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How justified is the practice of energy healing or chi-kung?

Question by: Bhavini Dubey, Student(MA in philosophy), Lucknow

As we have already discussed through various blogs that the entire creation is just a vibration of Intelligent Energy, the concept of the healer and the healed is just a poor imitation of the cosmic principle. The principle is that the energy travels from the source to the receiver. The Intelligent Energy is the source and we all are the receivers. The sun is the secondary receiver and the intermediary source but it cannot be called the Source.  Because it is just the conductor of the energy which is without retention or with a very little retention.Whatever it is retaining is burning it up. In the  course of time, the Sun will totally burn out. But why does it burn? It is because it has got some retentive ego, which is being healed by IE and we see a blazing wonder. That is the reason why only some rays of the sun are beneficial and some harmful. The same way if A claims to be a healer then A is retaining some energy which will first heal it. That  is the reason why 100% healers feel the heat in the backbone, hands, heads and other parts of their body. The problem is not with the Intelligent Energy. It is with the receivers.Their reception is very low. There is only one healer and the rest are poor receivers! This makes the idea of many healers and many  healed redundant. So if the healer (the poor receiver)  wants to heal another poor receiver then there is going to be a problem. As long as the healer knows that he is healing, the healing cannot happen. The reason is your awareness that you are healing this in fact is an obstruction of the energy so when the healer is healing through whichever technique he should first heal himself—meaning unless the ego limitation is gone, the energy flow will burn the ego down first. That is the reason why so many so-called healers complain of heat in their body, brain, stomach, backbone in this process they use up their material energy wealth instead of becoming the conductor of the intelligent energy. In a nutshell, if we think of a person like Krishna as a healer then Krishna just steps aside and lets the reciepient receive the direct energy. The Intelligent Energy needs no instrumentality. One needs to step aside. Unless you step aside, the reception does not take place. There is only One Healer (IE). The rest are receivers. Let’s understand it--VS

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