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Musalman-ism and Ishlam are not one

Let not religion become a political tool for supremacy

By Vivek Sharma

Is aggression part of religion? No. But, when a religion becomes politically ambitious, aggression becomes its basic driving force. Aggression always comes with its wife disruption and children, hate and violence. Now you can see how aggressive religion is nothing but a tool to fulfill political ambition. Wherever there has been such aggressive incursions, domination of the mild occurred and later the mild got together into one sea, rose like a tsunami and consumed the domination of the divisive forces.

Today we are facing, exactly the phase wherein the domination of aggressive religion has to be dissipated. Look around and you will find how aggressive politicism is raising its hood everywhere—Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bharat, Bangladesh, Japan, Korea and even China. But, the epicentre of this change is central Asia, Bharat to be precise. 


Let’s catch its roots


Before I get into the details of it, I would like to give you a glimpse of how 5000-odd years ago, Ved Vyas had predicted the plight that we face today in the Bhavishya Puran. So, exact and so precise, yet we only put Nostradamus on top and amaze at his vague predictions as ‘oh so exact’! Actually, we have been systematically brain-washed by a sham secular brigade which only believes in secularism which serves their purpose and keeps up their exclusivity. Anything against this formula is threat to them. 

Yes, I am talking about Musalman-ism and those who believe in the same ideology. I have nothing against Islam, which is nothing but a combination of two Sanskrit words, ईश + लम् , ईश means the All Pervasive Ruler of the Worlds, लम् means the love for. Therefore, ईश + लम् means the love for the All Pervasive  Ruler of the worlds. As a path, it means the way which disciplines you as the lover of the All Pervasive  Ruler of the Worlds. ईशलम् has been existent well before Islam, its crude, derivative came into being with the advent of Muhammad. However, ईशलम् before was particularly the Vedic system of loving God, it had no aggression then. Therefore, we can very well separate it from what we have in its crude name today. 



Created for Chaos


If you have gone through the Tripurasura samvad in the Puranas, you will come to know that Lord Vishnu created a bald man with clad in white clothes, covered face and instructed him to propagate anti-Vedic ways. He didn’t name that person then. Later, in the Bhavishya Purana, we get the line clear when Suta Ji predicting about Kaliyuga and talking about how Raja Bhoj, the Tenth, crossing Kashmir, Gandhar and Sindhu River reached the Shiva temple in the desert, after having defeated mlecchas, tribals and nomads. He worships the Shiva there and then gets the instructions from Him. Shiva or  Isha tells him how the land from Sindhu River till this place had been polluted by the nomads and that he should get back to his place immediately.

Shiva tells Raja Bhoj, the tenth.

म्लेच्छैस्सुदूषिता भूमिर्वाहीका नाम विश्रुता।

आर्यधर्मो हि नैवात्र वाहिके देशदारुणे ।।

बभूवात्र महामयी यो असौ दग्धो मया पुरा।

त्रिपुरो बलिदैत्येन प्रेषितः पुनरागतः।।

अयोनिः स वरो मत्तः प्राप्तवान्दैत्यवर्धनः।

महामद इति ख्यातः पैशाचकृतितत्परः ।।


This means—The land, where the king had offered the pujas to Shiva, is known as Vaahik, where aarya dharma, human dignity and superiority, is not even in traces. Even My place has been sullied. Tripura, whom I had burnt alive in his last birth, is reborn, who will be instrumental in growth of those who would crush and dominate the people with evil and disharmonic activities. He is known as Mahamad, who will naturally be inclined to activities which use force and are against human laws.


Mahamad’s Ideology


The Bhavishya Puran mentions that this Mahamad confronts the king near the Sindhu while the latter was returning and spoke to him in sweet words and almost convinced him to accept his ideology. However, a servant of Mother Kali, Kalidas, a pandit who accompanied the king, saved the king and burnt Mahamad with his power. This is metaphorical — burning means depriving Mahamad of his mortal garments, however, allowing him to remain as the spirit. According to the Puran, his followers took his relics to Vahik. They placed the relics in the middle of the land. It is called Madhinpur (now Madina), now a pilgrimage for Mahamad’s followers. The death of Mohammad too is shrouded in controversy—some say he was offered a poisoned lamb by a Jewish girl, some say he died of illness, some say he died of illness after having the poisoned lamb offered by a jewish girl.  Jews are fire worshippers and hence the Bhavishya Puran says Mahamad was burnt.

