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How to overcome fears, I tried but it grips me now and then?

Question by: Agrima Saxena,M.A. English,Lucknow
First, understand that fear is one of the emotions we have. It always grips you when your sense of inbuilt wrong and right —-your moral meter—begins to beep. Just take a message and if possible correct your action, reaction and emotional grammar. Like, if you fear cockroaches, your mind is telling you to get away from it and popping a weak option fight with it. It is natural to get away. So you choose that. Once you get away, the fear of cockroach will go. But, it will come again with the cockroach!
So we need a permanent solution to the problem. For that we will have to understand the dynamics of its generation and then overcome it. Neurologists say that your brain knows when to fight and flight and you choose the easier option. But, the Bhagwad Gita says unless you make your brain stop giving you neurological options — flight or fight—you cannot actually uproot fear from you memory—of the present or the past.
Krishna gives the answer in Shloka 56 of Chapter 2 of the Gita. The last line has the key to succeed. Veetraagbhayakrodhah sthitdheermuniruchyatey. Veetraagbhayakrodhah…means without attachment, without fear and without anger, your brain loses the option of fight or flight and stabilises in balance—dynamic peace. But, what Krishna is saying here is something more profound. He says “attachment, fear and anger” make a series of cause and effect. Attachment is the cause of fear and anger. Fear is flight here and anger represents fight. These options are reactions which generate from attachment—so get rid of attachment first and the two will die down themselves. Through practice you can get rid of your fears permanently. In case of an object of fear, you are actually attached to that object directly or indirectly. So severe that attachment, whichever way you like and you will be free from fear. The same applies to your unseen fears or the fear of the unknown. Just repeat within that it is just my attachment with the unknown that my brain is reacting to as fear. So remember the known—Krishna and the fear will go away. Practice is the key. Just keep applying the wisdom that attachment is the cause of fear and finally your brain will respond to it and you will stop having the impulse of fear. We fear death, some say. They are attached to the thought of death as all taking. We fear ghost, others say. They are attached to the memory of a ghost. Smriti means stored up dead images—you make them live through practice of seeing them! Those who fear the future are actually not focused on the present and are attached to the future. They should cut themselves off the future.--VS


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