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An honest person is challenged by corrupt at workplace?

Question by: Gunjan Patel, Manager,Surat, Gujarat

So what? The Pandavas were challenged by the corrupt Kauravas! The situation is the same—the difference may be in degrees. Duryodhan didn’t allow the Pandavas to do anything to reclaim their kingdom or display their merit. He had even antagonised Bheeshma, Drona and Kripacharya against the Pandavas. They were the ones the parentless Pandavas looked up to for help and moral support. But, they too directly supported Duryodhan under their selfish pretexts. 
Likewise, the bosses in the office, even those who like you and appreciate you, will not mean any harm to you, but will not help you either when you are surrounded by the corrupt! Because, supporting you (only one) will pit them against the many and their position will be in danger. See, when not even the Bheeshma could think beyond protecting the throne of the Kauravas and openly pledged to fight against his own dear Pandavas, then what to expect from the bosses!
First, accept the situation as a reality and stop expecting anything from those you may think will act like a judge or help you out and say “You are right.” Second, as you have learnt during the introduction session of the Gita, a situation is just a projection..., just believe in it and dissociate with the corrupt in the memory and associate with Krishna, or yourself or any form of God you believe in. 
Do it daily till you feel the hold of the corrupt associates has weakened within. You will find that they will lose hold on you outside also. But, don’t be a fool to change them. Change yourself as a powerful person is the message of the situation, not to change them. Once you are really powerful, you will find people may follow you. But, your goal is to empower yourself  against the corrupt and the evil and not to change them. Remember one principle—when you resolve within you evolve ( become intelligent and power) without. Krishna asked Arjuna to continue action, continue the fight without any fever of passion. Because, the fever of passion only indicates your reaction against the people you are pitted against and also that you haven’t yet resolved within. But, when you don’t show passions, you don’t react and you develop a strong response, which will manifest one day with its full power. Depend on the one who is in every heart! Krishna says —sarva dharmaan parityajya… throw out all the ideas and impressions you have gathered as true so far. Maamaekam sharanam vraj, make Me your centre of being. What will He do? Ahama twa sarva papebhyo makshayishyami maa sucha —I will relieve you of all the evil and negative impacts of those adoptions. Just don’t worry!
When such an open promise has been made by Krishna, I don’t think you should worry about the petty Kauravas. They are just to help you evolve. Make the best of it.--VS


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