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Modi catches
‘Dr Fixit-ted’ 
Oppn by the neck 
By Vivek Sharma

Charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all about his innate sincerity, dedication and commitment to pulling India ahead on growth and honour tracks. Nothing else it is. But, the opposition is taking too long to understand the phenomenon that he is unfolding everyday. 
Reason: The Aiyyars only see it with neech man! 
The opposition have no option but to evolve their political standards if they really want to match Modi’s march. That seems impossible as of now with a fractured opposition ‘Dr Fixit-ting’ themselves together and yet slavishly orbiting around Rahul Gandhi with as silly a reason as “the need of the hour.” 
I had a few interactions with some of the Left and Congress stalwarts on the issue in Delhi. They could only phrase the above quote to couch the fear —‘our survival is at stake.’ Their dilemma is palpable—pain within, smile on the face and fear of anti-corruption hammer in the heart! 
Well, it is well understood. But, Bharat needs a strong and positive challenge to Modi too. Not the one which we witness everyday, but the one which could promise ahead-of-Modi thinking and approach.  Mani Shankar Aiyyars, Chidmabarams, Digvijayas, pseudo-rationalists and award-wapsi brigade have no potential to evolve to the standards Modi has set with their present mindset steeped more in jealousy and hate than forward thinking for the country. They have practised low politics for so long that it has become their habit. And habits are hard to change. Their brand of politics is still raw, reactionary and now, after having a glimpse of a responsive politics from Modi, theirs can be bracketed as cave politics. Such is the time-gap between the two wrestlers in the ring—today’s Modi vs stone-age opposition.  No wonder then that the latter can only throw stones at him in political India and at the Indian army men in Jammu and Kashmir. 
All that the opposition does in the name of politics is reaction, which creates more confusion, raises more heat and the outcome is zero. Whereas Modi too keeps a Manmohanic silence. But, he fearlessly breaks it at the right time to release a response to the opposition. During his London visit, he did verify the fact through his poem. Instead of reciting it for the audiences, he conveyed to them the gist of it and said, “They throw stones at me, taking me for a threat. I keep my calm and make my pathway out of the stones and move ahead.”
What Bharat needs
India needs a good-stuff politics today, which has fortunately begun by Modi. But, we need to have more Modis. We can’t just depend on one. In fact, we need a mix of Manmohan Singh, the economist, and Modi, the honest politician. Let me boldly declare that Manmohan Singh is not a bad option if he gets his heart transplanted by that of Modi. Of course, this is impossible in the present scenario when we find Manmohan Singh   as present as a soldier missing in action.
 Rahul can never be an option, because he doesn’t use his brains and always takes cues from the Aiyyars, the Diggis and now India-haters in Pakistan. Pakistan’s loaded tweet on Tipu Sultan was not a coincidence. It only chirped Pakistan’s favour for Rahul’s bid to conjure up a super creative spin to outdo Modi’s charisma down south. But, Pakistan exposed it prematurely and media tore it apart like hungry wolves. Arnab, as always, did a fine Republic job of it and NDTV remained zip-lipped with eyes fixed on Congress masters.
 The people know it now that the Congress has a pro-Pak and pro-Muslim leaning to keep the Nehruvian crown on the head. Of course, it has now become a burden for some within the Congress, who are just waiting for the right moment to burst out of the Congress bubble and breathe a fresh political air. 
The rows of reason
Why pre-and-post independence controversies are surfacing everyday—be it Jinnah portrait row, Kashmir issue, Tipu Sultan, language issue, water disputes, name- change bid of universities, Vande mataram, Jawaharlal Nehru University’s Bharat key tukade-tukade row, now reaching Aligarh Muslim University, with direct links to J&K’s Pak supporters and many more? It is because a huge section of Indian society felt deprived, depressed and ignored even after India won independence from the British rule. 
It all started with Nehru ignoring Mahatma Gandhi’s wish for a united India, Jinnah, Nehru’s close friend, seconding the two-nation theory, with a pre-posture that he was unwilling to do so but had to do it as there was no option. Of course, it was all part of the strategy of the politically hungry post-British Raj young turks, who saw popular Mahatma, famous Netaji and patriot Sardar Patel as the three major obstacles.  It is then India got a new dynastic rule under Nehru and Bharat was left behind with Mahatma Gandhi and the likes. 
The same Bharat is now rising under Modi. This rise is not being liked by the power-hungry section which now feels psychologically sidelined by seeing the rise of Bharat. Unfortunately, the opposition is trying to lead this psychologically side-lined section to demolish Modi’s everyday growing stature but in vain so far. They fear very soon they would hear slogans “Bharat is Modi, Modi is Bharat.” It definitely wouldn’t be music to their ears. 
The takeaway
India needs more Narendra Modis to lead Bharat after Modi politics stales away and becomes monotonous in future. They should be ready now as our country shouldn’t undergo a leadership crisis and painfully suffer on social, political and economical spheres of global presence.
What is Modi politics? It is ‘no-politics’ politics that is making him popular worldwide along with Bharat to opposition’s chagrin.
What does ‘no-politics’ politics mean? It simply means positive politics which is obviously not the one that has been propagated by low-minded, low-brow and nonsensical reactionists.  It is the Mahabharat-time truth that during the battle between reaction and response, the response wins as it is a well-processed, well thought-out blow for a purpose. Whereas a reaction is just a vent to jealousy and hate without a purpose. It loses its drive after some time and drops on its knees like Duryodhan just before breathing his last.


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