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Every religion throbs with Sanatan Principle ऊँ
By Vivek Sharma

Now this hate against Sanatan Idea should stop. We have carried this for long, experimented with hatred against it, humiliated it and failed. Now we are opposing it without reason despite modern science proving its factual basis every day.
Aren’t we carrying forward the poison injected by certain disruptive forces which challenged the idea with swords, muscles and fire? They burnt the sacred texts, killed the scholars, demolished the education institutions spreading them and drew students from all  over the world. 
But amazingly, nothing they could destroy. The idea has survived the tyranny of 1500-odd years and gushing back in like a tsunami. It is because suppression of  Eternal Principle returns in the suppression of the suppressor in an infinite magnitude. This is the cosmic law. This is the Sanatan law. What is Sanatan? Sanatan is universal, cosmic, fixed, unchangeable. Science proves that there is something everlasting behind the constantly changing universe. This is what is the basis of the Sanatan Principle. The Vedas, the Vedanta and the rest came as representations of that idea. They carry the idea, but they themselves are not that idea. They are forms, if we consider them mere books. The forms die but the Sanatan Idea survives. Why? Because, it is the mother of all ideas. It never dies. It is everlasting.  The book is like the body. The body dies, the Sanatan Idea in that survives. The matter, the form,  dies, but the Sanatan Idea, the energy, in the matter survives. Therefore, believe in the Sanatan Idea in the book and not in the book, as such. That is the worst kind of idolatry. It doesn’t mean you disrespect any book of religion. Every religious book is pulsating with this Sanatan Idea. They only vary in degrees, thanks to the interplay of ego and memory which thrives on this Eternal Energy source like parasites. These parasitical dependence on the ego and memory alloy gluing to the Sanatan Idea is bound to be destroyed one day or the other. Because, only the Sanatan Idea survives, nothing else does. 
Sanatan Idea: The Principle 
There is a section of people who believe their idea is superior to the Sanatan Idea. When they challenge Sanatan Idea, they witness it growing bigger and better.  This makes them think that their idea is in danger. This is ridiculous. Like from a seed comes out many generations of trees. Each tree produces more seeds and we get more trees of that kind. There may be some apparent changes in the tree’s form following their adjusting with the dynamics of  the place and time they are growing in. The Ashok tree used to be as big as the banyan tree. But, now  we have it taking short heights. The tree is the same. The idea is to tell you guys that nothing has exclusive existence in the universe. Everything has come out of the same basic principle of life. This principle is supreme as it is universal and real. All other ideas have come out of it. So if you say Islam is the best idea, you are wrong. If you say Hindu idea is supreme, you are wrong again. It is the same Sanatan Idea in a different time and situation. 
Principle of Islam
The need is to understand the idea of Islam in its principle form, cutting away the distorted human interpretations to prove it exclusive. Look around and see what is happening with the exclusivists like Zakir Naik and the Jehad brigade. They are all products of wrong interpretations of Islam. The same way the idea of Christianity has come out of the Sanatan Idea, cut out the imperfections in interpreting it. The same applies to Buddhism, Maoism and the rest. Hinduism too drew its ideas from the Sanatan Idea with imperfections. You can see them in some Smritis amidst us. But, at least the rishis termed them smritis as they emanated from human interpretation of the Sanatan Idea. Interpretations do get alloyed with ego and memory and from there come distortions, which die away after some time and with that those who hold on to the idea in the face of Sanatan Idea.  
We will not recite ऊँ
Those who say they won’t recite  ऊँ are spiritually, religiously and rationally illiterate. They don’t even understand the idea of religion they  believe in. They believe in the interpretations of their book Quran through the screen of ego and memory.  Understand the unalloyed Sanatan Idea pulsating in the book and cut the ego and memory parts off it. I won’t have given the real dimension of Islam had you not gone on and on in your fever to oppose the Sanatan Idea, taking it for Hinduism.  Sanatan Idea is the mother of the Quran too.
The  ( Chandra bindu) is nothing but the Sanatan Idea even Islam follows as Chaand Tara. This reveals the common genesis of the idea in Islam. The dot on the moon shape represents the entire cosmology of the Sanatan Idea. बिन्दु  comes from the Sanskrit word विन्दु, which means to know and separate. Where? Into the cosmic continuity of अनुस्वार. It means where utterance of  नुकार or  is resonated into a continuous स्वर, without literally pronouncing  ( न् + ). What we get thereby is a continuous, infinite resonance which NASA says is the sound of the cosmos. The sun, the moon and the star are bodies pulsating with the everlasting principle, called Santan Idea, represented by अनुस्वार. The  ( Chandra bindu) only tells you the scientific phenomenon of Sanatan Idea, the principle which is present beyond time, space and causation. When you represent Chaand Tara, you are actually referring to the Sanatan Idea of everlasting continuity. The word तारा too represents the same idea. It comes from the Sanskrit root, तृ- which means ‘anything that releases you into that Sanatan or cosmic continuity’.  Let me tell you that the word star also comes from the Sanskrit root तृ- (स्तृ), meaning तारकतारस, or तारा. How does तृ- explain the phenomenon? It  relieves you from binding ideas and spreads you into the cosmic continuity all around. You gain everlasting continuity with the Sanatan Idea. Who can say we are different from the mother of all ideas? None. And whoever says it is different, is only inviting the principle of constriction, contraction and death. As opposing everlasting continuity is contraction and contraction is death of the body. 
