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By Advaita

 Cat Me-owing and Maa coming

Meow! Meow! The sound was unmistakable. But, where was it coming from? I was clueless. There was no cat nearby. At least, I couldn’t see one.

Yet, the meowing continued. Clearly, it was a distress call. I craned my neck from my comfortable seat below a sac…

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By Advaita

An act of kindness

It was my daughter’s birthday. The summer was at its peak. One did not dare venture outdoors during the day, for love or for money. The evening was much more bearable, good enough to permit low-key celebrations. And there was the customary visit to a temple to mark the occasion…

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By Advaita

Putting the right foot forward
A shoeblack chased Easterner on a Tuesday morning. The boy may not have been more than 12 years old. Easterner was familiar with the street. But, he had not seen the shoeblack there before.
Easterner’s unfashionable slip-ons needed a shine. Still, he he…

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Focal Point

J&K:Left,Write and Centre

By: Deeksha Sharma, Assistant Professor and Research Scholar, Lucknow

Oh! I want to do something offbeat and novel! Let's become a leftist. Oh no! Leftists are too last-summer."The sheer  excitement that comes with the adventure of speaking differently is not solely yours…

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Jai ho...
Jai ho Yogeshwar...
Jai ho Gyaneshwar...
Amazing amazing amazing...

Jai ho.
Come on scientists! You have much to do now in line with this.

Jai ho.
What a scientific revelation. But how many can understand it? May god give all capacity to understand these truths.

Wow wow wow! Simply amazing.
Jai ho, jai ho, jai ho.

I invite modern scientists to go through this blog. There is much hint for new researches and discovery.