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Congress hand in glove with Pakistan. What's Modi's next step? How China will find India a better bargain for its trade road than broken Pakistan. Read on!
 By Vivek Sharma

Politics is nothing but a clash between ego and wisdom. Believe it or not, ego follows the philosophy of khilafat, acquires others’ possession, aggressively fights for it and its self-assigned exclusivity. Whereas wisdom initially suffers, gradually wakes up and systematically decimates ego in its own game.
Look back into the history of mankind and you will find only these two elements at play. The battle of Mahabharat has been a great example of this and now is the Indian National Congress’ decline from India’s only nationalistic political outfit to anti-national group of a few, colluding with the like-minded beyond the boundaries to justify its ego, as the rightful heir to the Indian throne.
 In the battle of Mahabharat, with blind support from  Bheeshma and Dronacharya, Duryodhan and Shakuni used the political philosophy of Khilafat against the Pandavas. Khilafat is nothing but a strategic combination of  opposition of righteousness, denial of truth and peddling of lies to keep the righteous humiliated and out of power. Its main strength lies in gathering up the like-minded and obstinately opposing the righteous. Jealousy, hatred and opportunism are its weapons. Whereas, wisdom is like the fire which keeps burning down all the stratagem by piercing the core of khilafat and exposing its ugly intent time and again. Prime minister Narendra Modi summed up this strategy as chal main ched
Cong vs Nehruvian strain
The first Indian Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, managed his way to the throne breaking all norms, sidelining Mahatma Gandhi and using the latter to keep Sardar Patel out of the race for the throne. Patel had a majority support as the president of the Congress and was to become the first Prime Minister of India. But, Gandhi, at the insistence of Nehru —who often used the philosophy of Khilafat for personal gains— requested Patel to serve the nation as the home minister. Patel agreed. Nehru exercised khilafat  to usurp Patel’s position. Patel, like a wise man, began speedily working for the unification of India. Patel’s wisdom, straight forwardness and boldness prevailed and Hyderabad and Junagadh too got unified with India after an initial ego tantrums. They gave up because Patel was a rare combination of strategy, boldness and timing. Nehru, however, kept the matter of Kashmir with him despite Patel telling him that he would get it done without any problems. However, Nehru’s love to see Sheikh Abdullah, father of  Farooq Abdullah as the “owner” of Kashmir, made him keep Patel out of it. Kashmir’s then King Hari Singh, father of now Congress leader Karan Singh,  facing attacks by Pakistan army,  approached Nehru for merger of the state with India. But, Nehru disagreed as he had other plans on his mind—snatching power from Singh and giving it to Sheik Abdullah. Singh approached Lord Mountbatten  with a letter of accession. Lord Mountbatten was the  last viceroy of India (1947-1948). He served as viceroy from February 12,1947  till August 15, 1947. He then became the first Governor General of Free India from August 15, 1947 till June 21,1948. Since Nehru was in his denial mode for a purpose, Hari Singh had to approach Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten called Nehru, Patel and Sam Manekshaw to discuss the matter. Sam later rose as the chief of the Indian Army. He had played a strategic role in annexation of Hyderabad and Junagarh. He was reassigned as the commander of Gorkha Rifles in 1947. 
In front of Mountbatten too, Nehru began his speech to dodge the issue. But, Patel asked him in Hindi, “Nehru Kashmir Chahiye ya nahin.” Nehru had no option but to say, “ Haan”. He was not prepared to take a surprise question from Patel, a casual answer to this might expose Nehru in front of Manekshaw too. Patel turned to Manekshaw and told him, “ You have got your orders from the Prime Minister. Now do the needful.” The Indian army began forcing Pakistani army out of Kashmir.  The moment the Indian army was about to get the now-PoK, Nehru asked them to recede as Sheikh reportedly told him that he had got as much Kashmir as he sought support from.  The remaining part didn’t support him so he let it be there.  Everybody knows what happened thereafter. Nehru approached United Nations with Kashmir dispute. He made Sheikh the prime minister of Kashmir and made no further efforts to reclaim PoK..  As if it was not all, he even forced Ambedkar to include Article 370  as requested by Sheikh. Ambedkar told Nehru that it was against the provisions of the Indian Constitution, democracy and would be the cause of future problems. Nehru didn’t listen to him as he didn’t listen to others in this matter. However, the article was introduced as a temporary and transient provision. Nehru had to face a lot of flak over it. However, he prevailed over them with his khilafat strategy. During one of his conversations, he said, “It (Article 370) would fray away with the passage of time.”
