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Life is a flow!

You are heading towards your goal. Know how?


By Vivek Sharma

Krishna gives us a scientific vision of life. He shows and Arjun sees that  life is a flow. It has a direction and a purpose. Even if people are not aware about it, they are unconsciously flowing towards a better and bigger version of them.
What is this flow? It is like the flow of the rivers towards the sea—यथा नदीनां बहवोअम्बुवेगाः समुद्रमेवाभिमुखा द्रवन्ति  As the rivers with the water currents flow fast towards the sea. What is the sea here? It is a huge container whereinto all the rivers are terminating! It is the lakshya of the rivers. The purpose of the rivers is to flow into the sea, irrigating fields along the banks and finally assume the dimension of the sea, wherein all the different rivers become one. It is a common goal for all the rivers. Isn’t it?
The same way the life forces on this planet in various forms are rushing towards the common goal—तथा तवामि नरलोकवीरा विशन्ति वक्त्राण्यभिविज्वलन्ति। The same way all the life forces in various forms on the planet are rushing towards the common goal which looks like effulgent centres of energy vibrations.   वक्त्राण्यभिविज्वलन्ति means many centres from where energy vibrations are emanating. वक्त्र also means the source of vibrations. We call the mouth वक्त्र as sound vibrations emanate from here. Now why Arjuna is seeing multiple mouths? It is the same way as you see rivers making a splash into the sea, creating huge ripples in the sea at first. A multitude of such cases shows one sea as having multiple centres of waves. The same way life forces like multiple rivers are splashing into One Big Sea of Intelligent Energy, creating at the splash point centres of effulgent energies ( अभिविज्वलन्ति—centres of burning, effulgent energy, wherein life forces are entering and assuming bigger and better dimensions.) 
We all represent life forces. Whatever goals we set consciously or unconsciously in the sea of Intelligent Energy, these life forces enter and merge into it. Now this is happening in all the dimensions—world, mind and spirit. You will always choose your goal towards which your life force rushes with magnetic speed. All that we need to do is to know our goals and then enjoy the journey. To know it is to know your intellect, mind, sensory system and the entire body. That is what the Bhagwat Gita talks about systematically right from discourse one to eighteen.
Life is a flow. Whatever goals you set for yourself, your life courses towards it. So be conscious of choosing your goals. Know the flow, know the direction of this flow and you shall know the goal. Wherever there is direction, there ought to be a target.Wherever you have these two, you have a purpose. So know your purpose and you shall find your goal and assume bigger and better dimension. It stands true for worldly and spiritual lives both. The higher the goal, the bigger the conversion. Remember this! So if you don’t know about your goal, just set a goal which is dear to you and try to achieve it. All your life will flow into it one day or the other and you shall become your goal itself! 
 But, let me tell you, spirituality is a science which helps your life flow into its highest and biggest expression. That goal, reaching where you reach all goals. It is like the river reaching the sea and becoming the sea, or all the rivers with different goals. The sea is the centre which connects the earth with the solar system and directly or indirectly sets in various weather zones on this planet—the rain, the spring, the summer, the winter and the storms etc.  So get set and... goal!




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