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Modi vs liberandoos

Modi versus liberandoos, a 5,000-year-old phenomenon
Vivek Sharma

Why pseudo-secularists and so-called liberals have been rendered irrelevant by Narendra Damodardas Modi this election in India?
To understand this phenomenon we will have to understand what negative minds are and how they habitually and deliberately develop negative perception to ignore the reality staring at them and then they get caught in their own mayajaal (negativised perceptions). 
The height of this negative perception is that they saw mayajaal as Modijaal and targeted Modi right, left and centre and wished for Modi-kaal (The end of Modi). What happened? Modi grew stronger like Mahakaal (the Lord of Time and Death, Shiva and they got bogged deeper down in their own thought traps. Mamatas, Owaisis, Arundhatis, Rahuls, Barkhas, Sardesais, Prasuns, Mahagathbandhis and the chain of liberandoos (pseudo liberals or Jaychandsare now justifying their negativism by cursing voters for having rejected their poisonous dole-outs!
Their common inference is that the people will regret for their choice during these five years as Modi will damage the secular fabric of the nation. 
So naive are they that they still don’t want to see the reality that their negativism only helped Modi get stronger. They can’t even see that Bharat has been secular through out the history of 5,000- odd years and more and there were pseudo-secularists then too. 
Just think of the army of Lord Ram. It had all kinds of castes, creeds and breeds fighting for a unified Bharat. They all stood behind Ram and helped Him  decimate Ravan to rescue suppressed womanhood, symbolised by Sita, from his custody.
I can only say that the fate of liberandoos is now fear, anxiety and insecurity.
Krishna’s take on it   
What does Krishna call the negative minded in Sanskrit? How do they think and infer? Does anybody know?
 Okay. Let me make things clear to you. Krishna defines such persons in Discourse Seven of the Bhagwad Gita with the word अबुद्धयः। 
Read carefully Shloka 24 of the discourse. It says it all.
अव्यक्त्तं व्यक्त्तिमापन्नं मन्यन्ते माम अबुद्धयः।
परं भावमजानन्तो ममाव्ययमनुत्तमम्।।
It means—People of negative perception (अबुद्धयः = , anti + बुद्धयः with perception) believing Me (मन्यन्ते माम), who is beyond the manifested (अव्यक्त्तं), as a common manifested person, they deliberately continue to not know (अजानन्तः , not + जानन्तः deliberately continue to know ) My existence extending beyond the body mind system (अव्यक्त्तं) and hence they perceive Me, the continuous supreme reality, as something not supreme (ममाव्ययमनुत्तमम् = मम् अव्ययम् अनुत्तमम्  = Me, supreme continuous reality, asअनुत्तमम् = अन् not, + उत्तमम् relatively supreme) and as an ordinary person in human dimensions alone (व्यक्त्तिमापन्नं). Erudite scholars have translated अबुद्धयः as बुद्धिहीन व्यक्ति। But, I have a humble submission to make. How can  बुद्धिहीन व्यक्तिगण infer that Krishna is a guy next door with a body like them and not somebody supreme? Such inferences can only be drawn by the people of negative perception, those whose perception is negative since they can’t accept the positive aspect of somebody. In a nutshell, they deliberately ignore Krishna’s eminence.
Glimpse into negative mind
Krishna gives here a clear vision of the negative intellect and its bearer. Such a person doesn’t believe what is but only deliberately sees an opposite reality instead. Such people were present even during the times of Krishna, as they are now. They will deliberately perceive the negative and believe in it rather than seeing the reality as it is. 
How to deal with such people? Krishna gives the answer to it in the next shloka. The gist of it is —Since the negative minded, frozen mindsets, don’t want to see the reality, I too don’t show them. Rather I  hide the reality from them and allow them to get trapped in the building of  their own perception !
In the modern times, pseudo-liberals or liberandoos, as they are called, represent this class. They, in India, don’t want to see the higher dimension of Prime Minister Modi’s personality and continue to see the negative alone.  In fact, Krishna has left them caught in their own perceptions. They are now irrelevant to the common Bharatiyas. Because, they can’t and don’t want to see the reality but see only the negativities and suffer in their minds! Fear, anxiety and insecurity is their fate now. 

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