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Krishna as personality vs Krishna as principle!

Intelligent Energy doesn’t kill and doesn’t get killed!
By Vivek Sharma

Shubham from United States has put a very intelligent question, my team told me and I decided to answer it in the form of the blog in order to reach the wider audience as I suspect there may be many people who would have a similar query.
He asks, “Why did lord Krishna offer his own men (to Duryodhan) to fight against Him (and Arjuna) and got them killed? How can the lord be the cause of death of His own men (army fighting against the Pandavas for Duryodhan)?
Let’s Understand
Who can tell it better than Krishna Himself? We will have to understand it on two counts. First, Krishna as a personality and second, Krishna as a principle. First, Krishna as a personality. After many attempts on His part to bring Duryodhan to senses, Krishna allowed the settlement of the dispute through war, the last option.  Krishna was revered as somebody who would always do justice and play an unpartisan role, whatever the sides. To meet the public sentiment  and maintain cosmic harmony, he called Duryodhan and Arjuna both before the commencement of the war. He asked Duryodhan first what He would like to choose—Him or His army (Narayani Sena)? Duryodhan thought what good this single man could do to him in the battle, so he went for Narayani Sena. Arjuna loved to have Krishna on His side. This is how Krishna did justice to both and demolished all suspecting minds that he was favouring the Pandavas only—Yes, He could now publicly be with them.  He was politically right here. There is one reference in the Mahabharat wherein death watched Krishna fighting from both sides. He was killing as the Pandavas and getting killed as the Kauravas. Then who is killing whom and whose men? Krishna explains it in Discourse 2 Shloka 19, 
नायं हन्ति  हन्यते।
This is the principle, It (Intelligent Energy) never kills nor does it get killed. What it is like? 
तेजोराशिं सर्वतो दीप्तमनन्तम् 
Krishna (Intelligent Energy) is like an infinite pool of effulgent energy spreading all over infinitely (Discourse 11). What is happening in respect to this Energy? 
यथा नदीनां बहवो अम्बुवेगाः 
समुद्रमेवाभिमुखा द्रवन्ति। 
तथा तवामी नरलोकवीरा 
विशन्ति वक्त्राण्यभिविज्वलन्ति।। 
All living and non-living residents of the universe are merging into the fiery openings (like the eye of whirlpool) of this Energy like rivers rush towards the sea and merge with it. What is नर? A life, part of that Energy. How? Where? Krishna says it in Discourse 15. 
ममैवांशो जीवलोके जीवभूतः  सनातन: 
मनःषष्ठानीन्द्रियाणि प्रकृतिस्थानि कर्षति।। 
In this three-dimensional world, all have become life energy (The word जीव means that. जीवन् is its derivative alone), which is My extension in degrees. This life energy is staying in it by attracting mind and the five senses around it from Nature (प्रकृति, the pool of pre-fab building material). So all that exists is nothing but Intelligent Energy manifesting in the three-dimensional world in various forms. Even the matter is Energy which carries the mind and the senses in their elemental forms. The primary nature of the mind is orbiting repeatedly. So electrons orbiting around the nucleus form the elemental mind. (will discuss in details some other time). The five senses in their elemental form are five elements. So everything, including the matter and man, are but various forms of Intelligent Energy. They come from It and merge back into it. This is even happening at the galactic level. A galaxy is nothing but stars (like senses) pulled towards its energy centre. NASA has shown that some of the galaxies have merged back into their energy form. In some cases, one galaxy has swallowed the other to form a bigger galaxy. In a nutshell, Krishna as a person is manifesting this Intelligent Energy to the fullest. So everything, his men, other men, all have come out of Him and are merging back into him to maintain the balance. We will better understand it by getting to know Krishna as a principle.
Krishna As Principle
Now comes in Krishna as the principle. Krishna is the principle everything and in everything. He Himself declares in Discourse 10, “I am in everything and in everybody. I am the beginning, the middle and the end…I am death, I am life (Discourse 7)…” This is the principle that Krishna (God) is. Now apply it to the two armies—He is fighting from both sides and all those killed are merging back into Him, Barbarik episode reveals it. He sees the battle as a witness and sees only Krishna fighting from both sides.
What does this principle reveal? Krishna is Intelligent Energy, which manifests Herself as good and bad both. If you ask why then relativity does have polarity, any science student can understand it. So whenever Intelligent Energy manifests in relativity, it polarises itself right from the atomic level to the human level and more. In human system, the polarity is revealed by intent. In fact, what is clashing everywhere is the directional energy (Intent energy) and not Energy itself. Energy is one. The clash in the polarised clouds gives out flashes of light. The same way good and bad intents clash only to produce a brighter way ahead. Therefore, it was not the question of Krishna sacrificing His men in the battle. It is all about revealing the scientific fact that it is Intelligent Energy alone which is expressing through opposites (or opposite intents). So the Duryodhan intent was also powered by Intelligent Energy as was the Pandava intent. The final clash brought about neutralising one ‘intent’ and not energy. Energy is set free and it circles back into source. This is what Barbarik witnessed on the battlefield when he saw Krishna fighting from both sides and those killed getting merged into Him. All were His men. It is a scientific fact revealed. Everything good or bad exists due to the Energy it has. So men are not dying. They are merging back into the sea. The rivers are not dying when they are not visible in the sea. They just merge into the sea. 
So every men on the battlefield was of Krishna. Then why did He not avert the Mahabharat? He tried to. He had many meetings with the Kauravas and the Pandavas. But, the Duryodhan group, energised by Him didn’t listen to him. Of course, as long as He as Intelligent Energy qualified it. The clash settled the matter and then even Krishna and Arjuna vanished as intents but are still there as principles. Even Duryodhan is. What does Duryodhan say when he was paralysed waist down? He said, “Krishna You alone know why I did it all. It was all You. I am happy that I did my job well.” What does it mean? It means the polarity in intent is for a purpose. Without the black, the white can’t be seen, without the negative the positive can’t be seen and there is no spark!
This world is a great playground. Here you take up your role and play it honestly and then merge into the Cosmic Continuity. Yes, we all have intents. We should know it and work for it.
It was a good question, because it had many questions attached to it. 

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