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Universe and consciousness

We are universe, universe is consciousness! 
Vivek Sharma

Physicists and scientists the world over are now finding an interesting inter-connection between the universe and consciousness. They even find this consciousness beyond the brain.
Well, buck up! I can just tell them that they are on the right track to the destination, the final frontier, where Indian rishis have gone before.
Isn’t it amazing to know that what scientists are finding out daily is nothing but corroboration of what the rishis of the yore had established for sure. I am happy that the researches are now heading in the right direction after 
 initial foggy starts.
You are its
Edward Witten, theoretical physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, who is compared to Isaac Newton and Einstein, says, “I have a much easier time imagining how we understand the Big Bang than I have imagining how we can understand consciousness.”
What he means to say is that Big Bang can be understood and imagined as an event with a beginning and an end, so to say. However, consciousness is hard to comprehend as it is continuous and you are a made of it. What you are part of, you have difficulty in objectifying and hence understanding. This is what he is trying to say here. But, what he is indicating at is that consciousness is a continuity—it is rushing through everything created and uncreated, known or unknown, with form or without form. How can a drop in the sea know the sea? It can only know that it is the sea. Therefore, the universe that you see as the sky, the stars and the galaxies is nothing but made of the continuity called consciousness. You are that and hence being is important than knowing. And if you try to know it, you will end up being it!
The Upanishads and the Vedanta say that the Consciousness is unknowable as an object. But, it can be realised as the subject! The knower becomes the knowledge, because the knower himself is knowledge. Knowing consciousness takes you to becoming consciousness. That is why the Vedanta says: I am that, You are that! We all are that.
Krishna’s take
Krishna explains it in discourse 13 of the Bhagwad Gita. He says this consciousness is a continuous reality. It is undivided yet it appears to be divided. It sustains, dissolves and creates 
everything . It is knowable as continuity. (Shlok 16). It is inside and outside  of mobile and immobile creations. It is the farthest, the extent to which you can perceive and the nearest, the extent to which you can perceive. It can’t be known as an object (15).
Now what Krishna is stating here is what scientists are coming to terms with gradually. 
I have mentioned it in my book, Beejankuri: The Seed of Bhagwad Gita and the blogs that we are only continuity of the universe. The universe is nothing but consciousness. Consciousness is nothing but an undivided, unbroken, unaltered continuity of Intelligent Energy. I call it Intelligent Energy, as it is has a purpose and direction—it creates, it sustains and it dissolves. Whatever has a purpose and direction has to be intelligent. Look the beautiful life it has created, the planets, the stars, the galaxies…the multiverses, all have been created and shall be uncreated with a purpose by this continuity or consciousness. Continuity and consciousness are two identifying features of  Intelligent Energy. 
Whatever has been created is nothing but materialised form of energy, as if Intelligent Energy has made a low frequency loop in that form, without losing its continuity. It is not stuck there. These low frequency loops are called matter and forms. They are in the realm of time and space. Continuity isn’t it, because it is undivided, unbroken whole. Continuity alone can be explained as something without beginning and end. What we see, feel and live is its middle. That middle appears to be in the realm of time and space. It appears to be existing in dimensions. The knowledge of this is called conscious universe. They are two inseparable realities.  A shloka of Discourse nine says it all, where Krishna is calling Himself that continuity or Intelligent Energy (whose one feature is identified as consciousness), saying “This universe that you see from here to there is all My unseen continuity beyond the human dimensions. All that you see is existing in Me but I am not stuck in them at all—I am a continuous reality.”
That means what you see as the universe, from here to there, is nothing but that reality. Call it consciousness, Intelligent Energy or any names, the reality won’t change. 
Scientists infer the same
Stanford University’s Russian-American theoretical physicist Andrei Linde says, “It may turn out that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness will be inseparably linked and that ultimate progress in one will not be without progress in the other….It is possible that consciousness may exist by itself, even in the absence of matter, just like gravitational waves….The universe is consciousness itself. You are the universe, according to MD Deepak Chopra, an American-author and consciousness researcher and Chapman University physicist Means Kafatos. “The cosmos is thinking through you.Whatever you happen to be doing is a cosmic activity,” they say. 
That is what Krishna says this continuity is located in every centre of creation and it makes all act and move as does a horse rider sitting on a horse or a car driver manoeuvring the car (Discourse 18).
What scientists are referring to as consciousness today will be known to them as Intelligent Energy one day. In fact, they would one day conclude that Consciousness is not just a continuity, but it is making everything work or it is working through all. Whatever changes, moves and transforms is called energy. When it does it for a purpose, it is called Intelligent Energy. Consciousness is just one identifying feature of that Intelligent Energy.
Consciousness is objectified as the observer and the observed. But, these are two states of polarised consciousness, required to carry on the world. In fact, this alone explains the genesis of the relative world. Every religious book has tried to explain it one way or the other. Adam and Eve, Shraddha and Manu, Prakriti and Purush, Nar and Nari, male and female, sukh and dukh, hot and cold…. This polarity is called duality. It is called dwait, dwandva in Sanskrit. Unless this dwait or dwandva is resolved, you can’t plug into the continuity. In fact, this polarity itself corroborates the underlying continuity behind it! So believe it for sure that we are a continuity of the universe. Universe is nothing but consciousness. So we are continuity of consciousness.

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