ऊँ and Allah
The Quran says (Ref 71:15-16),
“Allah has created seven heavens in perfect harmony and has placed the moon therein as a light and made the sun as the lamp. Allah has produced you from the earth and caused you to grow, then will He cause you to return thereto and will being you further as a new creation….”
 I am really amazed at the clarity with which things have been defined herein through the symbols of moon, sun and the earth and the seven heavens. And I pity those who have missed it all and wasting their time in needless jehads.
Let me clarify it for them too. The seven heavens are the seven spatial frequencies (planes) starting from sa, to sa  (with a nasal intonation). These seven spatial planes or frequencies are immersed in the light of  ( Chandra bindu), the cosmic continuity. Had there been no cosmic continuity, there would not have been these planes. We can say without the Sanatan Principle, these planes of existence mean nothing. You can see them all or witness them all in the light of the sun. The sun is a lamp. It represents an aide as a cosmic light. This moon draws its light from the sun as the lamp light falls on the objects and illuminates them. What He is trying to say here is that, the Sanatan Idea shining in the Sun, makes the moon shine, which represents the cosmic continuity which every true lover of Allah should tune into. Mind you the seven planes are in perfect harmony. That means they are cosmic sounds or echoes of the same continuity.  The next line says it all “Allah has produced you from the earth and caused you to grow, then will He cause you to return thereto and will bring you further as a new creation.”
Allah has produced you from the five elements which have made the sun, the moon and the earth. But, it is specially from the earth that you have been raised. Why? Because, the earth’s sound is whistling -कार to -कार ( Infinite   अनुस्वार + -कार to -कार whistling . That is ऊँ. The word is ऊँ. That He caused you to grow from this and with this into the infinite continuity. You (your body) will return to the earth and bring you further as a new creation. Here two indications have been given. First, you return to the earth when you die and then your five elements are re-assembled and you come to life as a new creation, may be as a tree, an insect or a man again. It depends on Him. How? Whether you followed the arrangement of expansion into the Sanatan Idea has been fully followed by you or not. Whatever plane you reach will become the cause of your future creation. But, my Muslim friends will question, where Allah is really talking about the expansion into the cosmic continuity. So let me quote the last line of the verse. “Allah has made the earth a carpet for you that you may traverse its wide paths.” Now imagine, yourself as sitting on the earth being a carpet, your head will touch the moon. This earth is the carpet for you rest, sit and then move along the wide paths opening in the infinite cosmic continuity. Even Allah is talking about the Sanatan Idea and the need for the human beings to grow to their fullest infinite dimensions. How? I have already given you the clues that He is talking about Omkar as the symbol of the entire cosmic continuity. Chaand Tara is that alone, nothing else. You tilt the moon right side or the left side or the down side, the idea will remain the same. Yes, that positioning may indicate some cosmic time when you can practise the discipline of continuity and evolve.
Please don’t follow the truth and get buried in the earth every time. Wake up from your long slumber. When Allah is one how can He give opposite ideas?
I know you will understand your identity with the Sanatan Idea after reading this. You may not believe it now due to the idea of exclusivity you are identified with. But, I know the right idea prevails. And you too will express it this way or that way. There is no idea of religions which can dissociate itself from the cosmic continuity of Sanatan Idea and claim itself exclusive. Can you say you were born without your parents? Can you  deny the genetic continuity through a chain of parentage? 
ऊँ and God
Know it for sure that ऊँ doesn’t represent Hinduism alone.It represents all isms. It represents every idea that is and that will come. Every religious, secular idea that is and that will come. That is why it is called pranav, the indestructible continuity of cosmic energy. Don’t underestimate the Biblical statement, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” What does word mean here? It comes from the Sanskrit word व्रत, meaning will, command, order. Will, command and order have a direction and purpose. Intelligent Energy (Sanatan idea) has a direction and purpose. Purpose is to create, maintain and dissolve. Isn’t it? In the Genesis, this command of the Word has been described then. How God, the Word, himself, created the heaven and the earth. Heaven comes from the word हवन, which means calling, a sound of invocation (pouring ghee and chanting mantras is just a ritual). That means a continuous high pitched sound. When you call somebody at a distance, your voice turns shrill and then merges into अनुस्वार. That represents the space infinite, Sanatan. The earth represents a split, an apparent break in continuity—its sound is whistling -कार to -कार (. Infinite   अनुस्वार + -कार to -कार whistling . That is ऊँ. The word is ऊँ. The frequencies may differ, but the continuity is the same. This Sanatan Continuity splits into heaven, the space and the earth and unites again into ऊँ.  Does ऊँ represent Hinduism alone then?
 It is not to show off Hinduism as supreme. No. Sanatan Idea is supreme, which resonates in every practised religion or idea. Hindus are the people of different ideas, faiths and practices but who commonly believe in the Sanatan Idea or principle of the Universe. 
Let people understand that they owe their existence to Sanatan Idea, Universal Scientific Idea or Intelligent Energy, and not the self-interpreted, half-understood, alloys of memory and ego. Definitely any book or form which represents this Sanatan Idea fully shall be above the rest in manifestation. Like Mohammad manifested the idea more than the mullahs, Shankaracharya, more than the rest,  Christ more than the rest, Buddha, more than the rest. Therefore, people followed their way and then missed the Sanatan Way in the spreading mist of traditions clouding the Sanatan Idea. 
The idea is to adopt the best and evolve in the line of the universal principle, instead of getting stuck and creating social-religious mess all around.
Get out of the limiting, restricting ideas and be free!  
Ask and it shall be revealed to you. Rebel and it shall conceal you in your ego and memory!

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