow the site . It is as it’s name suggests —-Tarangam.
Ramanuj Shastri

Rakesh Ji, we appreciate your suggestion and that you are our precious reader . We assure you that the features will resume shortly .
Vivek Sharma
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