About Mahamad’s ideology, Shiva puts it in a few words spoken by Mahamad to King Bhoj.


उवाच भूपतिं प्रेम्णा मायामदविशारद:।

तव देवो महाराज मम दासत्वमागतः।।

ममोच्छिष्ठं सभुञ्जीयाद्यथा तत्पश्य भो नृप।

इतिश्रुत्वा तथा दृष्ट्वा परं विस्मयमागतः ।।


 It means—Mahamad spoke to King Bhoj in a sweet voice. Your Shiva, O King, has become my slave. He eats my leftovers, see this for yourself. Seeing this, the king got confused and taken aback. 

Your Shiva is my slave, he eats my leftovers, see for yourself—this statement gives the entire philosophy of Mahamad. They have scorn for Hindu idols and treat them as badly as they treat slaves. And they will act everything to show to the world, to convince the world with manufactured proofs of their claim. They circulate lies convincingly. Now see around yourself. Aren’t majority of believers of Mohammad doing it all around you? Think and analyse. Don’t hate anybody. But, devise a way to deal with such creatures.

Mahamad reveals to the king in his spirit form and says that he is doing it as the command of Isha Himself. He admits that Arya dharm is the supreme dharma and gives the signs to identify his followers.


रात्रौ स देवरूपश्च बाहुमायाविशारदः।

पैशाचं देहामास्थाय भोजराजं हि स अब्रवीत्।।

आर्यधर्मो हि ते सर्वधर्मोत्तमः स्मृतः।

ईशाज्ञया करिष्यामि पैशाचं धर्मदारुणम्।।

लिंङ्गच्छेदी शिखाहिनः श्मश्रुधारी स दूषकः।

उच्चालापी सर्वभक्षी भविष्यति जनो मम।।

विना कौलं च पशवस्तेषां भक्ष्या मता मम।

मुसलेनैव संस्कारः कुशैरिव भविष्यति जनो 


तस्मात् मुसलवन्तो हि जायतो धर्मदूषकाः। 

इति पैशाचधर्मश्च भविष्यति मया कृतः।।

It means—at night, Mahamad in his spirit form appeared before the king and admitted that Arya Dharm is the best dharm, know it for sure. I am propagating disharmonic dharm under the command of Isha (Shiva) Himself. My followers will get their penis circumcised. They will not keep any tuft but will have beard without moustaches and corrupt everything that exists. They will create uproar, raise voices against everything. They will sacrifice animals without proper Vedic traditions. Instead of following the kusha sanskaar, they will follow musal (मुसलेनैव संस्कारः a surgical instrument with a crescent- shape or club-like cutting edge, used in circumcision. Musal is also the event when the moon is in its crescent shape with a star). Since they will follow the musal traditions, they will be called मुसलवन्तो—मुसलमान, who shall be धर्मदूषकाः violaters of human laws. And the same way, this disharmonic dharma created by me, shall reach its end. 


Violence Dynamics


Now look around with objectivity. What do you find during anti-CAA protests, JNU violence? A log of false propaganda, voices, violence and a ceaseless effort to convince people that CAA is anti-Musalman. They are just doing what Mahamad of Bhavishya Puran had talked about his followers—तस्मात् मुसलवन्तो हि जायतो धर्मदूषकाः— मुसलवन्तो—मुसलमान, who shall be धर्मदूषकाः violaters of human laws. There is only one way to deal with such fellowmen. Use power the right way against them and uphold human dignity. The only solution to this ever-growing problem of false propaganda, uproar and baseless opposition is to strictly enforce the power of law. Don’t be sparing in your approach even if there is a lot of clamour against it. Uttar Pradesh chief minister and union home minister Amit Shah are making use of the law the right way. In fact, there should be more such examples—lathi of the law for the disharmonic and hugs of love for the harmonic. Let not religion become a political tool for supremacy.



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