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The ‘Cycle’ of events is moving in Modi’s favour 

Duryodhan is a unique character in the Mahabharata and so is Mulayam Singh Yadav in Uttar Bharat—both are unpredictable, both always challenge their rivals with the might of Bheeshma, sight of Dronacharya and slight of Dusshasan.
Duryodhan is a great motivator—he wins Bheeshma, Dronacharya, Kripacharya and other mighty warriors to fight against the Pandavas from his side— and so is Mulayam. But, this time the battle is between him and his son—Duryodhan 1 vs Duryodhan 2. The election commission may decide whatever it can under the lawful restrictions, but one thing is clear—-the “cycle” of events is moving in favour of the Modi brigade. However, Mulayam cannot be taken lightly considering his past record . But, the name of the game has changed from danda politics to keyboard politics. The game is new and the Uttar Pradesh Yadavs old. Akhilesh does know the rules of the new game, but he can hardly do anything without a support. But whose support? Maya is too dicey, Rahul is politically sissy and his Chachas have their own agenda behind the smokescreens. Akhilesh cannot produce  a Modi in his camp overnight when the elections are just a month after. More than Samajwadi Party and Mulayam Singh Yadav, the fate of Akhilesh is at a greater stake. If he wins the home battle, he has to take on the Pandavas raring to get back after a long exile with a vengeance under Modi’s Indrajal (hypnotic weave ) to immobilise his opponents like the fish stuck in the net —the fish’s  reactive way to shake free from the hook paralyses it and its surrender in the muddy cover becomes a sure journey into the frying pan! No way out. In fact, the name of the game is growth intent versus power intent. The simple principle will work in Uttar Pradesh—growth credentials alone can get you power.
Shaant vs Ashaant
It is an old and accepted principle which is going to work in Uttar Bharat this time. Sambuddhir vishishyate—the one with a cool mind is sure to win. There is zero turmoil among the Pandavas whereas the Duryodhan brigade is full of minute-to-minute tussle. The batsman who loses cool on the pitch misses even the straight delivery and gets out. The law applies to all games, including the poll ring. The Samajwadi Party’s home match before the finals is sure to exhaust even its great players in many ways than one.  
 Uttar Pradesh does have faith in Akhilesh- minus- Mulayam. But, can it bank on the last batsman on the pitch? That is the reason Uttar Pradesh will try the Central rulers more than experimenting with an exhausted Akhilesh— a proposition which  raises a big question on the young Yadav’s survival. There are talks that the Samajwadi Party M (Mulayam) or A (Akhilesh) has tied up with Rahul’s Congress and some Left parties to retain Uttar Pradesh. But, the Congress doesn’t want to settle short of 100 seat share of the 430 with the Samajwadi Party! Somebody in the Congress says that his party has the potential to win all the 430 seats. What a joke? It is like a pinned wrestler claiming a win. 
What people think
On demonitisation: “Very bad. Only we are troubled by it…we have to stand in a queue at the ATMs. But it is okay. At least someone has taken the right step against black money.” 
On petrol: “Petrol and diesel are cheaper in Delhi, Gujarat, Mumbai and many cities across other states. But, Uttar Pradesh has made them still costlier by taking their cut. They could have waived the taxes for common people.” 
On Modi’s magic: “ Modi has commitment and at least he is trying to do something. His intentions are good. He is clean. Then why not give Bharatiya Janata Party a chance here.” 
On Muslim fear: “Muslims will vote for Mulayam. Okay. But, it is the fact that they will be safer under the Modi rule as they are in Gujarat.” 
On tourism: “Uttar Pradesh has a great tourism potential, but it has never been tapped. Look at Gujarat! It has even made   Rann of Kutch ( a forlorn salt-bed in the Indian territory, about 50 kilometres from Karachi) a picnic spot. It is attracting tourists from across the world—a great revenue generator now. You visit temples there—they are so clean and organised. But, here in Uttar Pradesh, all such places are lying dirty and untapped. Why? Because the successive governments didn’t have the will to do so. I think Modi alone can put Uttar Pradesh atop on tourism map.”
On old logic: “Bhaiyya! All this is just a talk. Votes are cast on caste and community lines. Look, what happened in Bihar! Believe me! It is going to be the same mix-bag in Uttar Pradesh, with the ruling party having a clear advantage. However, it is a fact that the Modi factor will work. But, it will not be as much as you think. Yes, Congress and Maya’s Bahujan Samaj Party are a spent force here. Then what (Modi alone)?”
On Maya: “Mayawati may spring a surprise.” But, how? Nobody knows. In a majority of cases, it is just some people’s mann kee baat and nothing more. Whatever the people may say, one thing is common—-Uttar Pradesh has no option but to try the party which has remained away for so many years.
However, it is a fact that hope is going to be the winner this time. Therefore, everybody has the right to hope for the best!

Vivek Sharma




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