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Hercólubus or Red Planet, the book written by VM Rabolu and published by Alcione Association, is a treat for spiritual wonder seekers.  Good thing is you can get it for free by emailing to
Rabolu has written the book lying on a bed. It is a result of his spiritual experiences and visions, which he had through astral travels. He says he travelled to the Venus and the Mars through his astral body and investigated cultures thriving there on. This book, he writes, is his message to the humanity, which he fears, has invited doom and death by forgetting human values. He  says that the Red Planet is fast approaching the earth and will consume it one day, contrary to what the scientists suggest. Rabolu exposes scientists’ hypocrisy and writes that human beings are losing their precious life everyday by resorting to evil and selfish means. They could have developed themselves through scientific spirituality and lived a free life like Venusians and Martians.
He writes, “The Venusians have perfect bodies: A broad forehead, blue eyes, straight nose, blond hair and an astonishing intelligence….there are no potbellies…everybody has an angelic figure …when you think of asking them a question, they answer, without you needing to move your lips, in whichever language it may be…Martians have stronger bodies than Venusians, visibly tougher, for they belong to the Ray of Strength….they are warriors…their war is against the evil, to defeat evil, not against one other…”
The writer has a special message in the chapter The Death. He compares evil human tendencies with the roots of the tree. He writes, “Such is our ego and that of humanity: The thick roots, which hold up the tree, symbolise the main defects like lust, revenge, anger , pride and many others. And the small roots represent the details: these tine manifestations that belong to such and such a defect, which we do not see as a defect but in fact they nourish it. The ego is fed by all these tiny small details, of which we have a large number…Everybody who wants to be saved…”.we should start disintegrating all negative things “in a serious way.”
He endorses the Vedic thought and writes, “There is another spark within us, called the Divine Mother . Her task is to disintegrate the defects with a lance she has. You need to ask the inner Divine Mother : “My Mother , pull this defect out of me and disintegrate it with your lance. She will do so, as it is her task to help use in this manner.” Rabolu writes this is the only way humanity can improve spiritually and save itself from the impending danger. 
It is a good read for those who love spiritual travels, as Rabolu discuses certain mantras to this effect too. I don’t endorse them neither does However, we must appreciate the writer’s concern for saving the humanity.



Vivek Sharma


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Jai ho.
Come on scientists! You have much to do now in line with this.

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What a scientific revelation. But how many can understand it? May god give all capacity to understand these truths.

Wow wow wow! Simply amazing.
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I invite modern scientists to go through this blog. There is much hint for new researches and discovery.