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Corona is Duryodhan in the body system. We can fight it down
By Vivek Sharma

It is really strange but true. The Bhagwad Gita deals with every aspect of human life in details unimaginable. You can decipher it all layer by layer if you know Sanskrit language and of course, are honest enough to say to yourself ‘I don’t know, O Lord! Make me know it.’
A very close friend of mine today challenged me with his typical query—Does Gita talk about Corona virus? My God! I was almost expecting it from him and hence I said, “yes. Not by the name Corona, but by its properties. 
What is a Virus?
 It is a ball of sugary, carbohydrates hiding the helix of mutating RNA or DNA.It is basically a parasite, which can’t see, which can’t walk and most of the time lies as good as dead until it comes into contact with a cell which it can lug into and take over. Basically, the virus is a micro-parasite which has strategic spikes all over its spherical outer layer which protects it. Each spike has the inner triple layered protein which unlocks the cell code of the host cell, takes over it and begins to fight host activities to dislodge it from the seat of possession. It is nothing but a helixed protein chain (RNA or DNA) having a coded information to carry out its purpose. It is the same as our cells have a particular purpose to function. But, a virus basically is a cell parasite which takes over a cell and tries to disallow any effort by the body to dislodge it. 
Sugars dot the outside of the spike, just like  sugars dot the outside of regular human cells, says David Veesler, a structural  virolgist at the university of Washington who led the team  that visualised the SARS Cov-2 spike and published it in his March 19 paper. This carbohydrate camouflage makes the virus more difficult for the human immune system to recognise. 
Analogy in Bhagwad Gita
Dhritrashtra really means the blind king of the body. Like the virus it can’t see, but it has enough power to keep its intent to take over the body and keep it under its rule. That intent grows as Duryodhan. Duryodhan is nothing but the RNA or DNA which is the real intent of the unmutated virus called Dhritrashtra. When Bheeshma (ego) refuses to enforce righteousness and allows Dhritrashtra to take over the throne of the Kaurava kingdom while the Pandu (father of the Pandavas and the rightful heir to the throne) left for a jungle. Dhritrashtra multiplies himself into 100 sons with the help of the Gandhari—the distorted DNA of the body cells, not happy with Bheeshma. Shakuni, her brother, RNA, comes along with her.  That is what a virus does, according to virologists, the only intent of the virus in the body is to multiply itself using the resources of the kingdom. Dhritrashtra had 100 sons. Duryodhan was the main son, who he wished to take over. The Pandava sons returned, they mixed up with Duryodhan and the rest and learnt from Drona and Kripacharya all that was worthy to be learned. Duryodhan develops special skills under Shakuni’s revengeful intent (mutates and fully adopts itself to the host body—unrecognised by immune system) . Gradually, the Pandavas are sidelined and Duryodhan (the mutated virus) takes over the system and dislodges the Pandavas after humiliating Draupadi—their self-respect, their inherent power. The Pandavas run for their life, the same way as our immune system gets weakened when our power to resist invasion by a virus  gets weakened and runs about here and there in the system to save themselves—the viruses surround them instead of they surrounding the virus. They only get reorganised to regain the kingdom when Krishna, the Universal Antidote, in this context leads them through the battle against the mutated virus gene—Duryodhan. 
Virus Strategy
This is evident from Duryodhan’s strategic positioning of its army to protect Bheeshma from all the directions. 
अयनेषु  सर्वेषु यथाभागमवस्थिताः।
भीष्ममेवाभिराक्षन्तु भवन्तः सर्व एव हि।। 
Dis One,11
It means —get strategically placed and protect Bheeshma from all sides….
The intent is as long ego (identity)  of the host remains on its side, none can take his throne. He knows that ego loves Arjuna and the rest of the Pandavas and if he supports them, then everything in the host shall be aligned against him and he shall be defeated. That is as long ego remains out of play or on his side, the body shall not be able to make anti-bodies to combat him. This is what a virus does. It uses all combinations to keep your immune system weak. But, when Krishna (Universal Antidote) is with the Pandavas, they reorganise and fight down Duryodhan. Since Krishna has taken over the system, Arjuna would have to be with him and even kill the ego which is now loyal to Duryodhan. That is what Universal Antidote does.


How to Break It
Discourse One’s Shlokas 15 to 19 describe it in details. Basically, the shlokas tell how conchshell vibrations break the hard sheath of the virus and destroys its mutating gene in the heart or the centre. 
Krishna, the Universal Anti-Dote, plays Panchjanya vibration, Arjuna Dhananjaya, Bheem Pondra and the rest… The cumulative sound vibration of the conchshells tears apart the virus and its army from the centre, which echoes through out the system right from the base to the brain. That is what means in this context shloka 19.
 घोषो धार्तराष्ट्राणां हृदयानि व्यदारयत्।
नभश्च पृथिवीं चैव तमुलो व्यनुनादयन्।।
What does it really mean? It means the right medicine or anti-dote shall be the one which travels through every vital organ from lower body region to the brain faster than the virus can respond. Now it can be a sound or any liquid which can wave through the body or a molecule which can vibrate through out the system. Whatever it is,  one thing is clear. The virus, the parasite and its army, cannot sustain the conch shell vibrations. Now it is a matter of research for the scientists to study the sound pattern of a conch shell or see how conch material can produce a medicine. I am not a scientist or a virologist to know it or declare it. But, I am damn confident that sound vibrations can kill the virus whatever mutation it takes. 
Finding the Cure
The latest researches have proved that soap has the power to breakdown the outer sheath of the virus and render it ineffective. What is the element in the soap which works against it? It is the sodium or a potassium salt.  We call it caustic soda. What is sodium? It is a mineral that is essential for life. It helps control body fluids. It also sends nerve impulses and affects muscle function. Potassium also does the same thing. Muscle contraction and nerve signals are its major functions. Now what is in the conch shells? It is 95% calcium carbonate. It is a dietary supplement for calcium. It is required for healthy bones, muscles, nervous system and the heart. All these elements work on bones, nerves, muscles and vital organs at once.  Now let us know how sodium and calcium are used to produce electricity in a battery. All these can be put together and a research can give us a permanent solution to the virus problem. I don’t know much but I strongly feel there is a very simple cure for virus infections. Let’s see. But, one thing is clear. All these elements are good enough to maintain body systems and improve immunity. 

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