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An act of kindness

It was my daughter’s birthday. The summer was at its peak. One did not dare venture outdoors during the day, for love or for money. The evening was much more bearable, good enough to permit low-key celebrations. And there was the customary visit to a temple to mark the occasion.

As we entered the temple compound, the serenity of the place was hard to miss. As we passed by the temple office, a gentleman at a desk under the canopy of a large tree greeted us. The occasion being an auspicious one, we were hoping to get prasad (consecrated food). When we made the request, the gentleman, whom we shall call Mr D, seemed a little embarrassed as he was unable to arrange the prasad for us at that time. We, too, felt a little disappointed.Anyway, we went upstairs and paid obeisance to the deity and then left for home.

On the way home, my cell phone sprang to life. Mr D from the temple was at the other end. He said he had been able to arrange prasad for us. By then, we had gone too far ahead and it was not possible for us to return to the temple. 

Once home, I regretted not having gone back to the shrine to collect the prasad, which Mr D had gone beyond his call of duty, to arrange for us. Shedding my usual sloth, I decided to go back to the temple, a good 15 km from home.

Getting there in time would be tall order, I realized. There was less an hour to go for the temple to close. Besides, I had no transport of my own and app-based cabs were yet to make their presence felt. Taking the Lord’s name, I set out in quest of prasad.  Luckily, I found a three-wheeler, whose driver was willing to take me to the temple and back for a very reasonable fare. All through the commute, my heart kept pounding due to the fear that I would not make it in time. Fortunately, my fear proved unfounded.

 On reaching the temple, I was apprehensive that Mr D may not be there. To my surprise, he was still present, apparently not having given up hope of my return. I thanked him profusely, collected the prasad and went upstairs to the temple in a gesture of thanksgiving. A complete stranger had gone out of his way to help a little fellow like me. This was the Lord’s mercy — the real prasad.



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Jai ho...
Jai ho Yogeshwar...
Jai ho Gyaneshwar...
Amazing amazing amazing...

Jai ho.
Come on scientists! You have much to do now in line with this.

Jai ho.
What a scientific revelation. But how many can understand it? May god give all capacity to understand these truths.

Wow wow wow! Simply amazing.
Jai ho, jai ho, jai ho.

I invite modern scientists to go through this blog. There is much hint for new researches and discovery.