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How to remain unaffected by happiness and depression while achieving our goal?

Question by:Mansi Vaish, Research scholar, Lucknow

Always keep your eyes on the goal and go for it. You have asked a very important question, which wants us to understand the difference between a result and a goal. People always mistake the one for the other. They are two different things.
A result is what you have described as happiness and sorrow. They indicate the state of the mind in consequence of the continuity of your efforts. But, the goal is the destination you have to reach. Just keep an analogy in your mind—a road to Hazratganj is action, various experiences that you have on the road are the result and the destination Hazratganj is the goal. Whatever you face on the way—may it be traffic, diversion, turns, stopovers, restaurants or a terrible brawl are all results. They all are diversionary. If you focus on the them or engage in them or indulge in them, you will delay your way to the destination. Isn’t it? Therefore, in order to reach the destination, you have to keep moving experiencing them. The goal has to be reached and should be reached like a passenger on a bus. He watches and experiences all the thuds and thunders on the road, but he keeps praying to God to help him reach his home. What he is doing actually is focusing on the goal not on the result! Krishna’s shloka karmanyevadhikarastey …has been wrongly interpreted even by the giants only on one count—-they mistook the goal for the result—phal! The same way happiness and sorrow on the way are just experiences—that is what Krishna loudly clarifies in discourse 2. Keep moving towards your goal and reject the results! Look at a mango tree! Mangoes hang from the branches, but they are not at the root or at the peak —the direction of the tree’s growth. The mangoes are fruits, you will taste them as you climb up or climb down the tree. But, going up or down is the object, the goal and not the fruit.  Action has a direction towards the goal and not the fruit! Got it? Yes. If your goal is to pluck the ripe mango then whatever falls on the way is the result and has to be avoided to reach the goal (the ripe mango). Because, your action links to the goal and not to the diversions on the road. Isn’t it? --VS 


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