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How does music connect to spirituality?

Question by: Snigdha Mishra,Student / M.Com in Applied Economics
Sound has a deep connect with our psycho-physical constitution. It is the sound which has manifested as seven scales in music. But, they are just an aspect of The Sound I am talking about. The real sound remains in the form of creative vibration in the universe , which gives every particle in the universe a rhythm. 
 The same vibration has created the sun, the moon the earth and the planets. The same vibration has formed the intellect, the mind and the body and its various organs which go on the beat. The beat is Chanda—the joining note of rhythm.  The old rishis identified them in the Samveda. The Veda gives you a glimpse of how your energy is connected with a sound in a graduating order. To make it simple, your intellect vibrates with a sound of a particular frequency, your mind with another and your body with a harmonic mean. The mind complex is the arrangement of these sounds and sub-sounds. One thing we have to understand is that energy and consciousness are synonymous. Energy vibrates and a sound is created. Therefore, sounds have an effect on your mind. Some sounds may disturb it and some systematically arranged can calm it down. Krishna in Chapter 10 of the Bhagwad Gita says, “I am Samveda among Vedas.” It doesn’t mean other Vedas have been rejected by Him. It is just to show to the people that He essentially is the vibration of eternal energy—the eternal sound. The sound which has created everything—including various notes in the music! When you practise a note, your energy is released into that sound and your mind experiences an eternal harmony with the Krrisha—The undying Mother Energy. This harmony makes you peaceful. Therefore, sound is a tool to unlock and harmonise your trapped energies. Where are these energies trapped? In various repressed sounds stored up in the memory as unresolved experiences. A note is the key to unlock your energy trapped in these experiences. Practise of the notes with breath control itself is a sadhana—called laya sadhana, which is the crude fragment of the word  Pranava—OM. Pranava literally means condensed energy vibration! Therefore, music is a great tool to unlock yourself. All great saints, Avataras had had expertise  in it. Krishna played flute, Narad  Veena, Meera Ektara, Ganesh Mridangam, Shiva Damaru, Kabir, Hrraidas, Tulsidas etc practised Ragas. Refer to my blog--VS

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Come on scientists! You have much to do now in line with this.

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What a scientific revelation. But how many can understand it? May god give all capacity to understand these truths.

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I invite modern scientists to go through this blog. There is much hint for new researches and discovery.