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Your body is God’s battery : Atharva

Open your eyes and begin to see the Vedas as the science of all sciences. Unfortunately, even some homegrown intellectuals have been criticising the Vedas as a pack of superstitions and mumbo-jumbo. They become more vocal when it comes to the Atharva Veda, the fourth in the series.
Western philosophers have been misled by half understanding of Sanskrit words and have translated the mantras as jaadu-tona. In fact, there is no denying the fact that the Vedic rishis believe that scientific principles are uniform and apply equally to spiritual, spatial and physical spheres of existence.
The Atharva principle 
Rishi Atharva beautifully tries to convey to the world this principle. He says there are two opposing forces which keep a circle in place. The forces are opposing in nature but complimentary in function and there is need to exploit the forces in the three-dimensional world. Let us be a little grateful to Rishi Atharva for his contribution, which deals in details how the two forces if managed scientifically can turn the body system into an undischarging battery. The third force is the resultant of the two and hence is kept in the balanced middle of everything. All the shapes that we see, all the structures that we see are the result of the resultant force generated by the opposing forces. The balance is time-bound. The greater the balance, the greater the time it stays. With this, and more principles of physics, Atharva writes the following mantras after proper observations with a view to giving the posterities a ready-made access to the infinite repository of science in application. I introduce the topic  just to give the world a glimpse of the vision that the Indian rishis have. I can give you various applications. But, it will hamper the sincere researchers’ faculty to arrive at the conclusions. Just to keep them cheered up, I reveal one—the principles can be used to turn your body into a Viman (spaceship), which can travel across time and space. Read and then think!


Three energy dimensions
In the opening mantra of the Atharva Veda, the rishi says that the energy is first expressed in three vibrations—the vibrations of creation, maintenance and destruction. These three multiply in the multiples of three at various levels of existence and manifest as various shapes, colours and forms.
He says:
ॐ ये त्रिषप्ता: परियन्ति विश्वा रूपाणि विभ्रत: ।
वाचस्पतिर्बला तेषां तन्वो अद्य दधातु मे॥
It means: “O Master of the three-fold energy vibrations, which are constantly engulfing all the galaxies and shining through their forms, make my body able to bear their force now on.”
 This is the basic law of power conduction. A flow of power needs three essentials --positive, neutral and negative.The three-fold vibrations are three energy currents of creation, maintenance and destruction. These three vibrations have created three modifications at every level. In the space as sat (light), raj (grey light) and tam (dark light). In the time, the beginning, the middle and the end. On the earth, birth, youth and old age. In the body, ego, intellect and the mind ( sensory system). In grammar, male, neuter and female. 
Body as battery
Rishi Atharva says these three vibrations have respective forces which are acting and interacting everywhere in and around the body. The Rishi prays, “O Controller of the Vibrations, make my body bear the forces like a conscious being.” As they reflect from the sun, the moon and the stars, so should my body throb with them and then filter them out to serve Your purpose. But, the vibrations are so strong that they can digest the body into energy. Therefore,  in the next mantra, he prays :
पुनरेहि वाचस्पते देवेन मनसा सह।
वासो: पते नि रमय मय्येवास्तु मयि श्रुतम्॥
"Let the vibrations energise my body again and again, O Their Controlling Source. (But, they should do it without disturbing the system). Let them first energise my intellect (the  controller in me) by the light, then my mind and then the energy system within the body and cover my entire body with its nourishing essence. Let this essence stay in me as mine. And then filter through me as the vibration of wisdom.
Now what has been received in the form of energising vibrations radiates from the system in such a way that the body system remains always like a source of power—automatically offending and defending against the outside impacts being the balance of the forces of attraction aligned in opposite directions--like two stretched bows in opposite directions. The next mantra makes it clear.
इहैवाभि वि तनुभे आत्त्नीं इव ज्यया।
वाचस्पति: नि यच्छतु मय्येवास्तु मयि श्रुतम्॥
" O Master of Energy Currents! Let the energy now spread all around me in a radiating circle. With the two opposing forces holding it in place, as the fully stretched string of the bow. Keep the two under your control, remain in me and let the energy centre in me.”
How can the energy centre in me? The answer comes from the next mantra, which says 


उपहूतो वाचस्पतिरुपास्मान वाचस्पतिर्ह्वयताम्।
सं श्रुतेन गमेमहि मा श्रुतेन वि राधिषि॥
It says: The Source of Energy has been drawn near so does the Source draw us near in response. May we remain engaged in the dynamic energy transaction, without resistance --you fulfilling me and I serving you. You charging me and I receiving the energy without resistance. Like this we keep going together.”  
Here the Sanskrit phrase वि राधिषि has been deliberately used by the rishi as two words. वि removing राध hurting resistance. This means obstructionless conduction of energy from the Source to the recipient. राध also means fulfilling and वि means opposite forces. That means positive energy should flow from the Source to me and negative from me to the Source too. This completes the energy circuit.  Negative current here means the one that has a constant demand of energy. It doesn't mean negation here. What is that negative force in nature? 
वाचस्पतिर्ह्वयताम्, the one which is drawn by the Source from us. What is the positive force like in nature? वाचस्पतिरुपास्मान, the one which comes from the Source to us. What is the connection called? उपहूत: , having united with the Source by the offering current.
What it all means
Our body and mind system has been created by the same forces which have created the universe. But, the only problem is  that our body has very high resistance to allow free flow of energy from the source. The source is the point of origin from which three energy vibrations are radiating. These vibrations have engulfed everything. All the stars, galaxies and bodies shine as this energy charges them constantly. The sun completes the circuit and has become an intermediary shining battery to filter out nourishing energy to the earth and other planets. Unfortunately, we receive this energy indirectly through food and other sources of energy by the use of the digestive track to sustain our system. But, Rishi Atharva here hints a system through which you can also become the recipient of the direct energy and consequentially filter it out as a nourishing radiation. Just imagine, if we have 10 such dynamos of power, they will transmit the nourishing energy all around and help the recipients receive it and revitalise their systems. This way the entire human society will become conductors of high and uplifting energies. Imagine the world that would be thereafter! This is a possibility. I invite my scientist friends to research and work out the details. I can only give you triggers to go on. And those who need help, will be helped.  
Vivek Sharma

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