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Let's Celebrate Womanhood

Did you get Krishna’s message to womanhood?
Vivek Sharma

What is Krishna’s secret message to women? It is clear and open. But, ancient scholars couldn't see and publicise it and the commoners forced themselves to see cheap raas in Maharaas—which has been explained by many erudite pundits as a spiritual event. 
Howeverpeople called Krishna natkhat rasiya (naughty flirt). That is alright. But, even women couldn't get the message is something strange. 
 Krishna, in reality, wanted women to quickly assume their natural dimensions in order to ensure a solid socio-spiritual background for a strong, evolved and resolved future generations. Maybe, the women during His time got the message fully but it got lost in the layers of traditions once again and what we have today is one half of our social fabric leading a spiritually suppressed life —of course, it is changing gradually with many distortions on the way. That is natural if you release the spring after pressing it for a long time. It is bound to bounce off and on sideways too!
The message 
If we closely go through the Bhagwad Gita and the Bhagwad Mahapurana, we will find Krishna teasing married gopis, dancing at night with them and in the morning taking out cows of his village for grazing with village boys. Breaking gopis’ matakis of milk, curd, butter and water with stones, entering their homes stealthily and eating all the butter away. 
Sometimes he would catch them bathing, rob them of their clothes, leaving them naked in the pond, pleading Him to return their garments so that they could go back home. 
We get thrilled and ecstatic at this routine of Kanha, but miss the message He gave to the entire womanhood. Meera Bai got it all through and through, I must say and I bow to her for enlightening me with the same today. 
Let’s understand the message
Woman has been an age-old riddle for 99% of humanity. She herself doesn’t know about her real potential and hence is living in chains of customs and traditions clasped upon her to keep her selfishly working for limited circles as is cow kept pegged to the ground, fed and pampered for milk and allowed greener pastures with a bell around her neck which means “return at dusk and feed men and family with her milk”. She is pegged to the ground again. As the cow has trained herself to return home at dusk, majority of women today lead this life. But, wherever she has tried to break away, she lost her family and found herself on the limitless desert alone, thirsty and dry. It is all because she has not got Krishna’s message. In fact, it may sound a little chivalrous and pompous if I say Krishna came for womanhood more than anybody else. But, I won’t mind it at all.
What can she do?
Krishna talks about women as Himself—power of death, power of life, power fame, power of wealth, power of speech, power of intellect, power of will and power to bear (ref to discourse 10, shloka 34). He says I am that power of death, life…among women. Radha in Her ecstasy called Herself Krishna and Krishna called Himself Radha. What does it mean? He equalised Himself with Radha—the power of womanhood, who evolved with the breath of His flute and assumed Her natural dimensions as ra (fire, energy) and dha (foundation, Intellect)—Intelligent Energy.
Did woman get the message?
Krishna would often break pitchers of water, milk, curd and butter with stones and disappear tugging His flute into the waist band. What does it mean? A pitcher is made of clay. It represents a container. It contains water, which represents the ego of beauty. Water element lends beauty to a person is the truth of yogic sciences. The message is clear break free from the cage of physical beauty and let your real beauty shine. As long as you have the ego of beauty (every woman has this overtly or covertly), you will consciously or unconsciously seek a beholder and get distracted. First free yourself from this cage (that doesn’t mean stop being beautiful. It means manifest your spiritual beauty). The moment you manifest spiritual beauty, you will have spiritual seekers. Because, you are power of keerti (loosely translated as fame). Keerti means radiance like the sun—multi-directional radiance. That is nothing but manifesting Krishna or Radha or Intelligent Energy. 
The same way, the pitcher of milk refers to the limited sphere of the sensory system. Milk nourishes you. Believe it or not, you get real nourishment through the sensory system alone at the finest level. When your sensory system grows weak, you grow old and eventually die. The pitcher of milk resembles that. When Krishna breaks it, you radiate Intelligent Energy through this system too. But, if you retain it, you will remain caged to the body, depending upon the 10 senses to feed you and nourish you with energy. Once this pitcher is broken, you will not be caged in the sensory dimensions and draw energy from Intelligent Energy.  The pitcher of curd is the mind sphere, which depends on the milk and has to be broken. Who can break it? Krishna, the one in your heart. The pitcher of butter represents intellect. The quality and amount of butter (refined energy) depends on the quantity and quality of the milk and so on. That means as long as your intellect depends on the memory inputs and is walled around by ego, it will only give you limited energy.  You need energy as you are a natural multi-tasker. Therefore, Krishna breaks the pitcher of butter too. He breaks them and hides away. Why? Because, the moment all these pitchers have been broken, you will only see Krishna as Intelligent Energy, one with you. Krishna did it deliberately. Gopis liked it and yet couldn’t let go Krishna’s form and often went to His mother (अदिति —the embodiment of oneness यशोधा also means the same यश has a root word अश, which means radiating and pervading everywhere as one . असुन, and युट् prefixing it means increasingly pervading or expanding). Therefore, यशोधा and अदिति only refer to Intelligent Energy’s oneness, where there are no two. But, complaining with the mother of Krishna means, assuming the duality and holding Krishna as a form with Intelligent principle.   This only shows that women can lead a natural, normal life even after getting their pitchers broken by the stone-pelter—Krishna! 
Cows for pasturing
Here Krishna gives the message to women that they can continue to remain pegged like cows to household duties. But, when I play the flute (inspire them), they should walk out of their limited confines like cows and enjoy the spiritual expanse through out the day doing all sorts of activities, grazing, relaxing, engaging in debates (locking horns), tending their kids, etc. Do everything but remain tuned to My flute music. At dusk, I will play the flute again. Gather up and walk in line back home, nourish the household and go to sleep. At night, I will play the flute again. Get up! Leave your husbands asleep on the bed and enjoy the spiritual dance with Me. It means if you remain tuned to Me, even the physical engagement with your husbands will become spiritual.  You will not separate from Me and enjoy it as a spiritual experience. Because I am everywhere, in every heart!
Clothes gone
Once you descend on the physical plane in the morning, you retain the memory of the sensual experience and its ownership as ego. This is natural. But, I, sitting atop the tree (your nervous system), play the flute again while you are naked in the pond of worldliness. Don’t worry! I will rob you of your clothes of memory and ego—means free you from the binds of experience and rejuvenate you. But, listen to My flute, My inspiration even half deep in the pond! Strangely! The message is clear. No woman has to give up her husband and home. Just remain turned to the flute of inspiration being played by Krishna in your heart. Don’t listen to anything when Krishna is playing, not even children, not husband, not mother father, none at all,  and enjoy the dance with Him while engaged in whatever works you are. 
What if Dusshasana…?
The world abounds in Dusshasana and Duryodhans. They will cast lusty eyes on you. But, you are safe after all your pitchers have been broken by Me. Now your ego and memory (clothes) will have My infinite Ego and Memory wrappings. Let Dusshasana try to strip you naked, but he cannot do it, because I am there as your clothing. He will tire out and die but would not be able to strip you naked. 
The message is clear. Once a woman listens to Krishna in the heart instead of others, she is saved by Krishna. Because she herself is Krishna—the power of death, the power of life, the power of fame, the power of wealth, the power of speech, the power of intellect, the power of will and the power to bear. Hurting such a woman is death. Praising such a woman is fame, wealth and all. 
This is not a story. But, a message by Krishna to women. Wake up! Listen to Me, follow Me and manifest Me! I am you already!  

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