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Neutralise enemies within to keep the idea of India alive! 

The book is a real guide for the youngsters who want to have an unbiased idea about major challengers to the country within and their cross-border links to Pakistan and China.
Scary Portents: India Under Siege is available on Amazon, Google and many other e-counters the world over. It has been published by notion The book is available in e-read and classic hard-bound formats at an affordable price. It is an unputdownable treat even for foreign journalists who wish to have the  right grasp of rising  India and its age-old challenges. 
Matchless Content
Know how pseudo-secularists are furthering  the enemy gameplan on the Indian land and how they get support  from unpatriotic, weak and spineless politicians and thought leaders within without any resistance. The book wakes you up to face the challenge and defeat such forces within and without. No wonder strategic affairs expert Maj Gen (Dr) G D Bakshi has termed the writer “a dedicated nationalist and patriot” and praised his mission “to expose the enemies of the nation.” His forward speaks volumes about the book’s  content, intent, purpose and direction. 
Sudip Talukdar, is a renowned writer-journalist, who has served Times of India and Indo-Asian News Service in important capacities during his 27-year-old career. He is known for his keen perception of socio-political trends, unfailingly coming true like prophesies. He had analysed the rise of Narendra Modi as the prime minister of India at a time when it was beyond the minds of even established columnists and political analysts then. Reading Talukdar is reading perfect English. He has written many edits for Times of India and the one on the word Jugaad, was picked up by English dictionaries— monitoring words in currency— authentically quoting his explanation.
Wake-up Capsule
The book covers the length and breath of issues which India faces under various chapters. Right from Politics Bares Its Ugly Fangs in UP, 70 Years on, Has India Learnt Any Lessons, High Time Army given Its Legitimate Dues, Idea of Bharat Under Multiple Attacks, The Flipside—Service vs Speed, Buzz on Bullet Trains Rather Misplaced and finally the need for spiritual backbone of India in the chapter—Spiritual Endeavours. 
 The thought-provoking accounts of contemporary critique and pure perspective make the book a must-read even for those who are preparing for competitive examinations, especially the civil services. It will give you the dangerous dimensions of misused  secularism and  political ill-will which are a present threat to India. These forces are collaboratively hell bent upon weakening the strength of India, the Army, the scientific research centres, Parliament, rising economy and other onland growth engines to name a few. These are the same forces which  deliberately kept Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s contribution to the  Indian freedom movement out of contemporary glare to keep themselves significant. 
The book is also a lesson for sycophant journalists who foolishly write volumes to praise  politicians against all writing norms and ethics for ulterior purposes.It also gives TV journalists, who work more for TRPs than for the good of the country, a piece of his 'write'. We want Sudip Talukdar to pen more books for the benefit of young readers and expose the “sold-out corporate scribes” through his pure journalistic, factual and X-Ray observations.

Vivek Sharma

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