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Why neutralising Pakistan in J&K is important now?

Pakistan is torn among three inherent forces—the army, the Jihadis and a weak lobby of neo-democrats as their puppets. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has only politico-religious ambitions which it has been trying to further by militarisation through loaned money from the US, the IMF and the logistics from China. Its needless interference in J&K, Afghanistan and bordering Iran are a few examples of its Babaric designs. Atrocities on the peoples of Baloochistan and portion of Kashmir under its possession are examples of what it will do if it gets full control over J&K.
It is economically infirm and has just been reduced to a brute force of misled Islamists, who hold more guns than the bills in their pockets. Poverty has become another tool for the masterminds to draw in youngsters, inject them with the venom of misplaced Islam and make them a sacrificial goat to trigger terror in Kashmir and make its presence felt. Even its own people are feeling choked under it careless, reckless and stubborn posturing at the world stage. They have no option but to side with the wrong for fear of repression and revenge from Jihadis. Pakistan is funding and pampering the peaceniks and pro-Islamic radical elements in India to further its covert operations on the Bharatiya land. One should have no confusion in the mind that it will not stop at Kashmir—-it is just part one of the overall Islamic designs which should not be treated as Asia-specific phenomenon alone. 
What are we doing?
The present Central government led by prime minister Narendra Modi has so far taken all the right steps to diplomatically isolate Pakistan by exposing its designs through  multi-layered interactions with the nations that matter. The effects are visible. The second major step it has taken is keeping an eye on Islamic radicals which help Pakistan directly and indirectly. This is accompanied by hunting down ISI and ISIS agents, who had been operating covertly under a blind political leadership which has ruled the nation for over 60 years. The effects are visible—this has angered Pakistan and its sympathisers within India, who in a mad rush to prove a point, have resorted to all sorts of insurgent activities in J&K—pelting security forces with stones, attacking and humiliating armed forces and offering resistance to liquidate terrorists holed up in residential localities. This is exactly what the national security strategists wanted—expose interference of Pakistan radicalised youngsters in Kashmir. Killing of a young Kashmiri Muslim army officer, release of videos of torture of patriot Kashimiri youngsters, waving of flags of ISIS and Pakistan in J&K by youngsters, political parties’ openly supporting stone pelters and Hurriyat and the ruling Mehboobas kidgloving the pelters, all fall in line with the national security strategists’ gameplan. In fact, it all began pronounced after India’s intrusively damaging surgical strike on Pak-supported terror groups in PoK. The successful strike proved to the world community that India now can take an aggressive stand to defend its territory and  people. This not only upset the Hafiz Saeeds in Pakistan, but also the army generals there who were shocked as they couldn’t even dream of such a move from Bharat. Interestingly, national strategists’ gameplan provoked them so much so that the Pakistan masterminds had no option but to come out in the open with their supporters in Bharat and on their own land. This is what the Modi  government had wanted. 
Pakistan stupidly stands exposed in front of the world communities, which not only have their own intelligence and eye-in-the-sky inputs to corroborate Pakistan designs in Kashmir but also the ones proved by Pakistan’s brazen acts in reaction. Former Indian naval officer Kulbhushan Jhadhav’s kidnapping from Iran and forced confession on camera has left the rogue nation in a soup at the International Court of Justice. There too Pakistan couldn’t prove why it announced the death sentence of Jhadhav when Pakistan’s foreign affairs minister Sartaj Aziz had already said that evidence was insufficient to prove Jhadhav was engaged in terror acts in Pakistan. Representing the Indian side, Harish Salve challenged Pakistan with violation of Article 36 of the Vienna convention by Pakistan by refusing India consular access to Jhadhav to represent his case. Pakistan failed to reply and only peddled lies even after it was snubbed by the ICJ by rejecting its plea to play the alleged confession by Jhadhav.
 How Bharat will act now
Strategically, Bharat is better placed now to carry out its offensive plan to neutralise Pakistan in Kashmir and reclaim its land under the rogue nation’s occupation. It can begin any day now. Maybe, it should begin now, if the national security strategists have covered the in-land with offensive intelligence-and-neutralise network to its satisfaction. What Pakistan doesn’t know is that Bharatiya intelligence has multiple layers and that it is keeping a magnified watch on Pakistan from the skies. Pakistan is mistaken that India only has weapons which it is aware of. What makes it think that Bharat doesn’t pack a surprise? It doesn’t know that the drones, which are in vogue now, were used by Bharat during the 1965 war with Pakistan. But, they were only used for intelligence gathering. It was a surprise which the Pakistan army couldn’t deal with despite having the best weapons donated by the USA. Bharat will first use its impeccable ground surveillance  and classical offensive tactics through multiple surgical strikes on Pakistan. Who knows Baloochis may get Afghan and Iran armies’ support and may attack Pakistan nastily from the rear and Bharat from the PoK side. Don’t forget the Arabian sea, which locks Pakistan in and gives Bharat a clear advantage in case of a coordinated strike by air, ground and water forces. According to a war strategist, Bharat will not give Pakistan any opportunity to recover in case of a full-fledged war. He goes on to say that Pakistan’s major problem is its strong-headed and hot-headed offensive tactics, which does work initially, but peters out in the absence of an economic backup. However, according to him, Bharat will render Pakistan irrelevant, crippled and paralysed with its concerted surgical strikes—which Pakistan will not be able to match in the absence of intelligence feed from its J&K  supporters. Obviously, they will be the first target of the strikes, he says, adding the stage has been cleared for the purpose.
Options before insurgents
Bharat has already won the tactical battle against Pakistan and its sympathisers in J&K on three counts. 
  1. It has proved that the political governance led by the Kashmiri political outfits in J&K ineffective, redundant and biased. 
  2. Hurriyat, which enjoys inside support from some political outfits in Kashmir and Pakistan outside, will be on one foot after they are cut off from the  political strings.
  3. Pakistan only supports them through covert funding, on-land insurgency support and ideology. However, offensive ground surveillance of Bharat has already plugged these taps through multilayered tactics—nabbing the money hands, nailing the agents, neutralising the couriers,etc. 
  4. In this case, the radicals within Bharat will have only two options—-run away or go underground. 
  5. But, national security strategists have already plugged those possibilities through various strategic moves. Bharatiya external affairs office has already done its part. Therefore, the radicals will neither be allowed to run away nor go underground. They will be neutralised through various means. This will be visible after sometime, forces indicate.
What about China
China is already going through a rough patch. The US and the UK markets have shrunk for it. What now remains for it is the South-Asian market share, which Bharat and Japan have already begun to capture. China is directly and indirectly depending on Bharatiya market to sustain its economy, which, at present, has dipped to 5%-odd growth. In this situation, China can have anti-India global posturing but it cannot afford suicidal adventurism. China can only remain strong in Asia if it remains friendly with Bharat, because Russia is growing very fast within its shell— it is not allowing the world to see its growth pattern. China knows it that Russia will pose a real threat to it in future if the dragon survived the dry market spell. 
According to a defence strategist, Bharat’s first priority should be to neutralise Pakistan in Kashmir. The moment it is done, China will sober down. In fact, it has already begun to distance itself from Pakistan, because it knows the moment PoK is out of Pakistan’s illegal occupation, it cannot realise its investment but only by constructively engaging with India. India either will buy off  economically weak China’s highway to power or partner ownership with it, if better sense prevailed  in China. But, this is a distant future. The immediate reality is Pakistan in J&K.
Vivek Sharma

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