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three dimensions of memory

Hop out of EM and be continuous with IE 
Vivek Sharma 

EM stands for ego and memory and IE for Intelligent Energy or Krishna, the Principle. Simple! Hop out of EM and walk along Krishna.
Knowledge is simple but we have made it so complex that we really lose track of it the moment it comes to using it in the practical world. And we respond not with wisdom but with pre-recorded reactions. 
Isn’t it jocular? I hope one day our scientists will uncover the simplicity of knowledge. By knowledge here I mean, the single principle, knowing which we know all. The single principle which is operating right from the cosmos to the amoeba.  That will be the time when human development becomes all inclusive. The question arises why we see complexities all around. It is because we have a storehouse of past experiences called memory. Its ownership is called ego. 
Mystery of Memory
All that we experience is recorded in the memory as shapes, sounds and feel. These are the basic three dimensions of the memory. The feel connects memory to the ego as its owner. Anatomically speaking there is a connection between the zone of memory and the zone of ego, in the brain stem. 
The shape is the basic structure of knowledge. Believe it or not, everything that we resolve into the feel is a shape. Its resolution is recorded as a sound. The sound is nothing but shabdShabd travels in the space. The space is within and without. 
Remember the three dimensions of the memory. It records experiences as shapes, sounds and feel. The shape is nothing but a modified vritta or sphere—mother of all shapes. We call it आकार in Sanskrit. If we analyse further, we shall find that आकार is nothing but an actively vibrating sound     …which resolves into अनुस्वार or ननननननन…. The feel is भाव।     ननननननन भाव…Since the sound ननननननन is maintained as an echo for some time, it gets coupled up with the cosmic sound of maintenance called उकार and it becomes नुकार। The feel is भाव, which technically means the continuance of something leading to a mental and emotional state (एकोति-भाव—continuity of the thread of existence through a succession of negation and verification). That means भाव is the filtered  energy which materialises into a state, a micro situation within. That means the shape, the sound and feel  link to a mental and emotional state. What a revelation? If we grammatically put the shape, the sound and the feel sequence together, we get the Sanskrit word अनुभाव— +नु+भाव. This means recorded sequence which indicates a mental and emotional state. Therefore, the memory is nothing but a sequence of pre-recorded micro mental and emotional states or situations. Whenever you face a situation outside, the memory makes a prototype of this state from the storehouse of shapes, sounds and feel and brings the brain-body into that state or that situation. In fact, the outside situation is nothing more than a triggering or reflecting screen on which the memory under the ego projects the prototype and creates a situation which has the power to trigger a particular emotional and mental state in the body mind system. Therefore, the situation is nothing but the projection of the micro situation within. 
Micro Situation
If you can demolish the prototype of a micro situation within, you will be able to change your situation. In fact, that can be possible when you get access to the memorilessness state, called consciousness. Consciousness is the state when all memory storage is dissolved into a cosmic continuity called Consciousness. The Indian rishis have indicated its centre is the region of the heart. I call it Intelligent Energy.  The state of memory is called भवसागर, the world, the relative sphere, which exists only in relation with you. भावसागर is the unified sea of consciousness  wherein have dissolved all the feel—means they have no particular shape, sound and feel then. You can call it super-consciousness, supreme consciousness or क्षीरसागर (That means an infinite ocean of extracted essence like the milk called दुग्ध). Extracted essence is called consciousness. This is what a shloka on the Bhagwad Gita says.
सर्वोपनिषदो गावो दोग्धा गोपालनन्दनः।
पार्थो वत्सः सुधीर्भोक्ता दुग्धं गीतामृतं महत्।।
One of the profound meanings of this shloka is “ All the Upanishads are the vibrations of creative energy and their extractor is Krishna. Arjuna is the pure intellect receiver and the extracted essence is the vibration eternal called Bhagwad Gita.”
Unified Field of Consciousness 
Bhagwad Gita is very clear about what philosophers around the world are unable to grasp. They won’t unless they evolve to the level of the rishis—the researcher and experiencer.
In shloka 15 and 16 of Discourse 13, Krishna says,
बहिरन्तश्च भूतानामचरं चरमेव च। And
अविभक्तं  भूतेषु विभक्तमिव  स्थितम्।
They mean the unified consciousness is a continuity which is outside and inside of all that has been created. It appears divided into many, but it, in fact, is an undivided continuity, unobstructed and unhampered by structures seen and unseen.

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