 Probably, it was Nehru’s ego which didn’t allow him to be subordinated by the wise decision of Patel or Ambedkar. He always wanted his say come what may. The history of parliament of India is full of such episodes wherein he behaved like an extra-parliamentary authority. His actions mocked at the Constitution of India many times.  He would never listen to anybody else, but himself. It appears that he wanted to be praised by the posterities as a great leader. His association with Mahatma Gandhi gave him the idea. He knew full well that he could never match the merit and skills of Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose and others and hence he only aimed at the prime ministership and gave us Kashmir and China problems. In one word, he was nothing but ego and the Congress has only inherited this ego, at least the Gandhis who only resort to Khilafat strategy of Nehru. Ego doesn’t accept others and so has the Congress not accepted the wisdom of Narendra Modi. The party still thinks that he doesn’t deserve to be the Prime Minister of India despite people’s thumping mandate the second time. What is it if not Nehruvian ego?
Wisdom wins
Arjuna won the battle against ego (which is witnessed as Khilafat  for the wrong cause in action) during the Mahabharat war and so does Narendra Modi against the Congress. The Congress is just working for the destabilisers of Kashmir. 
As I have mentioned in my earlier blogs, in the first phase, Modi cleansed Kashmir of separatists on the ground, isolated Pakistan diplomatically, strategically and economically,  taught it a lesson through anti-terror strikes, put separatist leaders in Kashmir  under  NIA scanner. In the second phase, he intensified anti-terror operations in Kashmir and blocked infiltrations, put troublemakers behind bars and got Article 370 abrogated along with 35 A following a constitutional provision. His swift actions left Congress speechless when some of its prominent leaders expressed their solidarity with the Modi government’s decision.  He proved all rumour mongers wrong and now the Congress men are toeing the line of Pakistan to internationalise the issue and foment trouble in Kashmir. This again is the expression of Nehruvian Khilafat, which sees no wrongs in betraying the country for personal gains.  Kashmir is peaceful for now, of course due to the presence of the Army.  Common man in Kashmir has welcomed the decision. It is only a few handful with guns, Pakistan support who can try to disturb peace in the region. In fact, some ground reports say that all these elements infiltrated from Pakistan. They forced Pandits out of Kashmir by dint of guns to change the demography of the state. They too used the weapon of Khilafat to get rid of Hindu occupants of the valley.
What next?
So far, the Central government has effectively countered the designs of Pakistan in Kashmir, including its ISI-led fake news  factory. The counter will continue aggressively till social media platforms, BBC, New York Times and other foreign newspapers get the message that they should keep themselves away from becoming Pakistan’s propaganda machine.  I hope soon after August 15, 2019, the Modi government may shoot a formal letter to Pakistan giving it a deadline to vacate Pak Occupied Kashmir as it has to reorganise the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The same letter will be sent to the UN. India will refuse to buy arguments that PoK is a disputed territory.  China already knows that India is a better bargain than Pakistan for its road to pass through PoK. Because, India can mediate and  make  Baloochis agree to it too to make it a smooth affair.  
To my mind, this is a decisive moment for Pakistan’s existence. Its economy is in a shambles, PoK, Baloochistan, Sindh have already begun to raise their voice against Pakistan. They want to separate from it and be with India.  When India focuses on PoK, Pakistan will have no options but to shift its focus on PoK. This will automatically mean more Indian guns will be trained on PoK, that itself means minimal attempt to infiltrate terrorists into Kashmir. Reason: round-the-clock cannon vigil and aggressive defensive offence adopted by New India. India will make sure that Pakistan forces vacate the area. The moment it happens, the Indian forces will occupy their positions their. Meanwhile, Baloochis and Sindhis will give Pakistan rib and backbone pain. Pakistan will not be able to cope with the implosion within and explosion on the borders. It will break, that is what they should understand and avoid putting its feet on the landmines around Kashmir.
Modi’s strategy and wisdom will win. Don’t you see how his positive politics has rendered regional parties irrelevant.  The best way left for the Congress is to justify the word national in its name and appreciate Modi where he is right instead of remaining in the Nehruvian  khilafat mode and getting perished blow by blow.
I will quote a shloka from the Bhagwad Gita to corroborate what I have written. In the 16th discourse, shloka 9 Krishna clearly reveals what the Khilafat  philosophy is, how it works and how its followers face ugly situations and defeat again and again. 
एतां दृष्टिमवष्टभ्य नष्टात्मनो अल्पबुद्धयः।
प्रभवन्त्युग्रकर्माणः क्षयाय जगतो अहिताः।।
“ Basing their stand on falsehood, the people with no moral allegiance, ethical support system, full of selfishness and shortsightedness always take recourse to regressive, aggressive ideologies with an intent to destroy the world they live in.”


In shloka 19 of the same discourse, Krishna defines how He throws such people into worse situations again and again, meaning thereby that they cannot succeed in their gameplan ever as it is not planned by Him thus.

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