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Know your six good friends!

None can make you suffer if you have six good friends.
By Vivek Sharma

Life is a mystery for scientists who are still finding its range expanding into non-living entities. Well, let them do their job. Let’s understand and practise what our rishis taught us as a science of living. 
Who could be a better teacher than Krishna Himself who first publicly declared the science in the form of the Bhagwad Gita so that future generations could get hold of the science and live like kings of their kingdoms even as scientists struggled to unravel life itself!
You are lucky if you have been exposed to the Bhagwad Gita or the Vedas and the Vedanta or any form of Bharatiya spiritual literature, which is nothing but a science hidden in mythical stories. 
There are certain dimensions which people must know at the very outset —(1) Who are they ? (2) What is their relative position in the cosmos? These basic questions have to be found answer to in order to reach the scientific dimension of life.  
These two questions have been answered by Krishna very clearly.
Who are you?
Krishna says you are not body, you are the one who lives in it. So, you are the resident of the body. The body is called देह and the resident देही। What is the nature of देही ? Krishna says देही नित्यमवध्यो अयम्  देहे सर्वस्य भारत। The देही, without exception, cannot be killed, destroyed or annihilated. It is without a break (नित्यम्). What is देह ? अन्तवन्त इमे देहा , all these bodies that you see all around have a beginning and an end without exception.  What is the identifying feature of the देही हन्यते हन्यमाने शरीरे। This resident of the body doesn’t die even when the body dies. Because, it is not perishable. Body is perishable.  So why fear? You don’t die it is the body which dies. What is the body? Krishna explains it beautifully too. 
He says इदं शरीरं कौन्तेय क्षेत्रमिति अभिधीयते। This body, O Son of Kunti, is considered to be a field, an area, a circle, a plot. He says this body is a compound— it is made up of various things, which are together called देह. He broadly describes that the compound is made up of five elements, ego, intellect, memory (अव्यक्तम्, from where the entire pattern of the body-mind system has come out. It is also called Prakriti, which is pre-formed), 10 senses and one mind, five objects of the senses, conditional consciousness made up of like-dislike, happiness-misery  and will power with its relative derivatives. To simply understand it all, the body is a combination of five elements, ego, memory, intellect, mind, senses and sensory system ( ‘conditional consciousness of like-dislike and the will force with its derivatives) and their objects together are called the body. All this is perishable. It can separate and disintegrate into its elements. Krishna says you are not this body. You are the resident of the body, which doesn’t perish. But, the tragedy is that the resident of this colony doesn’t know how to have relations with all the constituents! This is what makes him suffer as sufferor of the resident of the house which has poor water supply, electricity and the ceiling is with many leaks as he doesn’t maintain a good relationship with the house.
What is the relationship
Krishna simplifies things for common man as a mother gives her child to eat what he can digest. He says in Discourse three, seven that the body can be simplified into a combination of the intellect, the mind, the sensory system, the body and the outside like spheres around the centre of Intelligent Energy.
At the centre of the heart is the focal point of Intelligent Energy, then is the intellect, then the mind, then the sensory system, then the body and then the outside. The resident of the body has to have relationship with Intelligent Energy first, then the intellect, then the mind, then the sensory system, then the body and then the outside—that is the entire universe. Unless, you have a relationship with Intelligent Energy, your relationship with the intellect will be infirm and so shall be with the mind and the rest. That is what is happening everywhere. The basic relationship that we must have is with Intelligent Energy first. The moment it is done, our relationship with the intellect and the rest will be streamlined and we shall excel as human beings in the entire universe. That is why Sanjay says wherever Krishna, Intelligent Energy is, wherever Parth, Intellect, its receiver, is there success, victory and the rest. What do we mean by having a healthy relationship with Intelligent Energy is simply having a practical relationship with It. The intellect should receive its command, so the mind should receive the intellect’s command  and the same for the rest. Here, no one part will have a sole propriety. It  is, in majority of cases, the mind, which misleads the intellect and turns things haywire for the resident of the body. Everything falls in place once we learn to maintain our relationships with the (1) IE, (2) The Intellect, (3) The Mind, (4) The Sensory System (5) The Body, (6) The Outside. 
All that we need is to maintain the six relationships and turn them into our friends. The five can only have a healthy relationship with you if you have inculcated a good relationship with Intelligent Energy, which is there in every heart. It is there whether you see It or not. You just have to understand it. None can defeat you or make you suffer if you have these six good friends!


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जय महाऋषि जमदग्नि

This is a beautiful post, I have been reading all the posts from a very long time :) and it has really given me a different perspective of life and everything ! Great going in this harsh world this is some kind of relief ! Good luck

Very well explained.action and reaction both are clearly explained.

I feel that it is the simplest way to guide us to get up and start performing for good, as expressed that we are better than a ditch any given day.