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How can one inspire one’s counterpart with spirituality?

Question by:Gunjan, Manager, Surat

Gunjan, there is nothing like mass spirituality, as everybody can’t be a doctor or engineer! Everybody has his own level of understanding things. It is a fact, as you have mentioned in your question itself, that one cannot inspire the other into spirituality unless the one has not reached the goal oneself.

Therefore, what remains now is a seeker vs non-seeker situation. Why do you want the non-seeker to go your way when you yourself refuse to go the non-seeker’s way? But, it does become the cause of constant friction when you have a non-seeker as your very own. In such cases, draw a line of non-interference around the zone of conflict and interact more in the zone of harmony. Make it a pledge with your spouse—don’t question my way, as I don’t question yours and let us talk where we get along well. Make it a principle of co-existence. Krishna says in the Gita,  swardharmah vigunah shreshthah ( your personal way of life is, even if it looks useless to others or yourself, is better for you). Therefore, follow what you think is your way. You have the right to follow that the same way as the other has the right to follow his/her way.  In the 18th discourse, Krishna has made it very clear that the critical, nonbelievers, non-seekers, don’t qualify for the discourse. There has been a Vit G on it. Please refer to it. Discourse 18/shlok 67. It says:

“This God idea shouldn’t be shared with those who have no zeal to realise new truths, have no loving devotion, no acceptance and are always critical of it.”

However, it is a fact that you will have to be patient, determined  and faithful in your endeavour. Leave the rest to God Himself, as He alone has the power to supervene, intervene and engineer a positive change. Remember! Experience is the greatest teacher.--VS

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