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J&K:Left,Write and Centre

By: Deeksha Sharma, Assistant Professor and Research Scholar, Lucknow

Oh! I want to do something offbeat and novel! Let's become a leftist. Oh no! Leftists are too last-summer."The sheer  excitement that comes with the adventure of speaking differently is not solely yours any longer- Leftists. The leftists have been dominating the intellectual groups for so long  that the  leftist stance seems to be beaten to death now.So, quit it and find yours.Is being a leftist always about politicising victimisation and calling for equal rights for everyone?If yes, then  Where are the leftists when the army men are killed, slaughtered, butchered daily!Why does their clarion call for human rights suddenly lose volume when it comes to kulbhushan jadav''s rights!Do these human rights only belong to Afzal Guru and Kasab!I am sorry, but if that is being a leftist, it's hypnotising oneself to see incidents only from one frame. AND THAT'S NOT INTELLECTUAL .Stop counting yourself as an intellectual if you are a leftist, rightist, this-category or that -category.Because an intellectual may seem like taking a stance which may be leftist or rightist but he/she himself can never be categorised.An intellectual reseaches,digs deep, finds , ascertains and then acts.Not like pseudo-whatevers suiting the facts to their perception.All story telling. Incidently, India, as a democracy, is full of such wonderful storytellers...suiting fact to the fiction of their imagination..& Arundhati seems to be acing the group at the moment or was it just a non-serious publicity stunt to skyrocket the sale of her new book.

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