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Why there is so much crime against women?

Sujata Fadnavis, Tourism Sector, Mumbai
Sujata, we will have to get first what crime is. It is basically the violation of somebody—physically and  emotionally. What is this violation? It is the violation of somebody’s right. What is a right? Your will. Therefore, crime is basically a violation of somebody’s will. Isn’t it?
If your boss overrides your will, you feel violated and hurt. Therefore, the fallout of this violation is the feeling of hurt. That means violation of will necessarily leads to injury. 
Now why is there so much crime against women? Because, she is the natural possessor of will, which she sometimes asserts and many time doesn’t. Let us also know what man has. Man has the sense of ego. He wants to possess everything. Therefore, basically it is a clash between ego and will. Even an animal has ego, but humans alone have will. And among them women command it more than men! In fact, Nature has already settled this dispute by ego surrendering to will. You can read a number of Shiva Shakti dialogues and understand it. But, this is what women have to realise within themselves. If they realise it and make use of their will, ego will be disciplined and crime rate will come down. Now please don’t give me the argument that women cannot take on men as they are physically strong. Believe me there is nothing higher than will in the universe. But, women will have to refine it to perfection and use it. Why should women commit suicide after rape? They should fight back and exercise their will like Shakuntala. And, good news is, this has begun to happen all over the world. Now there is a difference between the women of 60s and the women of the 21st century. And this difference is the difference in their exercising the will. Krishna very subtly reveals the answer in shlok 34 of chapter 10 of the Bhagwad Gita.
He says: (Among men) I am  the all-destroying death and cause of rebirth. Among women I am glory, wealth, speech, memory, intelligence, will and the all conquering Kshama (no English translation for this).


What is that which is the cause of death and rebirth? It is ego—the acquired ownership and possessed hope. Acquired ownership of what is not yours is the cause of death and possessed hope is the cause of brith. Sanskrit word Ahamkaar explains it. A means aksharah and hamkaar means destroyer—that which makes you associate with the body as indestructible. It should unite you with the existence then it raises your to the indestructible.  This wrong association with the body is called ego. Why? Because, it is the body which dies, but you think, it doesn’t. Therefore, ego is the cause death, all associations, except with the Truth, must die is the rule. Again after death, you still have some more to achieve. That is ego and that is the cause of rebirth. In a nutshell, man exercises his ego to exist and women, their power of glory, speech .., and will. Therefore, women too will have to exercise these seven dimensions of will to stand as the dynamic half of society! No policing can get it done for you. You will have to do it for yourself! This is your battle, you fight and you will win. Just use the assets you have!  In fact, in the course of this, woman will attain real womanhood! And once it is done, right from the home to the universe will be in order.---VS

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