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Final Blow

Get up Bheem! Give Duryodhan the final blow now
Vivek Sharma 

Bharat will have to know that Duryodhan is always ruthless and aggressive. He propagates deception, lies and challenges all the laws and codes (dharmas) by bending them in his favour under Shakuni’s guidance.
Haven’t you learnt this in 70 years that Pakistan is nothing but Duryodhan and the ideology that it promotes belongs to Shakuni —the revengeful provocateur or terror mastermind! Incidentally Gandhar where Shakuni came from, is not far from the present day region demarcated as Pakistan.
As I had already mentioned in my earlier blog, Duryodhan won’t mind appealing to the Yudhishthirs in India and abroad to  plead for a fair chance to resolve the issue his way. That is what Pakistan is doing when its terror factory has been demolished by the Indian Air Force and one F-16 shot down by a Mig-21 pilot. The Mig crashed mid air and the pilot bailed himself out after shooting down the F-16. But, unfortunately he dropped in the Pakistan territory and Pakistan caught him. Now the pilot has become a bargain point for Pakistan as did Duryodhan when he pleaded to Yudhishthir for a fair chance of one-on-one battle with the Pandavas after he was paralysed waist down following a blow from Bheem. 
Can there be any fair chance for Duryodhan who has been unfair all through 70 years now? I would ask all the Yudhishthirs across India. Their mere intellectual gymnastics pointing to one fact—‘don’t kill Duryodhan, when he is asking for a fair chance to resolve the issues, peace is always a better option.’
What is peace
These fools don’t really understand that peace can be possible in the mind and the region only when you have dominated the negatives within and without. Had it been so, Krishna wouldn’t have agreed for the war to reach that peace which is only possible when the deserving, righteous  and meritorious person is in the throne. One ideology cannot bring peace. However, a harmony of ideologies, that has been Bharatiyata ever since the Mahabharat times, can bring it as it verily means peace. What is peace? It is a dynamic phenomenon wherein the sun prevails by dominating the entire solar system with its brilliance and splendour. Look  how beautifully different lifecycles (ideologies) co-exist under its light. There is symbiotic exchange and interdependence of all under its light. Even on earth, this light gives a chance to the darkness at night. How beautifully is everything co-existing? That is peace where dark night doesn’t encroach the domain of day light and viz-a-viz.  There is always a meaningful exchange of energies during junctions between the light and dark, but there is no battle for supremacy between the two. Darkness is nothing but a low frequency light itself. It simply means low light doesn’t try to overtake brilliant light. It just remains where it is naturally patterned to be. But, imagine a prolonged phase of darkness. What will happen? You will have a demand for light and you will eventually have light. The same applies to the light. Therefore, when darkness tries to prevail more than it is required, there is a natural reaction to reset the balance and spread light. During such time, the light will dominate and prevail naturally till the balance is rightly reset. This resetting of balance is peace. It is dynamic. It can happen only when there is a demand for it. Like when you hear loud sounds for quite some time, you have a natural demand for no sound. What you naturally get then is peace. Excess of ‘peace’, as intellectuals understand it,  is bad for growth and hence dark elements will come into being with the support of nature to reset the balance—peace—in that case too.
So peace is the end product of everything and not the aim! Bharat has to understand it. There is peace after the Mahabahrat. There is peace after the Ravana has been decimated. There is peace after Kansa has been killed. There is peace after Duryodhan is killed. It was not before all this happened. Don’t you know this?
Present context 
Bharat must dominate and prevail over Duryodhan, ignoring all its clever tacts to trap you in your own goodness. Remember! A trapped lion is good for nothing. The lion must regain its natural positioning in the jungle then alone we will be called Bharatiyas, the descendent of Bharat, the son of Shankuntala and Dushyant.  Bharat played with the lions during his childhood and regained his position as the rightful heir of Dushyant. Dushyant symbolises the end of negativity—dush means negativity, antah means the end that means peace. You can gain the state of peace only by ending the negativity. Bharat must not decimate Pakistan, but it should decimate the negativity in it—the Shakuni mindset— without getting trapped into Duryodhan’s tactics. 

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