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Why is there so much of disparity?
Question by: Sakshi Agarwal, Teacher

Sakshi, in one line it is due to the difference in our experiences. Potentially, we all are from the same source. But, all this differs due to the difference in our experiential assets.
Experiential stuff is our building material—we build our brain, nerves, senses and bodies with this material. This is the reason why even brothers and sisters of the same parents differ so much in perception. 
 You can better understand it through the analogy of the solar system. All the planets have come from the sun. But, they all have different experiential stuff which gives them different orbits of movement and properties. 
However, we have to learn one thing from them. They, like humans, don’t try to breach into others’ orbits. The moment they do it, we will all be destroyed. However, we, humans, are always trying to make others like us. This is not equality. This is a selfish attempt to have only one kind of people on the earth. If I turn my wife like myself, I will be my own wife then. I will lose her. 
Accept disparity as the plan of nature and respect it. Know your orbits of personal interactions. Maintain your self-respect and allow others to do so also. Now the only thing left in inter-human relations is doubt. 
If somebody doubts you, he or she is expecting you to be like him or her. Clarify your stand once and then move away to a safe distance. Because, doubt is not your problem. Just wait and don’t engage with that person on the point of doubt for some time. And whenever it arises, just convey your point. 
In fact, doubt is a sign of weakness. Nothing else it is. Weak people need strength and not instructions. In Discourse Ten of the Bhagwad Gita, Krishna says that all the emotions emanate from Him alone in different ways. This simply means that if somebody is acting inimically, it is just because of the different expression of that emotion. Why the difference? The expression of emotions is directly related to you experiential knowledge. A snake will hiss to express it, a yogi will say Om to express it, a solider will fire bullets to express it, an angry man will express it through anger….But, this nowhere means that you don’t express yourself. You have the right to express yourself too. But, you have no right to make others follow you! Be conscious of your orbit all the time.--VS


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