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Huff-huff... Akhilesh has
Cong load on his cycle

Duryodhan was a great strategist as he struck an alliance with the powerful kings to fight the Pandavas. He was wiser as he got the great Karna--who was in all respects mightier than Krishna's favourite Arjuna-- to defeat the Pandavas. Yet, his side was decimated.

This only projects one principle--even the alliances of the powerful cannot defeat the side which stands a firm ground under a strong leader like Krishna. Now what to talk of the alliances of the weak! But, the Mahabharata pandits say Sandhis (alliances) do play a major role as part of Raj dharma. But, they often break as they are more of a strategic get-together than a strategy to defeat the powerful king.
Therefore, will alliance with the Congress work for Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh?

Load on cycle carrier

The Modi brigade is mounted on a horse and can run faster than Akhilesh’s cycle. The young Yadav has now Congress as a pillion rider on his cycle! It will be too much of a muscle work for Akhilesh to reach home with his 105-odd Congress brothers to fight for 400 plus Rajgaddis. But, what else was the option than agreeing to the handshake with the Congress?
The Congress is already undergoing an identity crisis here where Rahul’s charpaees were hauled away by villagers as a gift from nowhere. The Congress is trying to project Rahul’s sister Priyanka to charm voters in its favour as Rahul has almost lost his appeal in Uttar Bharat as he has elsewhere, barring Digvijaya and his mom Sonia's favourites. But, Akhilesh, who has just won a mock internal battle against his father, does have some support. However, that might not really work since he is in the battle with comparatively new faces. The surprise may prove to be a shock for him in the end as experiments are a big risk where the survival is at stake. Karna was a better warrior than Arjuna, by Krishna’s own reckoning.  But, he too lost everything he had as he chose the wrong side to fight for.
In the political battles too, everything depends on who you fight for and who you are with. The Congress party, which has already lost a very strong candidate in the form Rita Bahuguna Joshi— who had recently joined the BJP, is  under a bad star. Akhilesh will have to share his friend's bad luck too. Krishna, the great Yaduvanshi, had once said, “If you don’t choose your friends carefully, you may suffer as you are bound to share their fate as yours.” The same rule applies to Akhilesh. Isn't he depending too much on Dimple and his loving father, who has strategically slipped behind the scenes to see his elder son rise an independent political entity. Mulayam  also wants his step son Prateek's wife to hop into the fray from Cantt constituency in Lucknow against BJP's Rita Bahuguna. Akhilesh can't say no because he knows his father is doing everything he could to save the Yaduvansh in Uttar Pradesh. The Yadavs have a history of infighting since the times of the Mahabharata. But can Mulayam keep Prateek and Akhilesh together now and hereafter?  Voters are looking for dependable growth triggers, not speed breakers. The Samajwadi party's infighting drama may boomerang on it as the voter is well aware of the intentions--power only.

Lotus vs Pankaj

The Modi brigade already has a strong presence in Uttar Pradesh and its performance during the last Lok Sabha elections, especially in the state, is still stuck deep in the Congress and the Samajwadi leaders' hearts.  The BJP's decision to field Rajnath's son Pankaj Singh in Noida, has triggered protests from local BJP leaders. But, it is not going to have much impact as the RSS is very strongly for pro-Hindutwa faces and Pankaj has 15 years of experience as a BJP worker--everybody knows he has a support base. In fact, he is not a fresh face as his credentials and local influence have their own vantage point for the party. Political pandits say Pankaj’s choice is a smart move to counter the new-face charm of the Samajwadi Party and tell the political rivals that the BJP hasn’t run out of young faces in UP.

 The battlers are fully out with their cards. But, what remains to be seen now is which political party successfully projects itself as having the maximum number of growth carriers on their side! Because, as such, it is the battle for growth and prosperity of the state, which has so long remained away from industrial development. Weavers are a forgotten lot, local traders haven’t been encouraged by the successive governments here as they have been in other states and there are no foreign investments here. Economically, the state is on oxygen despite having a vast expanse of agriculture, industrial and human potential. It needs the hand which can attract an army of foreign investors, create new jobs and give youths what they want—digital life, well-paid jobs and a safe environment to work and experiment new projects in. People are wiser. They know what they want—another bout of a power hungry or a fresh chance to the growth brigade. Definitely, the latter. The Uttar Mahabharata too will reach its logical conclusion.

Vivek Sharma




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