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Menstruating females not allowed worships, is it right?

Question by: Bhavini Dubey,Student,Lucknow

This kind of ponga-panditism is going on for ages in India and adjoining areas. I can only laugh, as this is the most productive period of a woman’s life and is best suited for worshipping God instead. But, some conservative males propagated this nonsense and females very ardently carried it forward with the associated thought that they are impure during this time.
I am amazed to find that none of the women have ever thought about it carefully. Had they done it before, they would have rejected the idea of impurity forced upon them by some. It has sunk so deep in their psyche now that they associate their cyclical duty with impurity or being impure! Absurd.
 Two points are enough to demolish the idea. (1) Who has given the cyclical ovulation duty to women—God or women herself or those men who find it impure? (2)  If ovulation is impurity then all men are impure as they have come out of these eggs only. If men and women are born impure then both shouldn’t ever worship God, going by the ponga-panditism.  We all are impure. We consume impure food, we keep impure ideas and thoughts in mind, we breathe in impurity and share it! 
Throw out all such ideas. Krishna has demolished this mindset way back. It is our bad luck that none has gathered the facts yet. In His 9th discourse He clarifies that ‘whoever, even loaded with situational impurity, worships Me with the mental surrender to Me, like women and those engaged in cleansing works and the business-minded, gain right speed and direction on the evolutionary path. Consider even the worst of evil-doers as good ones when they worship Me with whole heart.”
That means even if you are in a dirty or impure situation, you can worship Me and get ahead. Doesn’t it demolish the anti-mensural mindset?
In fact, women are best tuned to meditation and worship during this time as they are biologically, psychologically and bodily harmonised to worship God—everything gets relaxed during this time. They have mood swings because they are not allowed to worship God. During this period, they quickly connect to God—the creative principle.
Now the most basic fact—God has directly created this for women as her dharma. During this time, she is in her purest moods and her words become the words of God. One of the reasons that she was advised rest and isolation during this time was this that if she got angry people would be thrown into worst situations as her words would come true. But, never was she disallowed worship of God. All the information that you will  quote against it is man made, not God said! Draupadi was rajaswala when she was humiliated—her words of anger finished even the mightiest like Bheeshma, Drona etc as they sided with the wrong. She instead during that time was protected by Krishna Himself. He gave her a saree. She felt his protective touch —-Krishna never got impure and angry with this. Ha ha ha hah .
What Krishna says about it?
He says it clearly in His discourse 10, shloka 8 that all cyclical processes, right from the cosmic ones to those in the human bodies, are set in motion by Him. The one who knows this fact, worships Me with bhaav. So, how can menstrural cycle make a woman impure? Instead He says know this fact and worship Me because I set the cycle in motion. 
Doubting Thomases will keep doubting. Let them. Women should know this and resolve the right way. You are most powerfully connected to God during these days. Respect your menstrual dharma and respect yourself.  --VS


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