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Khilafat gangs: A fit case for mental reformatories
By Vivek Sharma

Some Khilafat gang maulanas say that Corona virus has been sent by Allah as a soldier to protect Muslims and punish America and other non-Muslim nations. And then they pray ‘O Allah! Keep the Corona virus away from us. Keep us safe and keep infecting our enemies!” 
This refers to a March 28 sermon by Muslim Imam Jamil al-Mutawa, at the White Mosque in Gaza. He celebrated Corona virus as the soldier of Allah against non-Muslims.
What level of sadism these so-called Islamists have reached! I only pity their mental state. It is no Islam but lunat-ism as what we are witnessing all around in India and abroad is nothing but small-mindedness and pettiness sprouting from a section of  Madarasa educated Muslims who are a fit case for mental reformatories. They may talk about Constitution of India on loud speakers, hold the Tricolour in hands, but all these are just devices to keep the right-minded people confused and the Goddess of Law blindfolded.
This community has some learned people too. But, when they don’t react to such statements the way they react to those made by non-Muslims, they only prove that they too come from the same ilk. 
Dangerous trend
This is dangerous. The Muslim community is inviting isolation worldwide. Numbers don’t matter when it comes to justice. Stubbornness has only one quality. That is non-acceptance to all pieces of sane advice. With such closed mindset, a major section of this community has already shut its mind to the truth and reality right in front. Now it will soon reflect on the physical plane too. In fact, it has begun manifesting in some cases.  I don’t wish ill for any community. But, of course, it is time to expose them to what their actions are really proving them to be. They are making them anti-goodness forces, asuras, as they say in Sanskrit. Those who violate the natural harmony and foolishly become the target of Nature in the wake. Accept it or not, actions return multiplied to the doer and there is no way one can, or any prayer can reverse this. Buddha too had warned the humanity of this natural law. If you associated with the evil, you become the evil and face the consequences due to the evil.
Code of co-existence
It is time all the people of the world, of all communities and creeds, understood it and learned to behave the right way. 
The code of co-existence has been set by Nature. Corona like epidemics only convey Nature’s message to all — learn to behave before it is too late. There is no democratic tolerance in Her. She makes you suffer if you make any children of Her suffer—may it be an ant, a bird or a cow or a goat. She has given everybody the right to live. None has the right to take others’ life. 
It is time to leave all forms of extremism—mental, physical, ideological or religious. The need of the hour is to get Her message straight and clear and mend our ways. That is how Krishna had pleaded to the Kauravas to be judicious and give the Pandavas their due and avoid the Mahabharat. But, when the Mahabharat began, He was the most ruthless among all. He neither allowed Arjuna to spare Bheeshma nor Drona nor Kripacharya nor Duryodhan and Shakuni. He called Himself death personified. I can only share this with good last attempt to rekindle the fire of sanity in us. Let’s follow the code of co-existence as willed by Nature.



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जय महाऋषि जमदग्नि

This is a beautiful post, I have been reading all the posts from a very long time :) and it has really given me a different perspective of life and everything ! Great going in this harsh world this is some kind of relief ! Good luck

Very well explained.action and reaction both are clearly explained.

I feel that it is the simplest way to guide us to get up and start performing for good, as expressed that we are better than a ditch any given day.